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120 | Fully committing

Published Tue Nov 01, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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120 talks openly about the UD race, the scene and his highly discussed TWI finals performance.

It's October 23rd and I am proud to announce to my readers that I just published a very cool interview with  WFZ. 

The day before that, 120 was losing 5-1 in Ting Warcraft Invitational Finals against  Th000 in a weird series where we saw the first DK as a second hero in game 5.! My friend Oleg (AKA SearcherFF) contacted me right after and urged me to interview 120 so he can explain what happened.

I thought it was a good idea, I already talked a little with him in Shanghai with my friend Sirui. This time I was more prepared to ask better questions, and Sirui was there again to translate!

Hi 120 and thank you so much for giving us some of your time.

Could we start with some introduction about who you are, where you live and what do you do in life beside playing Warcraft 3?

I am a 3rd year student in Computer Science. I live in Tianjin, China. Apart from studying, I love sports like swimming and basketball.

We heard that you are running another career in Hearthstone: how is it going? Are you as successful?

I have played Hearthstone for about half a year. My best ranking on the ladder was in the Top 50. I felt that luck was too huge of a factor in Hearthstone so I decided to give up that game. 

So which of those two games is your favorite?

War3, of course.

I often hear in casts that maybe dividing your attention between two games is not good for your results in Warcraft: do you agree?

Yes, I agree. You need to be in a good shape to play Warcraft 3. This differs from Hearthstone which you can play on mobile anywhere... So, if you want to play Warcraft 3 at the best level it's nearly impossible to play other games at the same time - as Warcraft requires a lot of time and practice.

When we met in Shanghai, all of your Group opponents (Foggy & Lucifer) told me they thought you were the best in the world at that time: you think that you are you as feared now?

I think they were just teasing me... or maybe they thought that I was the strongest UD player.

One year ago when I used to meet  Foggy a lot on the ladder, he was not as strong as he is today. He sometimes asks me questions about how to play against UD, and we have discussions. He is very modest, and I think we have a good relationship. So maybe that's why he said that I was the best.

120 meeting Foggy in Shanghai


I asked the same question to WFZ that I interviewed last week : who is the best UD in the world at the moment? 

I think as Top UDs we are at a similar level, so what matters the most is how the grid or the groups are shuffled in competitions. If I am in the same group as the best HU (like Infi or Th000) or orcs (like  lyn &  fly), it will also be difficult for me. But, if I am in the same group as NE or UD, it will be easier. So luck is a big factor to determine which UD will go further in a tournament : the one in the better group is likely to have a better result.

You are teaming in 2v2 with Check now. How did you decide to play together? And what are your objectives this season?

Since  Check's usual partner Lyn is now playing with Moon, he was available. There are already many other 2v2 teams in Korea. So Check came to find me and I agreed to compete with him.

We've played many games recently. I think we are getting more and more familiar with each other, and I would love to continue playing with Check.

Did Check ask you about that when you both were in Beijing for WCA (China v.s. Korea)?

No, we discussed it afterwards. 

I have to ask about this BO9 final of Ting Warcraft Invitational, it raised a lot of comments. Are you working on new strategies that involve neutral heroes against humans?

Nowadays, its getting difficult for UD to beat Hum using fiends and fast teching. As you only have a single DK at the beginning, it is s difficult for you to get any advantage at start.

If you want to beat a Human, you need to pressure him as much as possible when he is trying to expand. You need to take a decisive advantage early on -  To achieve this, I think neutral heroes are better than DK.

However, what I didn't expect is that  TH000 would use MK & Paladin in some of the games. The neutral heroes I chose were meant to beat an Archmage. So we might say that his strategy countered mine.

120 picked FL 1st in game 1, adding a Naga afterwards


There were a lot of disappointment on forums, fans say that you just gave the victory to Th000: what could you answer them?

Actually, just before TWI, there was also a game where I used FireLord as a 2nd hero and beat  Th000.

What did you think of the format of Ting Warcraft Invitational? You know, many people actually agree that in this BO9, it's difficult for a UD to beat a HU

I want to say that TWI was a very good competition. BO9 is very good for the audience and it attracts more attention. I don't think Bo9 is a problem.

In my opinion, the only issue was that for the final two maps were added where it is is nearly impossible for UD to to win against HU. So I think it was a little bit unfair on this point.

