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Golden Week Warcraft Marathon part 2 | Ting WI and PandaTV Faith Cup

Published Sun Oct 09, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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I was happy to start writing the second part about the tournament stacked Golden Week of Warcraft when... Douyu TV announces yet another tournament for this very weekend! Let's try to cover everything, or at least most of it.


PandaTV | Faith Cup - Group Stage

The prize pool on this one is 9,000$. 16 players were invited, and 17 played after our friend Lucifer resigned in the loser bracket final due to a malaria infection. We wish him prompt recovery. Believe stepped in as a logical replacement (same race, same country... what else to ask?). I am happy they did not just give a free win to  Colorful in group D. It is an interesting starting roster, a mix of China, Korea and Europe without many the top guns. 

Group A : Highlights on Check

That is the biggest surprise of this group, Check qualifying over Romantic. After losing the first BO3 and nearly taken out by Warchiefrich, Check had another shot at Romantic and... took him out! After his recent elimination at WCA, these are not good times for Romantic. Check joins his friend Remind in the next round.

Check's Warden murdering Romantic's peasants

Group B : WFZ and Lawliet dominate

Not much suspense in this group, WFZ loses a close B03 against Lawliet that took his revenge after his defeat in Yuwan Cup. Tbc_Bm really entertained Europe with his Necrowagon strategy against Life, selling nearly all buildings before pushing!

The LB final between Life and WFZ lasted no more than 20 minutes, WFZ applying so much pressure. 

Tbc_bm : "guys you know what? I'm all in"

Group C : Xiaokk #3?

Just before his tough performance during WCA, Xiaokk possibly claimed the title of the 3rd best orc in the world? Beating Focus and ZDR seem to prove as much.

Group D : Foggy's reaction

Failing twice to qualify for GCS at the last step, Foggy reacted against Colorful after a very fast lose to Yumiko in the WB. Yumiko vs Colorful starts to be a classic, with Yumiko on top twice 2-1 at WCA and there.

Who will win this? My money is on Yumiko and Lawliet!


Ting Warcraft Invitational - Group Stage


An event not like any others

From all the events that are being organized in October, we have a crush on this one. Of course because it is organized from Europe! How long since something like this happened? The credit goes to Mr Yoann Merlo AKA Tod who stopped his professional WC3 career a while back but did not forget about the fans and the game. It all started with 1,000 $ given by the American company Ting Inc., and the idea of having a tournament crowdfunded.

There the nice story begins. Tons of players gave from 1$ to 5$, I gave some too and Neo topped me 1$ in the donation rankings (damn it Neo! ^^). 6,000$ were needed to unlock all of the invited players and the goal was achieved thanks to Sky's company Taidu giving another 1,000$. And finally we get Moon, Lyn, FLy, 120, Th000 and Infi to play in an European based tournament. I have to admit I did not believe we could reach 6,000 $ it when it was first announced.

I do not know if such a big tournament has ever been crowdfunded before for WC3, i do not think so. Also it's fun to see that the money came from all continents, just for the sake of having great games to watch. Thank you Tod!

The other novelty in this is that I think it is the first time a tournament is hosted on both W3arena and Netease. Matches between Europe and Korea are played on W3arena and all games involving Chinese players on Netease.

Group A : Infi untouchable

Infi is not to be messed with. He qualifies for everything at the moment, so he obviously had to come on top of this pure European Group. Foggy beats Anima in the LB final and keeps reigning over Europe.


Group B : Th000 and Moon? Not so fast.

Groups starts casually with Moon and  Th000 fighting it up in the WB final, Th000 coming on top 2-1. Well casually, it needs to be noted that they played at 3 AM China time.

The surprise came from Happy eliminating Moon 2-1. After Foggy beating Lyn offline at GCS, it has to be the most awesome European performance of the year! Happy won game 3 on EI with a very intense harass that killed Moon's heroes multiple times.

Surrender DH, you are surrounded!

Group C : Fly and Life back on track

They were both part of the WCA China team that lost in a memorable way against Lyn, well I mean against Korea. After that, they suffered unexpected early eliminations both at WCA, , Yuwan Cup for Fly and PandaTV Faith Cup for Life. Here Life supplies for WarchiefRich and maybe he played without pressure? It was a tough group with Lawliet and Remind, and China took a little revenge over Korea.


Group D : 120 and Lyn with authority

All scores ended with a 2-0 score, except the final between those two. This game was fireworks, a must see BO3 between two WCA qualified contestants. Like during GCS, 120 prevailed.

Lyn killed his own TC to deny experience

DouyuTV | Streamers Cup

It's not four tournaments running pretty much at the same time, it's five! Another one started this weekend, sponsored by DouyuTV. It has Korean and Chinese players, beside that I do not much about it except that they play BO1 and this seems to be like a little championship where you score 1 point per victory. I will investigate in view of my next article...

You can see the games casted by Ted here : link to Ted's VOD

The cast apparently composed from players streaming on DouyuTV

The schedule (imported from

Results from day 1

And that's it for today. See you next week for the conclusion of those tournaments. Do not forget to check if you wonder when is the next stream happening.


Comment #1Mon Oct 10, 2016 09:00 am
Who will win this? My money is on Yumiko and Lawliet! Your money will be lost :) th000 and infi is my bet for 1st place.I know it is easy to bet on these top 2 players, but they are really good at the moment.And it will be played on Netease, so their ping will be 0...
Comment #2Mon Oct 10, 2016 09:29 am
Infi and Th00 do not play PandaTV :)
Comment #3Mon Oct 10, 2016 09:32 am
Oh yeah, i was confused with so many wc3 tournaments last month :) which is great ofc :)
Comment #4Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:39 am
Im really disappointed with Warchief games.He was the best NE mirror player in my mind, but after loosing Check and Remind....i dont think in that way anymore
Comment #5Mon Oct 10, 2016 13:53 pm
So who are you betting your money on? WCR payed well against Check, but conditions were not ideal, he disced one game he was winning for example
Comment #6Mon Oct 10, 2016 14:17 pm
I bet my money on WFZ(talkin about pandaTV) He is very good ve NE and he can easily go to the winners final (remind and maybe foggy will be his opponent).Lawliet is my favourite player because he plays the game like art and I like him very much, despite the fact that he is in bad shape for the last 2-3 months, I will also bet on him .Yumiko is also impressive but he is not menatlly strong (like CHechi for example :D ), so he is unpredictable :D
Comment #7Sat Oct 15, 2016 20:42 pm
Lyn will win Tod's tournament!
Comment #8Sun Oct 16, 2016 13:31 pm
its such a refreshment to see cast other than b2w and I have to say tod is way way better
Comment #9Thu Oct 20, 2016 19:02 pm
Comment #6 what about my prediction skills ;) .This is first title from major(or almost major) tournaments since 10 years

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