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GCS Western Qualifier Day 2 - Foggy without a sweat

Published Mon May 15, 2017 by Ugrilainen
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Going through the Loser Bracket and getting to Foggy getting the second slot. One little interview with Andryi

Self evidence

My jaw did not drop this morning when I checked the result of the LB Final. Foggy won 3-1, this was expected. I suppose Foggy just thought "well, I did the job" and I doubt he did the Rocky Balboa dance after his victory this time**.

When we go back thinking about WCA 2016 European Qualifiers, this was a totally different story. Foggy lost early to Hawk and had to go through the full Loser Bracket to win the title and qualify. He had close series against Orcworker and Sonik then. There were surprising players making a good run ( Wan).

The gap between Happy / Foggy and the rest of the scene seems to grow larger. Let's hope that will be a source of motivation for the others to close that gap, and not a source of discouragement. I know the feeling, I kept losing in all and any board games against my brother in my youth and it really pissed me off! I gave up board games and turned my attention towards video games : that's how I became this super skilled Undead gaming legend that I am today. Don't give up guys.

"From many defeats can come great victories" Ugrilainen, GCS 2017 grand champion


Come get a good spanking!

I rarely saw such a one sided tournament. Except for Rudan that took an habit to lose 1-2 in fierce NE battles, most of the series and maps played were short work. I really loved the Game 3 against Sonik, both going glaive throwers. But at some point Rudan forgot to revive his Kotg and his altar was taken down... sloppy!

Aren't you guys supposed to mass bears?

In the first game of the day, Walter was obliterated by Orcworker 2-0. No shame there however, I just told him that he needed to replace Hunter before he went to bed and he had to play first thing in the morning without much practice time.

Let's stop a moment there to think about Hunter whose Warcraft career seems to never give him a break. Forced to forfeit for personal reason this time. We are not giving up on you my friend, and we will see you back soon!

Orcworker then gets a free pass next round because "something came up" for ThomasG : here. We do not know to this day what came up.

On the other side of the bracket, now Hawk has to face Sonik again. Last time I saw them play, Sonik took Hawk out of WCA WB, so close to be in the money and right after beating Foggy himself! Frustrating...

This time the deal was sealed quickly, 2-0 in a few minutes. Sonik has a risky play-style and Hawk took advantage of it in G2, pulling out the creeps and taking down hiw AOW at the mercenary camp on Terenas.

One peasant to rule them all

The LB R3 saw Hawk beat 2-1 Orcworker. The Belarusian made many unusual mistakes, like getting his BM killed by a Golem or having his SH out of position during battles.

The final was pretty one sided as well. Foggy's Warden created havoc into Hawk's peasants, mortars or casters lines. The first game started so well for Hawk that had 3 running mines against one at some point but Foggy did not panic and turned the tide in his favor. 

The Loser Bracket

A few words with Foggy

Hey foggy, congratulations! i will send you a few questions to answer for my next article ok?

1- Happy and Foggy going to China, not the most suspenseful qualifier ever?

For me this Qualifiers was like a Gera Cup so I was sure Happy and I would get the two slots. We always perform well in Gera Cups.

2- Are you hitting a wall against Happy (win ratio 75/25 at the moment)?

I feel my play is not as stable as Happy's but i still think that sometime i can play better than him. I do not think that this win ratio is relevant. Happy has more experience and we have different motivations : I want to win big tournaments and he just want to stream.

It is all about practice. For me now the main problem to find the best UD for training. It is not easy to invite WFZ or 120 to play regularly.

On the contrary, Happy plays NetEase ladder where there are many good night elves players to face. Sometimes i am a little upset about that.

3- Crazy game 1 against Hawk, we thought you would lose that one. Can you talk about the series?

I met a girlfriend, and perhaps this is the reason why I played a little sloppy. 

But in the last 2 month i played more than 100 games versus Yumiko, and Hawk made many mistakes that helped me to win.

4- Who will take the last two spots for GCS (give only two names!)

HawK, OrcWorker

5- How do you evaluate the quality of your 2017 season so far?

Well you know, i continue to grow my game level, and still I am not in my best shape ever.

Still now I am more comfortable to play versus the best players, and i stopped feeling too much pressure.