Once again you have beaten Lyn during TWI, so I'd like to ask about WCA China/Korea: how do you explain the result then? 

( Lyn noticeably beat all of China's Team, including  120)

Before WCA China/Korea I was playing Hearthstone intensely. I did not play any Warcraft for a while up until the tournament was announced. I started practicing late, but I was not in the best shape. Lyn beat me easily in Beijing.

This afternoon you will play your GCS group: I feel like you ended in the death group there! (Life, Remind, Romantic). Which opponent is the most serious for you?

 Life. I think he is the best NE today. Unlike the other NEs, he has no trouble when facing UD. So I think that he is likely to win and get the qualification.

But you have beaten Life in TWI?

That's because I've prepared really a lot for TWI!  I watched many replays before the matches against  Lyn,  Foggy and  Life, and adjusted my strategies.

In my humble opinion, if I did not prepare that well before playing Lyn or Life my chances of winning would have been very low. 

120 with Life during WCA China/Korea


Do you have a good Win record against Romantic?

I am not very sure about that. As I haven't played against  Romantic recently, and seldom played against him before.

Who will qualify for WCA: Yumiko or Th000?

My guess is that it will be  Th000.

Because…If Th000 qualifies, we can keep playing our favorite board role-playing game together! (they like to play "Avalon")

Against Human, is there a way to use UD casters at high level and win (banshees, necromancers)?

Banshees are coming very late into the game. Before that, UD need to survive for a long time with 1 mine against 2.  If you are trying to transition to banshees, the Human is likely to take a 3rd mine and/or produce tank to make you feel awful.... That's why this strategy is nearly impossible.

For last, what do you think about this funny comment of Remo @B2W "if 120 would have just chosen to play Night Elves, he would be the best player in the World!"

I agree that when compared with UD, NE has some advantages - especially against Hum. If I uses NE, it's possible that I would get better results.

So are you considering about change your race to NE one day?

No. I will keep fighting for all the players who love UD!

Is there something you wished I asked? Or a word you wanna say to your fans?

Even if UD might not be the strongest race today, we should always believe that what matter the most is not the race, but the player. If we are better than our opponents, we can beat any race!

Thank you 120 and good luck for GCS! 



After the interview, 120 went on to beat Remind and Romantic not losing a single game. Here again he used some unconventional strategies (Lich first against Remind) and here again he impressed. The final match will be played Saturday against Remind once more. 120 is a huge favorite.

Lich used as a first hero (frost armor is casted on illusion for creeping)


On Monday, he went on to play the GCS 2v2 qualifications with his new ally Check. They took the first place in a group where Team Xiaokk/Xiaokkai  and Team Lawliet/Focus also participated. They have very good chances to qualify for the Main event. 

Focus' SH is surrounded (Check/120 vs Lawliet/Focus)


I heard on B2W stream that 120's popularity decreased after his defeat in TWI, because of his unusual play. It is quite usual to burn what we once loved but frankly, he would have been called a genius if he would have succeeded. He tried to apply maximum pressure on Th000 very early and it backfired. It is hard to take Th000 by sruprise as he is probably the HU that adapts the most to his opponent, being able to play a large variety of heroes depending on the situation.

Especially for UD lovers in the Warcraft World, we can be blessed with what 120 or WFZ are currently accomplishing. They are trying to fight the "curse" stating that UD is a losing race. The path to greatness is not an easy one, some accidents might happen along the way - but we cannot doubt that 120 will make his best to get there and claim the main title for the UD race!

//A note from the author// : I am very lucky now to have a group of friends, working together to try to bring the best articles on both and! From Sirui (interview, transcript, translation for this interview), Chatwin (my partner from the start), Aries and Will that translated many articles in Chinese to Ka-Shing doing technical work for our Wechat official channel: thank you!


