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Lucifer v Foggy | Showmatch #2

Published Sun Jan 29, 2017 by Ugrilainen
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Lucifer v Foggy - Europe v Korea Showmatch #2 - February 4th 10:00 CET

On January 21st, while organizing the Showmatch  Foggy v  Romantic, we announced that the plan was to make it a regular "King of the Hill" series, with the winner being opposed a new adversary 2 weeks later. One will be European and the other Chinese or Korean.

Foggy won 3-2 against Romantic for the first Showmatch

My wish is to include Americans as well at some point, either fighting for the European side or for the opposite one!

His next opponent will be no less than the Undead legend Lucifer!  Foggy has his habits on Netease and expressed the wish to see the event taking place there once again.

  • When : Saturday February 4th - 10:00 CET - 12:00 MSK - 17:00 CHINA - 18:00 KOREA
  • Where : Netease
  • Prize : 100$ for the winner
  • Maps : Echo Isles is the first map, the next map is chosen by loser from the following map pool : [ TS, LR, TM, TR, AZ, SV, AI ]
  • Format : BO5
  • Organizers : HundredKg & Ugrilainen
  • Donations : event fully sponsored by VK Warcraft Group members here
  • Rule : Winner stays for next showmatch. After 3 consecutive wins we introduce a new player.

Streams : 

I just want to express my gratitude to the donators that made this event possible!


Comment #1Sun Jan 29, 2017 19:33 pm
Nice :)
Comment #2Mon Jan 30, 2017 14:51 pm
such great work, guys :))
Comment #3Mon Jan 30, 2017 18:23 pm
NICE! gl to foggy..
Comment #4Tue Jan 31, 2017 09:14 am
One more BIG "thank you" goes to members of our community - they transferred 5000 RUB ($85) in few days for this SHowmatch to happen! GJ!
Comment #5Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:15 am
ah men hu vs elf best match-up. was hoping for another one of that. still big ups for community, organizers and players ofc! GOGO Foggy!
Comment #6Tue Jan 31, 2017 13:29 pm
foggy is good, but lucifer will beat him easy 3:0 - go luci!
Comment #7Wed Feb 01, 2017 02:16 am
Thanks and yes we try to vary opponents origin, style and races from one week to another :)
Comment #8Wed Feb 01, 2017 06:36 am
Comment #9Mon Feb 06, 2017 20:12 pm
what did u say "Santa" ??? 3 - 1 to foggy :D
Comment #10Tue Feb 07, 2017 01:23 am
ok i was wrong... but i was watching lucifers stream vs foggy, i dont know what was with him he just didnt focus hard enough, he can play 10 times better... and he beats remind after

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