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WCA - GCS - NWL2 and other thoughts

Published Sat Nov 19, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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Yumiko, Chengdu, GCS, feRfe and Sonik at the menu this week

Organizing one's thoughts is somewhat tricky. Many topics got my interest this week : not enough material to focus on just one but enough to write something on them all!

1- Yumiko got his HU vs NE revenge against TH000

That was the topic of one of my last articles : how TH000 eliminated his arch-rival Yumiko by playing NE instead of HU. Yumiko was caught of-guard and long weeks of preparation were thrown to waste.

History has funny ways to repeat itself sometimes, and Yumiko faced TH000 again this week during NWL2 Loser Bracket. TH000 played NE again, but it seems that this time Yumiko had the answers and qualified after a 3-2 disputed serie.

Tower Rush seals the deal in Game 5

Interestingly enough, Yumiko chose the nickname "Injustice" for this game. Was it a message to his opponent?


2- Yumiko could qualify for WCA anyway

4 players will go to Chengdu next week to compete for the last Chinese ticket to WCA. At the last stage of the Chengdu pre-qualifiers, 4 invited players ZDR (S1 runner-up) Romantic (S2 runner up), Yumiko (S3 Runner-up) and WFZ (streaming channel choice) faced 4 players that qualified through an opened up Cup style qualifiers. Those were Elegant, Anxi, "Guru Soldiers" (bad google translation) and  Xiaokk.

Quite the surprise was WFZ elimination against Anxi. 

One of those 4 players will go to Yinchuan. I am very curious to see who it is going to be. Would it be Yumiko for another chance to face TH000?


3- GCS last qualifier : quite uneven groups

In GCS, players are shuffled in groups according to their Netease rankings. This seems fair but at the same time, can lead to qualification groups of uneven strength. Here, group A and C look very tough.

Only a single elimination system to see the last 4 players. Will Xiaokk take the Orc race crown out of Fly? Fly could lose both his titles of WCA and GCS in a row if so. yumiko vs Life will be one of the other highlights of this qualifier.

Romantic should be fine in group B.  Xixi or  Elegant should go through in group D. My money on Xixi who had decent results recently while we are still waiting for a real top performance from Elegant since his return.


4- feRfe has been interviewed

It is in Chinese on this link : feRfe interview


At some point, he claims that his defeat in Final is due to the 30ms ping difference to Longwalk. I just don't know, I am not a progamer. But I surely see Foggy overcoming a 180 ms ping difference every week on Netease, or Koreans winning Gera Cups more often than not.


5- Sonik is banned for bad-mannerism

All right, I do not intend to go into the details of the origins of this decision to ban Sonik from Gera Cups (Sonik insulting Kaiseris, B2W etc...). 

Just after a very funny interview from Marsimoo, we saw the Sonik we like : passionated and cheerful.

We learnt that Sonik is a psychologist

Apparently, this could be solved easier than a kindergarden fight : Sonik should just apologize somehow and try to control himself in the future. Let's hope we see the cheerful Sonik we like as soon as possible giving awesome interviews.


That's it for this week. We are very quickly approaching December and its two World Championship. Only 1 ticket to WCA to get and 4 to qualify to GCS : I just cant wait!

I have a scheduled interview with Longwalk tomorrow and with Hunter/Walter the next week. Neo is also being interviewed by today. There will be many more things to talk about and to be published here!

If you would like to follow me on twitter, i would very much appreciate that :


Comment #1Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:58 am
Koreans play with same ping like european players at Gera cup because hostbot locates in USA
Comment #2Sat Nov 19, 2016 15:05 pm
ferfe aka SPEEDY GONZALES andareeee andare rivaaa riva!
Comment #3Sat Nov 19, 2016 19:58 pm
How about B2W insulting sonik right here RECORDED on video.... starts @ time 7:11:25
Comment #4Sat Nov 19, 2016 21:00 pm
The context of that comment is that he stole a greater mana potion in one of the games which I believe decided a particular game. Wish you wouldn't post misleading/out of context statements and then comment on it when you're not fluent in Chinese Ugri.
Comment #5Sun Nov 20, 2016 00:36 am
Actually if I recall correctly, you picked up the tome of strength, then he picked up the mana pot. You just clicked the wrong item first. It also by no means lost you that game, what lost you the game was trading a merc camp for two sanctums and then going t3 for no reason and completely missing any kind of timing window lol.
Comment #6Sun Nov 20, 2016 06:44 am
I am not fluent, but my friends are. He (you?) did point out the 30 ms ping issue that should have given him (you?) a 3-1 win. Here again, I am not a pro gamer and I wish him (you?) good luck in China
Comment #7Sun Nov 20, 2016 06:46 am
#3 I believe that the history of insults go way deeper on one side than on one another... but anyway, this part of the article was about wanting Sonik in the scene since we all share the same goals and passion
Comment #8Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:12 am
Ferfe, can u explain RIGGED SYSTEM and GAMMA comments?
Comment #9Sun Nov 20, 2016 19:21 pm
twitch clip of sonik providing AMMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGGGGG entertainment!! .....................................

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