My understanding of the game also increased, and now i need less hour for practice to progress. Comparing with last year when I needed to play 10 hours a day, now i can play only 5-6 hours. I've started to keep up my concentration ("mind energy"), and I can play focused without making mistakes.

I am not asking what are your objectives for GCS, I know the answer! :)

Good luck Foggy!


All this work on this article and you guys are only going to talk about Foggy having a girlfriend right? Damn...

Seeing most of the games, Foggy's prediction about Hawk and Orcworker taking the next two slots seems quite plausible. Hawk was in shape and looked like the Atletico to Happy and Foggy's Real / Barcelona.

Hard to get a real opinion on Orcworker, only beating the two Peruvians elves siblings Walter and Hunter during the event, losing hard to Happy and quite dominated by Hawk afterwards. If he gets in his right shape, he should qualify though.

Rudan has been drafted back into the next qualifiers, due to ThomasG forfeit. Disappointing performance this time, but the pro basketball player can... bounce back!

Hawk, Orcworker, Sonik and Rudan are in the starting blocks,with 4 more to join them through the qualifiers. Go there if you wanna register : Register

Come on Americans, there are slots for you too and good bots to play on! Where are Fenix, Kodos and Insuperable? We want you!

Next Qualifiers should hopefully more suspenseful and disputed, with some surprises coming maybe from Sweden with Skutt or Effect? Or from that one guy from Moldova beating Orcworker, Sheik and Focus during Gera Cup #108 (?) : EpicSaxGuy (Aka Blade/TheyCallMeImba). Mult noroc Vadim!


Follow me on twitter plz : Twitter


**Post Scriptum  : Damn you Foggy, you did the Rocky Balboa dance once more...

But this time you did not stand up, less enthusiasm that's all I'm saying! :D


Comment #1Mon May 15, 2017 18:38 pm
Warden = official Foggy's gf?
Comment #2Mon May 15, 2017 19:16 pm
i dont agree with foggy, not hawk and worker will qualify, lykings and CorruptSouls1986 will
Comment #3Mon May 15, 2017 20:21 pm
That would be the dream
Comment #4Mon May 15, 2017 22:04 pm
"Blade/TheyCallMeImba" = "PracticeMan" - top 1 on w3arena ladder, new hope of eu humans :D
Comment #5Mon May 15, 2017 22:43 pm
I do not understand why Foggy is trying to outplay Happy when he cant and he never will. Be a smart guy - the weakness of Happy's gaming is his Predictability.Why are u trying to outmicro him with meta game.He is really very good in this
Comment #6Mon May 15, 2017 22:46 pm
Thas's why players like Starshpaed (who is inactive and his micro sux much more than Foggy's) can regulary take some maps from Happy :).Strashpaed is just trying to use his brain ;)
Comment #7Tue May 16, 2017 02:24 am
pls shut up????!!!
Comment #8Tue May 16, 2017 02:46 am
#1 aha great comment ag3nt :D
Comment #9Tue May 16, 2017 03:30 am
oh dang by his picture i thought this was an audition for a new lord of the rings movie
Comment #10Thu May 18, 2017 01:23 am
This 2nd Qualifier will be interesting ! insup where are you? we need some canadian representation! :D Maybe well see Priest an Ferfe come outta the wood work. I can see some strong peurvians making a strong run. Lets go Danger/walter/fenix a CALL TO ARMS is being shouted. GCS HYPE :D
Comment #11Thu May 18, 2017 01:55 am
brb quitting my job and training wc3 16 hours a day
Comment #12Thu May 18, 2017 02:26 am
KodosForsaken as signed up! Hide your kids Hide your wives :D
Comment #13Tue May 23, 2017 09:22 am
This is going to be interesting then :D
Comment #14Wed Jun 28, 2017 17:19 pm
I do not understand why Foggy is trying to outplay Happy when he cant and he never will. Be a smart guy - the weakness of Happy's gaming is his Predictability.Why are u trying to outmicro him with meta game.He is really very good in this [url=][color=#e0e0e0]???????????[/color][/url] [url=][color=#e0e0e0]Gclub ??????[/color][/url]
Comment #15Wed Jun 28, 2017 17:19 pm
[url=][color=#e0e0e0]???????????[/color][/url] [url=][color=#e0e0e0]Gclub ??????[/color][/url]

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