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Hip, hip,hip Rudan!

Published Mon Sep 19, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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GCS International Results - Rudan and SO.In on steroids - Happy wins MooCup #50 - Epic FFA at Doyou's Cup - Ifeng #122

GCS General overview : a technical success for Europe!

GCS International Qualifiers was really a key event for Netease expansion program. They really want to expand their tournaments towards European players. This first major live test started quite hectically, with players not being aware of their invitation. After Neo and I worked on getting the best 14 players roster possible for Europe in a week or so, chaos continued with many players forfeiting because the gaming conditions were considered unacceptable due to foreseen ping issues (Cechi, Wan, Passion). With Believe also forfeiting, we had a very exciting group F to follow!

Neo and I were quite worried beforehand, with a couple of players complaining a lot, even though they still played (and qualified for day 2 ed).

Overall 9 Europeans players qualified for day 2. The only eliminated were death grouped  Hawk and  Happy and  Lubber/  AtheistP which were in a 100% European group.  Anima forfeited once more (duh)* so  So.In advanced : that would lead to one of the biggest suprise of the tournament.

* Actually  Anima did not forfeit, he knew he could not play on Sunday, made the admins aware of it and they allowed him to play on Monday if his 3 opponents agreed on it. One of his opponents refused so Anima dropped. I stand corrected! And I wish some would show more sportsmanship. 


GCS Results : Work Work!

Day 1 : Europe doing great

I am not going to comment all the groups of day 1, just check the full results here : GCS Results

Group A :  Rudan starts straight up with a 0-2 loss against  Agatha and a swift elimination is to be expected.  Foggy cruises to qualification through the winner bracket and surprisingly, Rudan overcomes Agatha 2-0 is the loser bracket to qualify as well! Europe 2-0 Korea.

Group C (AKA group of death #1) :  Hawk did his best and beat  Bany 2-0. Then the legends  Lyn and  Moon qualify as expected. Not a lucky draw for Hawk, like during WCA for the matter...

Group D (AKA group of death #2) : What a stacked group!  Lawliet and  Focus prevails with authority over  Happy and  Remind, going both to the WB then Focus beating Remind in the LB. 

 Sonik qualifies with  Fov in a 3 ways group, as  Anima does with  Lucifer in another 3 ways group. But  Anima drops so the quite unknown Korean player  So.In, that got eliminated in a 3 ways group with a total score of 0-4  - against opponents that are not counted the favorites -  qualifies for day 2 and...


Day 2 : Rudan and So.In on steroids

With such a performance, you expect  So.In to end his run on something like a 0-6 score in a group with  Foggy,  Sonik and  Sok/Emalfans? Think again! After crippling Foggy's chances with a 2-0 win, he went on to beat his last two opponents 2-1 and qualified for GCS!! Amazing run! It shows that in Warcraft nowadays, no result can be totally presumed before the game is played. It shows also that forfeits are changing the face of any tournament there is.

Probably  Rudan and  So.In are both using the same drugs, or they had dinner together the day before because...


Hip, Hip, Hip Rudan!

I do not know much about  Rudan so Neo filled me in. He called him a "natural Warcraft talent". He does not train much, is a cool and relaxed player nice to hang with. I presume he likes Night Elves mirrors and playing against UD. He just took out the best NE in the world, Sir Lawliet himself 2-0 in the Final game of the group. He is nicknamed the "Serbian Prince", so I had fun googling his picture on internet.

The Serbian Prince with his wife, preparing to go to Shanghai for GCS

Next time I hear that Europeans cannot take on Koreans on Netease at Tournament hours because of the ping, I'll forward them some VOD of our magnificient Rudan that just did the job. This has to be one of the best European performance of the year and I really hope that I can make a coverage of his exploits in Shanghai!

Orcs are not dead!

In a scene that usually show Orc taking beatings outside China (except for Lyn in Korea and Orcworker at a lesser level in Europe), this International event ended with 3 orcs qualifying out of a 32 players roster with only 5 representatives.  Rudan was the only non-orc to qualify.  Lyn (yes the best player in the world atm mind you) qualified also, so did  Focus with a nice victory over  Moon.


Happy gewinnt MooCup #50!

Quite unfairly put into an impossible group for GCS, Happy responded brilliantly during MooCup #50. The event had a nice 200 Euros prize-pool for the occasion. It also had a full German shoutcast crew with Neo, Marsimoo and Ena.

 Sokol reaching the final was also a nice moment. You can find the full grid here :


Epic FFA for Doyou / Yuwan Cup

During the ongoing Doyou Cup (called Yuwan Cup by Neo, not sure why : tell me please!) they had one of the greatest idea to organize the solo event's grid! Organizing a FFA that would allow the winner to get the first pick to chose his round 1 opponent! Then the second best could pick his own and so on. The winner received 1000 RMB in the process, about 150 Euros.

Would be cool to reproduce this idea in European tournaments!

Players were anonymous like during FFArena games. It was played in a cheerful atmosphere with everybody pretending to be someone else.

I will not spoil who won, I have the VOD for you guys to watch : 

I also have the replay if somebody wants to cast it so if anybody is interested, you can ring my bell-ell-ell, ring my bell!

PS : if a chinese embed video does not appear for you, click on this link : FFA VOD

The cast :

red :  Infi, yellow :  Moon, grey :  Lucifer, blue :  Focus, Orange :  WFZ, dark green : Ted, brown : Th000, purple : Fly100%, teal : Lyn and light blue : Lawliet

Many played off-race, none chose . They tried to be as sneaky as possible!

Colorful strikes again

Colorful wins his second Ifeng Cup in a row, eliminating Xiaokk and Focus in the process. He is fully ready for WCA next weekend!

And that's it for this week. Next week is super stacked with Panda TV "Faith Cup", Doyou/Yuwan Cup, Ting/Tod invitational and WCA S3 China Qualifiers. I also hope to bring you interviews of Rudan and So.In. Rudan if you read this... 


Comment #1Sat Sep 24, 2016 08:54 am
Oh look, bald ena !!! :D Only Serbian prince is Rudan. On the picture is ''prince'' who doesnt live in Serbia and doesnt speak serbian very good. He is clown.
Comment #2Sat Sep 24, 2016 08:58 am
Damn many tournaments :O
Comment #3Sat Sep 24, 2016 09:00 am
I corrected in purple, Anima did not forfeit at all. #1 are not you from Finland? How do you know so much about the Serbian Prince? :D
Comment #4Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:37 am
Once more a great article ugri ! Still I wouldn't say that Rudan doesn't train much, he's playing everyday (or almost) on netease !
Comment #5Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:14 am
Great article, good to see there are a lot of tournaments going on lately in the warcraft 3 scene. Even though rudan isn't inactive :P
Comment #6Sat Sep 24, 2016 13:07 pm
@Ugri No Im Satiini's fan, cuz he is the 1st who introducet warden like it meant to be played.
Comment #7Sat Sep 24, 2016 23:40 pm
The photo of the Serbian Prince and its description ??
Comment #8Sat Sep 24, 2016 23:41 pm
*:D :D
Comment #9Sun Sep 25, 2016 16:38 pm
rich and rudan its top1 elfs eu! inactive rich and rudan=foggy 24x7,but rich and rudan 24x7=they have no equal elfs! rudan gogo 24x7 and kill asians players! really europe>asia(only need to train more!)!

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