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Rudan interview | Slam dunk!

Published Wed Sep 28, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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Can you tell us in a few words about you : what do you do, where do you live, your age ?

- Hello,my name is Nemanja Rudan. I live in Belgrad/Serbia. I am 23 years old and im playing basketball in the first Serbian league.

Really? Which team?

- Dunav- Stari Banovci

Are you a professional basketball player?

- Kind of, In few days i will sign my contract.

Amazing! You are even more interesting than expected!

- Hahah :)

Dunav- Stari Banovci official logo.


How did you start to play Warcraft 3 and who were you a fan of ?

- I was a fan of Moon of course, but Remind was still my favorite. I started playing after seeing my brother playing. He sometimes invited for some games with him and this is how it all started.

During GCS International Qualifiers you started with a 2-0 loss vs Agatha in the first round. Then you had to face him again in the Loser bracket to qualify for day 2. What changed between your loss and your win?

- The second time I aimed for short games. First game I played the classic DR/Panda and the second I went warden with mass mercenaries and huntresses :).

I did not watch Foggy's game versus Agatha in the winner bracket final.

So the next day you were on fire, I wrote in the articles that you may have taken steroids. You thought you had good chances against lawliet lucifer and fov?

- Yeah ,when i saw my group I was very happy because there were no Humans (my worst matchup). I knew that I had a good chance to win all of my games.

What did you think about Fov level? He is getting at his former level? Is he playing oldschool?

- Well i didnt play when he was one of best player in the world but now everyone knows he will play gargoyles so that helps a lot. At the moment I do not think he is on the top level.

Did you plan to tower-rush Lawliet in the last game?

- I wanted to play bears (of course!  ) . At the beginning of the game I gathered more experience than Lawliet and I knew my DH was a lot stronger than his. He lost all his moon wells and that was my chance.

Do you think Lawliet is the best Night Elf in the world at the moment? 

- I do not know if he is first but he is in the top 3 with Life and Foggy for sure.

How did the Serbian scene reacted to your victory?

- There are not so many people in Serbia who play wc3 nowadays but everyone who play wished me the best and that was really nice.

Did you ever participate in an offline tournament before?

- The only time was last year in Germany for WCA Europe and I've finished at the last place :D

Your teamates know about your WC3 career?

- Just one, the others just heard about me going to China :)

You ever been to China before?

- No no,but I cant wait to go there!

Chinese players are not worried to play Rudan 1on1 in Shanghai


Last question before we go : name your toughest opponent on Netease, one you have never beaten?

- Hmmm..hard to say but I think I never won a single game against Infi when he plays human.. :)

Time to wish you good luck for the season opening against Vrsac! And I hope to see you in Shanghai!

Heh,thx alot man ! me too :)

Rudan as a young Elf


Comment #1Wed Sep 28, 2016 19:23 pm
awesome guy!
Comment #2Thu Sep 29, 2016 02:16 am
here is rudan's basketball team website: he is the #9
Comment #3Thu Sep 29, 2016 02:17 am
If you look closer at his pic you might notice that he has eyes of different colors brown + green kinda interesting
Comment #4Thu Sep 29, 2016 14:40 pm
Rudan is a cool boy.He is called nature tallent and i agree with this.I wonder why people like Rudan, checi, hla - who are called nature talent and they make top quality games with no training - do not train hard to achive glory and money.I know these guys got family , work and etc but tell me :When they will got another chance to become the best in the world in something.... gg hf
Comment #5Thu Sep 29, 2016 21:54 pm
Not only he's cool, he also gives us great unexpectable shows, all the time!
Comment #6Fri Sep 30, 2016 02:00 am
GEnial !! :)
Comment #7Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:06 am

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