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Golden Week Warcraft Marathon part 1 | WCA and Yuwan Cup

Published Sun Oct 02, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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WCA, Yumiko rebirth, Infi vs Moon at Yuwan Cup, Happy during Gera Cups

Man, so much stuff to cover these last days! We are right in the middle of the Golden week in China, celebrating the national holidays so players are more than available to play a lot of tournaments. No less than 4 majors events have their schedules colliding (WCA China S3, Doyou TV/Yuwan Cup, Panda TV Invitational/Faith Cup and Ting Warcraft Invitational). This led to some players having to play at 3 AM or 4 AM (Th000 vs Moon during TWI) or some games simply being postponed due to players exhaustion.

As I do not want to die of exhaustion myself, and as I do not want you guys to fall asleep reading a super long article, I will divide this coverage in two parts, waiting for Panda TV and TWI to conclude before mentioning them.


Yuwan Cup | 3000$ on the line

Doyou TV decided to sponsor a short event with 8 invited players from Asia. For once, races were evenly represented which led to many major players not participating. I am just noticing now but  Moon played with a 3000$ prize pool, while 6000$ were needed to unlock him for the Ting Warcraft Invitational. Probably because the starting roster has only 8 players here.

This was a cool event where players were seeded through a FFA. Noticeable performance of Focus reaching the LB Final and WFZ eliminating Lawliet who seems to struggle recently. To be mentioned also Fly100% early elimination on a 0-4 record. He indeed had to face the two human powerhouses Th000 and Infi but still, it did not look too promising for WCA (see later).

The Grand Final opposed Infi and Moon. Apparently  Infi became the 4th best earner of all times after his victory, 10$ or so over Sky : congratulations!

Final was worthy with a 4-2 score, Neo thinks that Game 1 is a "Replay of the year" candidate. I feel like it lacks some big battles but the end is indeed epic. Enjoy B2W casting it here :

The full grid went this way :


WCA Season 3 | Group stage


I want to say... I called it first! In my last articles I talked about Colorful winning two Ifeng Cup straight up and climbing at the top of the Night Elves charts in China. Facing the best Chinese Orc Fly100%, the then best Chinese Night Elf Life and one of the best Human player at the moment Romantic, he still managed to reach the playoffs in a very convincing way.

Colorful beating Fly100% on TR (picture from Tolkien@Ifeng)

Group B : A word on the point system

In Europe after Colorful lost 1-2 to Fly100%, everybody thought he was eliminated. Yes sorry we are not familiar with the system, as in Europe there is not such a system where you gets points per games and not per matches won.

At first it made no sense to me : Fly100% with 2W-1L, and after beating Colorful 2-1 should pass to the semis right? But in fact, Colorful needed only to win one game to reach the 5 pts mark and qualify. He knew it, Fly knew it, the whole China knew it. After winning the first game, Colorful was qualified so we can assume he played the next two games a little more relaxed.

After thinking about it, I like the system. During their first two matches, players cannot let go of any game (like passing on a map they do not like waiting for their favorite to get the win). All games must be fiercely fought. Then on day 3, all players know what they need to do to qualify. 

 Colorful faces Yumiko in the semi final and whatever happens there, he lived up to his gaming ID : CNelfhope!


Group A : in the bag after day 2

Group A started with a surprise, Yumiko resurfacing and beating Th000 2-0 in a very convincing way. They both qualified afterwards, everything was settled after day 2 mostly, only a 0-2 defeat from Th000 against Xiaokk on day 3 could have changed things... it was a long shot.

Here again, Yumiko needed only one point on day 3 to be sure to get the 1st place of the group.  And once more, Humans are reigning supreme over China, unless Colorful is up for a gigantic surprise? 


WCA Season 3 | Playoffs

Yumiko 2-1  Colorful

Finally no surprise happened, Yumiko qualifies with authority. It was not easy nonetheless with a loss on EI in the second game going Panda first against the Warden. Last game was tense but a very efficient Bloodmage usage limited the warden's annoyance.

Colorful ended the last game trenched on a hill

Th000 2-1 Romantic

The level of play was very high in this serie with Th000 recovering nicely from an early loss. The last game was undecisive until the end, and a lethal MK death by Romantic.

Lethal MK death for Romantic

Colorful 2-1 Romantic

Like in the semi-final, Romantic lead 1-0 then lost 1-2. He used his (in)famous Dragonhawk/Tanks harassment strategy but somehow, Colorful was able to survive this. He made a name for himself by getting his first major prize of 20,000 RMB (3,000$). That's way more than his usual Ifeng Cup Prizes!

For Romantic who was so close to eliminate Th000 once more and return to Beijing (he eliminated him 2-1 at this stage last season), it must be tough to end up empty handed.

Now we are looking up to the very exciting Grand Final, Yumiko vs Th000, I could have hardly thought of anything better than this!


Gera Cup #77- #78

A word on our local Gera Cups. After one week of hiatus due to GCS qualifiers, Gera Cup was back the last two Sundays. with quite a good cast. Happy performed very impressively, winning GCup #77, beating famous Koreans Believe and Sok, then Sonik in final. We can note the victory of our Shanghai GCS representative  Rudan 2-1 over our Yinchuan WCA one Orcworker.

During GCup #78, Happy was at it again, reaching the final only to lose 1-3 to Remind. The Korean took down the whole European elite ( Foggy in 1/4 and Sonik in 1/2). 

Do we have to be worried about Rudan early exit in 1/8 against Sheik? Even more surprising is Orcworker elimination against  Insuperable. Well done Insuperable! I knew you only from your comments on my articles, now I know that you can also play Warcraft III.


Comment #1Tue Oct 04, 2016 17:48 pm
really well done by Colorful , the rising star of this qualifiers
Comment #2Wed Oct 05, 2016 08:16 am
poor romantic.He played so well.....
Comment #3Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:37 pm
w0rker - out of shape.I dont see nothing strange rudan to get lost be sheik.Sheik is good and also Rudan suffers vs ud where he always prefer naga?!Happy is on fire so I expect to win everything.I was really impressed with Yumiko stable and awesome games. I watched every fickin stream and Im really deep in the scene of Wc3, so the people who make me smile this week are happy, remind, ymiko, romantic and colorful.Good article , keep up the good job
Comment #4Thu Oct 06, 2016 07:58 am
The server is off?
Comment #5Thu Oct 06, 2016 08:00 am
Is w3arena down? Cant login, it says "initiating connection to" and never stops loading.....
Comment #6Fri Oct 07, 2016 19:18 pm
Nice news but im missing the forum support + were are the patches and client support? Hacker joined the Server etc, were are the admins? Pad gone?
Comment #7Sat Oct 08, 2016 17:17 pm
I am not a w3arena admin. When you have requests about the server, this is not the place to write them.

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