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WCA Groups Stage - Prediction

Published Mon Nov 28, 2016 by Mrwhite
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The group stage is coming closer.. Who do you think will win? 

It is the time of the year, where we return to Yinchuan for the championship. 

The World Cyber Arena 2016 is around the corner and we are set on the stage to cover it for you. WCA will this year not include the current champion, Fly100% nor the runner-up, yAwS, so we will be crowning a new champion and runner-up. This year included 7 qualifiers and saw the return of an American Qualifier.

Last week, the groups were drawn and we will have a little look at them and we will try to predict the results.

Group A:

LawLiet Yumiko Hunter* Foggy 120

* Hunter will replace feRfe

Group A will be seeing the only Undead player of the event together with 3 elves and 1 human. The group stage will include Foggy and Hunter. Foggy will have the highest chances of advancing into the playoffs and this time, he will be better prepared for his opponents. I think with his visit to China earlier this year and competing with the best Korean and Chinese players at a offline event has made him a stronger player. Hopefully with the help of good practice partners and a good mindset, I think Foggy has a serious shot of advancing in the group. 

The biggest question marks in this group is without a doubt  Yumiko and  LawLiet. Both players have been struggling for a longer period and this time and this time, there will be no second chances. With 120 showing no remorse against Night Elves, the advantage will be on Yumiko. Foggy and LawLiet will have to win their matches against  Yumiko in order to advance, which would not come as a shock depending on his form on the day.

 120 is the big favourite to advance from this group and this should not come as a surprise. While typing this, I actually am smiling. An Undead player as a favourite in a mayor tournament. Incredible. If 120 shows his previous form against Night Elves during the tournament, I would not be surprised to see him not dropping a single map. The only player that might give him trouble is Yumiko.

Hunter will have the great opportunity of competing against the best of the world and this experience of going to China will be incredible for him. I wish him the best and if he takes a map of any of his opponents, Peru should celebrate immensely. 

When all of this is said and done, my own prediction will be  120 and LawLiet advancing from Group A.

Group B:

OrcWorker LongWalk TH000 Infi Lyn

Group B will be a slaughter.

This group is the hardest predicting the two players advancing from this group. Three players are favoured and the two others have shown form during the latest tournaments. At the moment, the favourite role has to be put on  TH000 after his impressive performances in recent tournaments. With this said,  Lyn is historically an offline-player and he has previously shown that, he can dominate every single Warcraft 3 player in the world. 

The last favoured player will be  Infi. Although he has not shown the most impressive impressive results this year, he can end the year for himself and his fans in style. With his friend TH000 having a great year, I believe Infi will be motivated to end the year strong and hence surprise everyone. Will his motivation although be enough to advance? Time will tell. 

OrcWorker and  LongWalk will have to hit a day with good form, but also grab the chance, when it is given. With the other three players in their groups training for this tournament, I hope both players will go into the tournament with a different mindset and with the approach, that there is no pressure on them. I hope, we will see some upsets from both  OrcWorker and  LongWalk in this group stage. If TH000, Lyn or Infi underestimate or are having a day with bad form, I hope both players will seize the opportunity and take full use of it. 

For all of the players, there will be maximum of 2 race match ups (excluding mirrors) to practice and here I believe  LongWalk will have a slight edge. 

None the less, the biggest good luck to both of them. 

My own prediction will be Infi and Lyn advancing Group B.

An undead favourite winning the championship? 

On paper, it is hard not to mention TH000 as the favourite winning the championship this year. His results going into WCA is hardly contested by anyone and together with years of experience competing in Warcraft 3 tournaments, the package is hard to argue against. Will it although be enough to go the distance? I personally do not think so. 

It is not a secret, that throughout the history of Warcraft 3, one race has been underrepresented on the highest level of tournaments. Many great undead players have given hope for the race and perhaps the most memorial moment for UD players must be WCG 2012, where TeD made it happen. 

Every Warcraft 3 community will have their eyes on  120. He is the obvious second favourite to win the entire thing. With the victory in the NWL, 2nd place in the Ting Invitational and 2nd place in the GCS 2016 Spring, there is no doubt that he is considered of the favourites for this tournament. One thing can although stand in his way and that is the Human race. We will see, how things will roll out for him.

My own personal favourite is Lyn. In the WCA China vs. Korea nation-war, we saw an all-kill by him and if this reflects his strongest form in Warcraft 3 - I would be scared to face him in a offline setup. His biggest obstacle will be the group stage, where he is facing the two human geniuses Infi and TH000 and his results in here will be telling on, how far he will go. 

Who do you think will advance from the group and win it? 

Vote here

Thanks for reading!

W3Arena will cover the games for you and there will be tweets from both Ugrilainen and Back2Warcraft during the event. Both of them will be at the event for this year and we will do our best to give you the best experience as possible.

Keep and eye on the page and we will be bringing you the best coverage. 


Comment #1Sat Dec 03, 2016 13:10 pm
It is difficult to predict exact places taking into mind that 120 would try to avoid top Human in semifinal and he seems top1 in group A without doubts. I vote for Foggy (for sure ^^) taking the 2nd place in group A and TH000 (1st) + Lyn (2nd) from group B.
Comment #2Sat Dec 03, 2016 23:24 pm
I would not bet on a prediction, too close to call. If I had to: 120 and Yumi, TH and Lyn
Comment #3Sun Dec 04, 2016 01:15 am
"For all of the players, there will be maximum 2 match ups to practice" i see 3 match ups, however nice article!
Comment #4Sun Dec 04, 2016 01:21 am
nice news*
Comment #5Sun Dec 04, 2016 02:59 am
I meant 2 different race match up. But I will specify. Thanks for the feedback.
Comment #6Sun Dec 04, 2016 03:01 am
Excluding the mirror of course. =)
Comment #7Fri Dec 09, 2016 19:01 pm
Great players!!

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