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3 special events this weekend ! MUST SEE

Published Thu Feb 16, 2017 by Ugrilainen
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Foggy for his 3rd showmatch, America defies China in the first installment of the America challenge and the most epic Team FFA ever made : all in one weekend!

Nostalgia Battlefield being over, Gera Cup 100 being scheduled in a few weeks (a news will come on this topic soon) : we were at risk of being very bored this weekend!

That was a perfect timing to organize a few things I had in mind for a while. Hopefully, this is only the start of something even bigger.


Europe Challenge #3 : last fight for Foggy

He has beaten  Romantic 3-2 then  Lucifer 3-1. To avoid having a player beating all competition and winning for months (boring), we set up a limit of 3 wins in a row before changing players. 

If  Foggy wins again, he will get 100$ more and we will change the European contestant for Europe Challenge #4.  Life was not successful in Harbin, but these were BO1 game. Try to take him out in a BO5!

  • When : Saturday February 18th - 10:00 CET - 12:00 MSK - 17:00 CHINA - 18:00 KOREA
  • Where : Netease
  • Prize : 100$ for the winner
  • Maps : Echo Isles is the first map, the next map is chosen by loser from the following map pool : [ TS, LR, TM, TR, AZ, SV, AI ]
  • Format : BO5
  • Organizers : HundredKg & Ugrilainen
  • Rule : Winner stays for next showmatch. After 3 consecutive wins we introduce a new player.
  • Cast : Back2Warcraft (Remo), Laofen


America Challenge #1 : Hunter finally reaching China

Last time he went all the way to Yinchuan in an hellish of a trip, only to miss the big show for a few hours. Nobody in China has seen yet  Hunter play and he is eager to prove that he deserves a seat at the big table of Warcraft Champions.

His opponent will be Anxi who ranks among the 5 best UD players of China. He was eliminated in the last stage of WCA Wild Card Qualifier in Chengdu by Yumiko in November. How does Peru compare to this? You will see Saturday!

  • When : Saturday February 18th - 08:00 PERU (?) - 14:00 CET -  21:00 CHINA 
  • Where : Netease
  • Prize : 50$ for the winner
  • Maps : Concealed Hill is the first map, the next map is chosen by loser from the following map pool : [ EI, TS, LR, TM, TR, AZ, SV, AI ]
  • Format : BO5
  • Organizers : Ugrilainen
  • Rule : Winner stays for next showmatch. After 3 consecutive wins we introduce a new player.
  • Cast : WalterTP, Laofen, (...)

A word on Concealed Hill

1st Map should be played on Concealed Hill. This was a request from Hightac in the first place that we could play a showmatch on his map that was heavily tested in the past. I humbly asked Netease admins to upload it and they did so in their last server update. However the map is not yet playable, it should be fixed by tomorrow. If it is not, then we will play EI.

Concealed Hill now on Netease

Agrig Fun Games #4 : Elite Team FFA

Last but not least, one of the most ambitious project I had to lead : trying to get an Elite cast into a 12 players game, Team FFA.

Those who know me know that FFA will always be my thing! I do not have time to play it anymore but Agrig gave me the occasion to create something huge with his idea of a race based Team FFA. He wanted to involve TH000 in it, TH000 agreed... then why stop there?

  • When : Sunday February 19th - 12:00 CET - 14:00 MSK - 19:00 CHINA
  • Where : Netease
  • Prize : 500$ for the winning team
  • Map : Ice Crown Taverns (generously uploaded by Netease for the occasion)
  • Format : BO1
  • Organizers : Ugrilainen & Hundredkg
  • Sponsor : Agrig
  • Rule : 1 game - win
  • Cast : Ena + Ugri, Laofen, (...)

The plan for me would be to return back to casting especially for this one, thank you  Ena for carrying me!

Before you ask, TGW is TheGreatWall, one of the most successful FFA player in history. Pooh is Foggy's coach. Foggy wanted a russian speaking team for night elves.

A promotion video was made by an anonymous friend, check it out!

The list of casters is just indicative and may be extended.

Invested a lot in this weekend so a comment, even just to say hi, is appreciated! To come to this, I received help from the whole world : China, Peru, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Germany... that's only in Warcraft III.

As usual, follow me on twitter :



Comment #1Thu Feb 16, 2017 16:47 pm
holy shit i just came! good job ugri!!!
Comment #2Thu Feb 16, 2017 19:37 pm
Very nice, guys! Will deff watch the games!
Comment #3Thu Feb 16, 2017 19:48 pm
So happy being part of it, thanks Ugri for all efforts and sure we all will have interesting weekend full of different Warcraft 3!
Comment #4Fri Feb 17, 2017 18:12 pm
Just created an account to say hi. Thank you!
Comment #5Sat Feb 18, 2017 04:26 am
thanks veloziferator, i saw you on twitter too :)
Comment #6Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:54 am
Great effort, thx to all contributors :) And first map of Foggy vs Life was one of the best NE mirror ever! Definitely a MUST SEE
Comment #7Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:38 am
As always, thank you for your work! Showmatch is very entertaining and I'm really looking forward to the FFA tomorrow:)
Comment #8Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:13 pm
:)))))) agree! sick BO5, this Europe Challenge is pretty cool, hope America will be too
Comment #9Mon Feb 20, 2017 09:23 am
Maybe Hunter vs Focus wasnt the smartest idea :) but keep up the good work :)
Comment #10Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:49 pm
was last resort :)
Comment #11Wed Mar 01, 2017 04:52 am
Hello guys are there replays available?

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