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Published Sun Sep 21, 2014 by CUBORG
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Today I want to spend a few words about the newly updated forum, as well as presenting the latest news concerning the w3arena tournaments and some information related to the Warcraft 3 scene: WEC, NWC3L and WCA.

W3Arena Forum

Our community forum has just been restructured. From now on you can find three main sub-forums which were made to make things clearer and simpler. 

The W3Arena-related topics have been completely separated from the Warcraft general discussions. The purpose of this is to increase your interest in other  

Warcraft-related subjects. In this way our portal will act more like a real community forum, and not just functioning to serve you technical support 

regarding the server. We hope to see more posts especially in the Warcraft III forum, without disregarding some major contribution in the off-topic section, with 

the pubication of  funny pictures, discussions about personal interests outside the game and so on.



W3Arena Tournaments

We held our 43th Solo tournament featuring 72 participants.

The winner was 123456789012345 a.k.a. Sonik, who ended up with an overall score of 11-1, winning against Netsky in the final.

Instead, the 44th Solo event has brought 61 players. It seems some bugs have occured during this event, so what I can tell for sure is that Sonik managed to 

reach the final once again, this time against VeryB1GSkill. Unfortunately the result of their game remains unknown.



eSports Scene News

As you have already noticed, the WEC replays are finally available on Replayers.

In particular, I'd like to drive your attention to the actual  Replay of the Week, which is, in my humble opinion, one of the potential candidates for the 

Replay of The Year 2014 title. Also, Back2Warcraft has shoutcasted some of the replays, posting them on his YouTube channel


For the lovers of teamwork, I should mention that a new team event called " New WarCraft 3 League" (NWC3L) is about to start at the end of this month.

The first season will be held on the W3Arena server and sign-ups are still open. Any team can send their application which has to feature at least 4 players.

Its system is very similar to WC3L. In short: Group stage (2 groups, all the games are BO1) to playoffs (BO3).

There is a modest prize of $ 100 for the first place.

For more information visit


World Cyber Arena, the huge Chinese event will be held in the beginning of October and groups are already released: 

Group A

  • Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
  • Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou
  • Tuo 'fantafiction' Ji
  • Daniel 'Cechi' Cechmanek

Group B

  • Xuwen 'Infi' Wang
  • Long 'three' Bo
  • Zi Xiang '120' Guo
  • Nikita 'nicker' Pomadov

Group C

  • Xiang 'TH000' Huang
  • Jingyang 'EleGaNt' Ren
  • Sergei 'HawK' Shcherbakov
  • Ilya 'Sonik' Malysh

Group D

  • Weiliang 'Fly100%' Lu
  • Zhang 'ZDR' Day
  • Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
  • Richard 'WarchiefRich' Stuttard

The participants will play in the BO2 format. The top two of each group will advance to the Round of 8 double-elimination playoffs, where they will compete for the

record prize money of $ 49,000. A bigger post will be released once the tournament starts, so you will be able to follow the entire event on


Comment #1Wed Sep 24, 2014 21:35 pm
Hello! A question about nwc3cl. I could ask it throught mail, but i think it is public information, that is why i do it inhere. Matches will be played on weekends or they are determinated by teams facing each othher? And how oftens will the matchdays be, one/week?
Comment #2Fri Sep 26, 2014 15:15 pm
determinated by teams facing each othher and 1 week (play week) - 1 match
Comment #3Sun Sep 28, 2014 16:01 pm
nice news!!!

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