Comment #1Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:35 pm
Great job Ugri,just continue like this... ! :))
Comment #2Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:38 pm
Comment #3Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:41 pm
"No. I will keep fighting for all the players who love UD!" - 120 Wow, just incredible. Very strong quote.
Comment #4Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:42 pm
nice interview!
Comment #5Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:45 pm
4 comments in 8 minutes from you guys: i am happy just by that! This interview is better because I am getting more experience, and I am getting much help
Comment #6Tue Nov 01, 2016 17:47 pm
Thanks Ugri ! Do you have a link for the game where 120 play lich first vs remind ?
Comment #7Tue Nov 01, 2016 18:12 pm
#6 : Should be it
Comment #8Tue Nov 01, 2016 18:27 pm
#7 thx
Comment #9Tue Nov 01, 2016 19:03 pm
One of your better posts :)
Comment #10Tue Nov 01, 2016 20:24 pm
Very nice article ugrilainen!
Comment #11Tue Nov 01, 2016 20:25 pm
GJ Ugri! Keep going!
Comment #12Tue Nov 01, 2016 22:37 pm
Great coverage Ugri! After a long time silently reading your articles I finally have to say thank you!
Comment #13Tue Nov 01, 2016 23:17 pm
Great coverage ! Long live the undead Race :D
Comment #14Wed Nov 02, 2016 08:14 am
awesome job Ugri.GGL
Comment #15Wed Nov 02, 2016 13:37 pm
Comment #16Wed Nov 02, 2016 14:18 pm
thanks for the interview. would have been interested to find out why he only chose human maps. maps left were TR AI & LR I think and these are probably the best maps for undead. if he would chose those earlier I am sure it would have been closer or may have even won cause it can change the momentum of the BO9. but of course then he couldn't have whined as much as he can now. I mean he cries about the maps added (I think SV and NI) but then chooses them to play over those above? and he even won NI so he could have won the series? he sounds like he just gave up before it even started, which is still sad.
Comment #17Wed Nov 02, 2016 16:06 pm
#16 i think that even after the interview it is clear that somehow Ud wanted to send a signal to wc3 community about imbalance , i mean he is the best ud in the wordl and to win a Human he had no chance with standard game?? This means only that the imbalance about this particular match up i so great that something shall be done to keep wc3 balanced at a pro level at least
Comment #18Wed Nov 02, 2016 19:29 pm
Thanks Ugrilainen! Great interview and finally some light was shed on his performance at TWI.
Comment #19Wed Nov 02, 2016 20:59 pm
Really appreciate the interview, props!
Comment #20Wed Nov 02, 2016 23:00 pm
so what was his name again? one-twenty or one-two-zero? Anyway, very well elaborated interview, thanks dude! :) And I hope he wins WCA
Comment #21Thu Nov 03, 2016 00:28 am
I thought everyone knew: HU >> NE > Orc >> UD This is wc3. Live with it.
Comment #22Thu Nov 03, 2016 01:13 am
#16 #21 For last, what do you think about this funny comment of Remo @B2W "if 120 would have just chosen to play Night Elves, he would be the best player in the World!" I agree that when compared with UD, NE has some advantages - especially against Hum. If I uses NE, it's possible that I would get better results. NE>HU=ORC>UD NE has some advantages - especially against Hum
Comment #23Thu Nov 03, 2016 01:38 am
#22 But Remo is just a standard player like us. Plus, he is biased as possible against to NE every back2warcraft stream. It's pretty easy to see that with the way he talks about NE in stream. Heck, grubby (iq55), Ted claimed they wanted to quit WC3 because of HU. Lawliet on twitch commented he doesn't know answer to some of hu strats in certain maps simply cause the synergy is too good in a direct fight. Moon in prime struggled with Infi mass tower/tank in twisted meadows. And pretty much all NE universally. EI - HU > NE TR Close Spawn - HU >>>>> NE TR Far spawn - HU > NE (you can abuse mortars and towers in the middle of trees TM - NE > HU TS - HU > NE AI - NE >> HU AZ - NE > HU Ehh.
Comment #24Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:07 pm
#23 i disagree
Comment #25Fri Nov 04, 2016 07:34 am
#20 his name is one-two-zero? and one-two-zero is the phone number for emergency service like 911 in US. his id-eer0, e=1 er=2 in Chinese.
Comment #26Sun Nov 06, 2016 13:34 pm
Really enjoy in interview, great job! Thank you!
Comment #27Wed Nov 09, 2016 21:14 pm
thank for this interview!
Comment #28Wed Nov 30, 2016 13:04 pm
120 man
Comment #29Wed Nov 30, 2016 13:05 pm
120 is easily I mean EASILY THE best UD player of all times and thats an understatement

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