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Rules and ban policy

W3Arena admins have every right to decide to ban, mute or block a specific gaming type of a player at any time. These decisions are made based upon uploaded proof of someone using any form of cheating or misbehaving on the server. There can always be specific situations which require our personal view and may result into a different banning period than the ones listed below to set a punishment.


Ban policy

For using hacks:

Banned permanently from joining the server. No second chance, so don't even think about hacking!

For leaving or losing on purpose:

1st time: 1 week RT ban on all accounts

2nd time: 1 month RT ban on all accounts

3rd time: 3 months RT ban on all accounts

4th time: 6 months RT ban on all accounts

5th time: permanent RT ban on all accounts

Note that if someone is teamkilling his own ally (e.g. militia tp), the punishment will be doubled.This category also includes the Solo abuse (e.g.: giving freewins to a friend regularly).

For hard/regular flames (anywhere on the server; chat channel, whisper, in-game):

1st time: 1 week global mute

2nd time: 2 weeks global mute

3rd time: 1 month global mute

4th time: 3 months global mute

5th time: 2 weeks server ban

6th time: 1 month server ban

7th time: 3 month server ban

8th time: permanent server ban

Note that the "Global mute" affects every account of the user, and it is for the whole gameserver (including chat channel, whisper and in-game communication).

Flaming the W3A administrators results in a higher punishment than the ones listed above.

For abusing bugs:

There can be 2 situations where you can get punished:

1) triggered by mistake but the player then takes advantage of this in order to win. That would be unsportsmanlike conduct and it is up to the admins to set a proper punishment.

2) someone maliciously abuses the bug in order to get wins or for whatever reason, and this person is known to do this multiple times then he will be banned until the bug is confirmed to be fixed +6 months or may be permabanned, it depends on the person's history at that point.

There can always be specific situations which don't fit in any categories listed above. These cases require the admins personal view.

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