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Preview: Nostalgia Battlefield (10-12 February)

Published Wed Feb 08, 2017 by Mrwhite
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The first premier tournament in 2017 for Warcraft 3 is around the corner and it features the return of the Grubby, King of Orcs, to competitive Warcraft! 

Here is what you have to know about the tournament! This weekend is going to be fun.

Liquipedia Coverage
Stream by B2W

Update: Brackets released
Update 2: Blizzard's Classic Team saves B2W's broadcast

The Nostalgia Battlefield (10-12. February)

Nostalgia Battlefield is the name of the tournament and it will celebrate the oldschool players returning to play a team-based tournament with 8 of the greatest. The Nostalgia Battlefield is hosted by Yuugames and Blizzard. Nostalgia Battlefield will be the first premier tournament in 2017 for Warcraft 3 and what an insane way to start off the year. Nostalgia Battlefield will have a star-studded lineup with one major surprise, most people will have their hands up for.

The tournament will be an offline event with a price pool of ~$45.000 and it will be including some of the highest tier players of the world.

The tournament will surprisingly include Grubby dubbed "The King of Orcs". Since last year, he started streaming Warcraft 3 consistently during the weekend with great response. The competitive spirit has perhaps recaptured Grubby again to participate. The tournament will include some of the biggest rivalries throughout his competitive Warcraft 3 career. He has stated in his streams, that he will not be preparing as intensely like during his competitive career,  but it is for certain a nice breath of fresh air to see him participating in a premier tournament with the strongest players in the world. He will also be the only Western player in the tournament which is none the less a nice gesture to see. 

With Jang "Moon" Jae-ho also participating - this will be a blast from the past.  

The 8 team captains are pictures above:

Infi, TH000, Grubby, Lyn, Fly100%, 120, ReMinD and Moon


The format of the tournament is special and needs a bit of explaining, which we will cover now. Nostalgia Battlefield will be a team-based tournament, where 8 players are invited and given the captain bind. The 8 captains will choose 2 qualified players to form a team of three.

These teams will compete in a double elimination bracket, all matches NGL-style best of 5 and the team loses, when no more players in the team are available. If say TH000 loses his match, his two other teammates must beat the rivalling players in order to win. The top four teams of the double elimination bracket will advance into a bubble system, where the winner of the tournament will be decided on Sunday.

The team captains will not be alone. 16 players managed to qualify through an open qualifier on Netease and here are some bigger names, the team captains will be keeping an eye out for: FoCuS, LawLiet, Romantic, Life,  WFZ amongst others.

The tournament will be held offline in China, and you will have non-stop Warcraft 3 action for 3 days. This will mean a lot of Warcraft 3 matches, which you should be looking forward to in this weekend.

As always, Back2Warcraft will cover for the English-speaking community and other streams might cover it in your native language. We will bring some of the results in the upcoming articles. We hope you tune in and tell this to all your friends. This will be a memorial tournament! 

Hopefully Moon and Grubby will meet along the way.

February 10 - 04.20 CET: Team Draft, WB Quarterfinals & LB Round 1
February 11 - 04.00 CET: Rest of Double Elimination Bracket
February 12 - 04.00 CET: Playoffs (Bubble System)




Comment #1Thu Feb 09, 2017 07:28 am
The only way this might remain interesting would be if the team captains (who are supposed to be the best players of each team, although with the team of Grubby that might not be the case) play last, i.e. only when all other players in the team have been eliminated. Otherwise, if the team captains play first, most matches would be 3-0, because once the team captain is eliminated, he would then be able to relatively easily eliminate the rest of the players of the opposite team. There are, of course, a few exclusions. For instance, Lawliet, Life, WFZ, or Focus might be able to eliminate some of the captains (like Grubby or Fly, who is currently at 50%).
Comment #2Thu Feb 09, 2017 08:54 am
its mainly a tournament of the captains. when the captain plays last he maybe wont be able to play at all. the qualified players are only there for some surprising turns.
Comment #3Thu Feb 09, 2017 09:08 am
Who is first to choose.Lawliet must be picked at first place! :0
Comment #4Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:29 am
So glad the issues with prohibition was solved! So, come at me, my hated alarm clock! 4am!
Comment #5Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:02 pm
Great job! I look forward to the streams!
Comment #6Thu Feb 09, 2017 13:28 pm
Gogo Grubby!
Comment #7Thu Feb 09, 2017 21:39 pm
Good point, Shorty. Might well be that Lyn goes to Final with 3-0 3-0... As for Grubby, saw his last streams, he did not really improve compared to 6 months ago. Still losing to 60% top50 w3a players :O I could see him play only 2 matches, losing to Lyn (99% sure) and afterwards Moon(60%) or infi(80%).
Comment #8Fri Feb 10, 2017 19:10 pm
@wc3_best4ever Really nice predictions mate... :D Team Lyn get owned by Team Grubby first, then they lost in loser bracket. Anyway, dont predict and dont bet, you gonna lose everythig... :D :D :D
Comment #9Fri Feb 10, 2017 20:29 pm
where i can find replays or vod please
Comment #10Fri Feb 10, 2017 22:24 pm
@calypso Well, today I guess everybody would have lost some money... :D Crazy start to the tournament, but I liked it a lot. Just watched it re-live on I'm fine with all results, but I hope Team 120 beats Team Fly tomorrow... will be tough, because 120's team-mates are really bad. A pity that this deciding match won't be broadcasted.

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