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Published Fri Sep 12, 2014 by CUBORG
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 Hi everyone,

Let me share with you the latest news regarding the website upgrades, a few words about the w3arena tournaments, and some information related to the warcraft 3 scene in general.


W3Arena Website

As you have already noticed we are upgrading the website.

The main page has a new look, and it is possible to chat under the streams which have been added to our database.

The maintenance is not over yet, since we planned to renew the whole site.

The forum will be restructured, and we are going to restore the  w3arena replay section.

W3Arena Tournaments

We haven't been talking too much about the online tournaments, but in my opinion they deserve more attention.

Their popularity significantly increased over the time among the w3arena users.

From now on, I will drop a few words every week about the recent competitions.

We held the 42th Solo tournament on Tuesday, featuring 93 participants. The winner is none other than llllllllllI

who showed a strong performance during the whole tournament. He ended up with an overall score of 11-0,

winning against 123456789012345 in the final.

The next tournament takes place tonight 19:00 CEST. Don't miss it!

Warcraft III Scene

Most of the Warcraft fans will be interested in the upcoming huge Chinese LAN event, the World Cyber Arena 2014.

WCA will be held on October 02-05, and it has the highest prize money ($ 100,000) for a Warcraft III event ever!

Unfortunately the WCA admins decided not to invite any korean player due to the lack of interest and inactivity showed by the latters. 

Nonetheless, as a partial redemption, there will be an additional showmatch featuring Grubby, the king of the Orcs, and the Human legend Sky.

The participants are the following:

TH000 (invited)

Infi (invited)

Yumiko (invited)

Fly100% (invited)

ZDR (CN qualifier)

Zhou_Xixi (invited)

EleGaNt (invited)

three (invited as local player)

WFZ (invited)

120 (CN qualifier)

Fantafiction (CN qualifier)

HawK (EU qualifier)

nicker (invited)

Sonik (EU qualifier)

WarchiefRich (EU qualifier)

Cechi (EU qualifier)

By the way, be sure to check out the interview with Cechi made by TeibPlaya!


Comment #1Sun Sep 14, 2014 09:21 am
I thought that Grubby finnally decided not to play the WCA showmatch cause he is ******. Is there a reason to not have the tournaments on a daily routine? They seem to be fully automated. Still waiting for 2on2 Tours. I don't really see the value of a chat below the streams here, since these chats are independent from the actual twitch chat which already covers the needs.

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