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[W3A] Become an Editor

Published Sat Nov 29, 2014 by B2W.Neo
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Dear Warcraft III Community, 

when we started the W3Arena journey in 2012, our dream was to provide the scene with a reliable, fast and secure server for our beloved RTS Game and one might say we accomplished that now.W3Arena has become our very own 2.0 and with the integrated ladder system, it's set apart from every other low-ping Warcraft software out there.

This means it is time for the next step.

As the contact point for every single Warcraft fan today, it just feels natural to use this plattform not only as a server but as a place to find all information about todays scene, whether its 1on1 competition in Europe and China, Clanleagues or FFA. We know that there are many creative and diligent heads out there, who're still providing the community with interesting news and we love it. 

The problem is: These informations are all over the place - and that can be changed with your help.

You want to feature or recap the ongoing tournaments in Europa? Contact us!
You want to tell the western world about War3 in China or can translate content from Contact us! 
You want to show everybody how great FFA competition is? Contact us!

You don't have to be Warcraft's next Shakespeare to apply. Our primary goal is to show :
- When are tournaments that I can participate in?
- When are the big names colliding and where can I watch them?
- What did I miss last week and where can I find Replays and VoDs?

If you feel called, join the bandwagon to make W3Arena a even better place for the community and send us an application to, containing:
- Your Name 
- Your native language
- Your experiences (as an editor, your job in the current scene, etc)
- A small example of your crafts, e.g. a fictive tournament announcement or recap
- How much time you can offer on a weekly basis

This may also mean slight changes to the website in the future to make these informations easier to access.


Comment #1Sat Nov 29, 2014 23:36 pm
w3a the best!
Comment #2Mon Dec 08, 2014 01:13 am
good news

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