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TWI, PandaTV and WCA America

Published Tue Oct 18, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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I think it was last Tuesday. I wake up and see strange messages on Reddit about WCA America sign up period to be over with just 6 to 10 players having signed in. I just assumed it had to be a joke. 10 players for a 15,000$ prize? Then I saw the announcement on, and I knew Warcraft was in trouble. 

But before going into the WCA America fascinating subject, let's talk about real Warcraft first!


Panda TV Invitational : I should have bet on Focus!

Last article I was betting on Yumiko and Lawliet to win this. Yumiko takes a quick exit losing to  Focus then  Check. Mr Corn (i.e. Yumi means corn in Chinese) is still irregular in his performances, capable of beating  Th000 or qualifying for WCA Final, then losing in the first round of the next event.

Lawliet is not reigning supreme anymore neither and lost to Focus as well. On the other hand, Focus is having a very good month after qualifying for GCS, he obtained the 3rd place in Yuwan Cup, only losing twice 1-2 to  Infi and  Moon.

 WFZ is also in excellent shape, qualifying for GCS as well over Foggy, getting 4th place during Yuwan Cup and reaching the WB final here. We all love a good Undead capable of going deep into tournaments, now it is maybe time for the Scourge to win one! He beats Xiaokk once more after WCA S3 Qualifiers. Tod said that during his days, when an Orc had to face an UD in a tournament, it was considered a free win. With 120 and  WFZ, not so much anymore!

Last stand for Xiaokk

I have my hopes up for WFZ, especially since there is no more Human in the Tournament!


Ting Warcraft Invitational : Lyn strikes again!


I keep saying that I think he is the best in the world at the moment. After his stellar performance during WCA China vs Korea where he beat the whole China front line by himself, he qualified easily for GCS before coming to TWI with high ambitions.

He indeed lost once more against 120. Why is that? I suppose that Lyn is just not used to play against an Undead playing at this level. 120 may be his Nemesis, and he will have to overcome him during WCA if he wants to mark the history of the game even more.

Talking about Nemesis... Lyn seems to be the only one to be able to beat Infi at the moment. Infi qualifies for everything but has a very unfavorable record against Lyn.

The upper bracket was 100% Orcs vs Humans. The other face-off saw the victory of Th000 over Fly100% 3-1.

This is, an Happy Life

The lower bracket was 100% Undeads vs Night Elves. We will have the 4 races represented into the semi final has both games ended on a 3-0 score! We had hope about  Happy being able to create troubles for  Life as he had eliminated Moon in the previous round, but Life made a strong impression and goes straight into the semifinal while just being a replacement for WarchiefRich in the first place. Tod was commentating and learnt to study this young player : to his delight, new players with new strategies are joining the game in 2016!

Happy losing his necropolis in Game 3

1,2, 3-0

120 had no pity on our European leader in the 1/4 Final with another clean sheet for the young Undead. I will just quote a funny comment from Remo @B2W "Imagine if he would play Night Elves, he would be the best in the world!"

120 saving 2 wyrms - 1 destroyer over the trees

WCA America : sound the alarm!

So yeah, as explained in the introduction, we were all quite confused I think about the announcement. I felt like even I would have a chance to get at least 4th place in this, would have I registered! It was hard to know where to register in the first place, only a Facebook page of the Brazilian company made an announcement about it. Despite being on the lookout, even us missed it.

Registrations ended before we even knew it had started

We contacted WCA admins right away with Neo explaining our worries, and were directed to the contracted Organizer in Brazil. Choosing my words carefully here but they are not familiar with Warcraft so we suggested our help. We introduced the idea of International players to be allowed to compete with Americans in this. It seems to have been accepted but nothing is set in stone at this point. Meetings are multiplied and we really hope WCA America will stand proud in comparison of the other Qualifiers. A lot of work still needs to be done and I am still puzzled about how this could happen. Puzzled but amused at the same time; I mean at some point we cannot worry too much about things we cannot really control! 

We will keep you updated...


Comment #1Mon Oct 17, 2016 19:11 pm
WCA NA- wow what a noob organization... shame
Comment #2Mon Oct 17, 2016 22:12 pm
:OOOOOOOOO goodddddd
Comment #3Mon Oct 17, 2016 23:52 pm
Wca NA LOL AKA WCA Brazil because that company screwed all the American/Canadian players
Comment #4Tue Oct 18, 2016 02:48 am
US and Anadian will play that for sure
Comment #5Tue Oct 18, 2016 03:03 am
wca america is gonna end on netease with fly vs th000 in final smh
Comment #6Tue Oct 18, 2016 05:25 am
Latin America is Back
Comment #7Tue Oct 18, 2016 06:50 am
You guys think that American players all are "NOOBS" but remember me i am DanGer from Perú, ask some good player atm like Warchieft, lawliet, believe, etc. Players that in his moments are good... and me and other players from america could win them easly... We was Latin American Gamers but (LaG) now we are LAB (Latin America is Back)
Comment #8Tue Oct 18, 2016 06:52 am
as some one from america i do not understand why no one was told about the quilifer im sure many people woulda tryed out belive it or now WC3 ARENA THIER ARE ACTIVE WC3 PLAYER FROM THE AMERICANS
Comment #9Tue Oct 18, 2016 07:45 am
Latin america is back - LAB
Comment #10Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:28 am
good job again Ugri.South America has good players.I meet/watch them at w3arena.I dont know their ping, but there is deifently a good potential
Comment #11Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:32 am
and why did you feel entitled to tell anyone who should participate in a tournament? You're not a WCA admin. As far as I understand, "WCA America" does not stand for "WCA Last Chance" or "WCA Fuck your continent". If the level of the qualifier is low, fine, so be it, WCA as an organization will re-evaluate for next year's qualifiers. Why the fuck would you think WCA will allow anyone but players from that continent to take these spots anyway? And what sense would that make whatsoever? INSANE.
Comment #12Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:38 pm
You'd rather have a Qualifiers with 7 guys? This is why we contacted WCA and this is why WCA asked us to talk to the organizers. If it is 100% American or not, it is up to the organizer and it is fine to me. You are right, we should not have to involve, but what would happen then?
Comment #13Tue Oct 18, 2016 17:18 pm
yea remember him he is danger, he wins lawliet and rich "easly"

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