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Conclusion: The Nostalgia Battlefield

Published Sun Feb 12, 2017 by Mrwhite
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We conclude the Nostalgia Battlefield and comment on the grand finals, which included the Western Orc Grubby



The Nostalgia Battlefield has reached its conclusion and this has been an incredible ride. After 3 days, we celebrate the winners! The last games have been played and the games included Grubby in the grand finale.

The tournament has been special with the amount of upsets, we had throughout the entire tournament. Team captains have disappointed while third picked players have surprised and single handedly won the clan wars by themselves. This is unique and a reason this format has been amazing.

Many people did not grant Grubby the biggest of chances, but his team has been performing at incredible levels. Although Grubby did have moments of brilliance, it was both Zhou_XiXi and WFZ who showed some great games and proved, they should not be underestimated.

We are proud to present the full brackets of the tournament and the winners of The Nostalgia Battlefield:

Grand finale series:

Grubby vs FoCuS (Twisted Meadows) - VoD

On Twisted Meadows - the Korean Orc decided to go for a faster tech which meant increased aggression. Grubby went for a 2 burrow tech but was extra delayed, when FoCuS forced Grubby into spending resources repairing his Voodoo Lounge. With the faster tech units and Shadow Hunter - FoCuS continued his pressure and traded efficiently with the Grubster. 

FoCuS managed to creep both Troll Warlords at the Goblin Shop which netted him 2x Boots of Qualthas. Grubby lost his Shadow Hunter at the first engagement at the Goblin Shop and was delayed with experience. The Korean Orc went for a 50 food push and there was no chance for Grubby to delay it. The final fight happened at Grubbys base and he did not stand a chance. Grubby tapped out. 

Zhou_XiXi vs FoCuS (Terenas Stand) - VoD

The next map was Terenas Stand and Zhou_XiXi opened with Ancient of War creeping his natural expansion which did not grant him a good item (A Runed Bracer was quickly sold). With the fast one burrow tech by  FoCuS, the Night Elf did not manage to cancel any of the tech buildings. This meant that FoCuS was faster with the Tauren Chieftain levelling and he prioritised the Merchandary Camps, where he did recruit the Troll Berserkers and gaining good items.

With a 10 food advantage, the two armies first encountered at the natural expansion of the Elf player and here the Orcish army bullied the Night Elves. A TP was forced and Xixi did not want to give FoCuS more time. This meant another fight close to the lower bridge. 

The Orcs were although too strong and with an expansion, the Night Elf player was in a very bad situation. FoCuS really showed his experience against Night Elves and there was no chance for Zhou_Xixi, when FoCuS knocked at the front door of the Night Elf. The Chinese Night Elf was no longer undefeated.

  WFZ vs FoCuS (Turtle Rock) - VoD

Turtle Rock would perhaps be the last map for the grand finals and FoCuS had his chance for revenge. In the previous clan wars between Team Grubby and Team TH000 in the Winners Finals - the Korean Orc lost his match against WFZ. 

FoCuS although looked warmed up from his previous series and for the Chinese undead, it looked like a very hard game for him. The aggression from the Orcish horde paid off and the micro was on point for the Korean. The 1-burrow tech from  FoCuS gave him tons of map control and WFZ struggled to find levels on the map.

With the Pit Lord as a third hero, the Undead went for a timing push that was intercepted by the Orc and with a bigger food army. The Undead bullied the Blademaster but it was not enough. WFZ teleported out and lost a big chuck of his army.  With an expansion for FoCuS, he was in a dominant position. The final fight was near impossible for the Chinese and he tapped out and the all-kill was a realisation. 

FoCuS showed up in the grand finals after previous disappointing performances. Team TH000 wins the grand finals against Team Grubby 3-0 with a great performance from FoCuS.

Congratulations TH000, FoCuS and tbc_bm 

The Nostalgia Battlefield has been a pleasure and together with Back2Warcraft casting the tournament for 30 hours, we will celebrate the beginning of 2017 year with three breakout performances:

1. tbc_bm from Team TH000:

(tbc_bm (Left) pictured from @PlayFFAs twitter)

The Chinese Undead player surprised big time on his first and third day, where he single handedly all-killed Team Fly. Most Warcraft 3 players might not know his name from international tournaments, but on replay sites his name appears quite often.

Although his performances in Day 2 has been mixed, he should not be underestimated and a lot of his strategies revolves around Undead spellcasters. Keep an eye out for him in tournaments and the Netease ladder.

2. Zhou_XiXi from Team Grubby

It was surprising to see, the Chinese Elf player being a third player pick, but none the less, Grubby was very proud of having him on his team. Zhou_XiXi was undefeated going into the finale day and he has been the last stance for Team Grubby with great success.

The highlight for him was both his incredible win against Chaemiko, his all-kill against Team Lyn, but also his important wins against Team Moon. The Chinese Night Elf was not perceived highly by the Chinese community before the tournament, but after his performance in the Nostalgia Battlefield - he should have a easier time getting invited to tournaments.

3. Colorful from Team Infi:

After Team Infi was dropped from the Winner-Brackets, one player has in particular been stepping up. As the second pick for Team Infi, the Night Elf player did perform for his team. Throughout the tournament  Infi did not have to step up as the team captain. The Night Elf player with the nickname CNelfHope has been performing very well in this tournament.

With his all-kill on Team 120 and Team Lyn without using the team captain is impressive and eliminating two team captains - both 120 and Lyn should not be taken lightly. I am looking forward seeing him play in more tournaments.

Thank you all for reading, watching and cheering for the tournament. Back2Warcraft did achieve a record high viewership number for their casts and the upsets in this tournament has turned this event to one of my personal favourites of all-time. You can find their VoDs here.

We are very happy to see newcomers joining our community and we are looking forward to the next tournaments in 2017. The Nostalgia Battlefield has been a blast to follow and we hope you enjoyed the games.

All information about the teams, players win/lost and maps can be seen on Liquipedia Warcraft HERE.


Comment #1Mon Feb 13, 2017 08:33 am
It was super tournament.This Ngl team 1v1 elimination format is very cool.Really
Comment #2Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:28 pm
Great write up!
Comment #3Mon Feb 13, 2017 13:37 pm
very nice tour!!! I wish Grubby had trained more for this tour...
Comment #4Mon Feb 13, 2017 15:35 pm
Great post. I always saw Zhou_XiXi as one of the top Asian Elfs. I am kinda surprised that it seems, that he did not yet have had a lot of reputation.
Comment #5Mon Feb 13, 2017 20:24 pm
Xixi really surpise me a lot.China do not play elf such as Korea dont play human :), so I never see him as "top asian elf" but maybe the best chinese one.Maybe his tea was some kind of mental drug or he was super inspired by Grubby, because Wfz and Xixi was super happy(As Neo point it out and I also noticed).Colorful was also a big surprise for me.Finally there is a competion for the title best China elf

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