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GCS : should I stay or should I go? | FFA : do you have what it takes?

Published Sat Sep 17, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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Little article about GCS organization on the European side. Results will follow later. Talking about FFA since FML season 23 is about to conclude and FFArena about to reset! A word on Ena1337.

1- GCS : Who wanna play?


- Ugri, I am confused with all these replacements at GCS...

- Come on Neo, easy peasy!

I thought he was a little bit exaggerating; a simple table can resume the status of all players with ease :

A simple 2+2=6 situation


No, no, no : I am not complaining about the players changing their mind. There are structural roots that lead to this situation. The fact that invited players were not aware they were invited in the first place had to be overcome fast. Many had plans they had to try to postpone, and sometimes could not. There is also a technical issue with the usage of accelerators to connect to Netease, and the overall quality of some players connection.


Wan, Cechi, HLA and Orcworker are not sure what to do


Wanting to play a Netease tournament on W3arena or wanting the tournament to start at 11pm China time were not things GCS admins could agree on. I think it is obvious why? 

Still, it made one player very angry. 

One player is very angry!

2- FFA : it's fun for everybody!


I was 12 years a FFA player / manager before I started to discover who were those players named Yumiko or Th000 a few months ago. While in Shanghai during GCS Spring, I had long discussions about the FFA game style with  Yumiko himself or Foggy. Game of Thrones like politics, 200 food battles, 10/10/10 heroes, strategies/tactics, micro/macro : FFA has it all. Of course games last longer, and there are rarely any money to make but the passion is there and the FFA community is not going to disappear anytime soon.

Just looking at Wikipedia's definition and synonyms makes me wanna play FFA!

If you never really played it, just go on (FML for the initiated). There you will find a chatbox filled with 30 pages a day on weekends of joyful conversations, not counting a 70 members large skype group where they talk twice as much about games or anything they can have in mind. There is I feel a real friendship between those players. I can picture myself partying with the whole lot of them any day, if we find a way to regroup players spreading from Peru to Australia!

Sadly Neo is not too much into FFA, so I have yet to succeed making him and Remo shoutcast a FML final. Season 23 is about to conclude, the semi finals stage has been reached. 23 seasons in 11 years, talk about legacy!

 Wtii has shoutcasted several FFA tournaments and enjoyed it.  Foggy and  Yaws for example enjoyed participating in FML or in FFA Cups. I've seen Rain losing straight up final 1v1 against my friend Renaud with equal gold, because yes, FFA is hard to master. I have also seen Yaws losing the final 1v1 against my friend Audigy because he was not used to play against a 100 food necrowagon army!

If you have what it takes, go have a look and meet people there : you either got it, or you ain't!

You can also follow their Official Twitch Channel


3- FFArena Season 1 concludes next week 

Next weekend we will finally conclude the first Season of FFArena, the replacement of my beloved playFFA. 

Season will end Sunday 5 AM CET. I know it not super practical for Europeans, but I have to work on it with a friend from Canada and I am im China. So.. deal with it! 


4- A word on Ena1337

Ena gave his farewell two weeks ago, prior to going to Finland for studies. He gave his regards to many players that counted for him (except me, bugger!). Damn, I felt we were so close after those 2 AT together. Anyway...

He made peace with players, he recognized mistakes... I state this for his ban situation sake that I hope can be resolved now. He has been so active to help European players play in Chinese tournament. He is still helping now as we need him to discuss with GCS admins about our current European roster.

He is also an active, despite poorly skilled, member of the FFA community. So it made all sense to talk about him in this article!

See you in a few days for my comments about GCS outcome. The groups are quite imbalanced to say the least and I wish a very good luck to our representatives, especially  Hawk and Happy.

Follow me on twitter, it would please me to reach the 100 followers mark before 2018!


Comment #1Sat Sep 17, 2016 06:35 am
I already feared that I forgot someone in the farewell, fuck. Guess I gonna do it here, thanks for all the trust despite the conflicts and problems in the background @ Ugri!
Comment #2Sat Sep 17, 2016 06:41 am
Poorly skilled ffa community member? Come on pls, I won one official ffa masters league game in the previous season :D & well, ye, basically it's a mess to bring Europeans who are not used to play on netease into GCS. Even though my Chinese LONLIFE ping accelerator partner offered 30 VIP days for free for all the pros participating in GCS, ~200ms ping will for sure be a burden to take for our players, which also is the reason why so many players forfeited their participation. Anyways, a concrete proposal paper has been created, also under my participation, which has been sent to the GCS correspondent. We hope it will be prioritized highly, in order to ensure a future of the European pro scene in the Asian competitions.
Comment #3Sat Sep 17, 2016 16:41 pm
Once again gratz for inviting players who then show a middle finger to the tourney! GG
Comment #4Sun Sep 18, 2016 01:25 am
Need invite insuperable next time, i show north-american undead skillz boy
Comment #5Mon Sep 19, 2016 09:40 am
I havent been playing FFA from the time of Lordaeron, but now I see that top 15 FFA are with positive stats - I didnt think that this is possible :)
Comment #6Fri Sep 23, 2016 01:28 am
you would actually take time out of your day to talk about this pleb ena? sosorrymom for you dude, you didn't do your homework on this kid
Comment #7Fri Sep 23, 2016 13:04 pm
@escapegoat #6 What did you do for wc3 community so far, apart from giving 60% of your opponents freewins, same as your clanleader? Go hate somewhere else kid
Comment #8Sat Sep 24, 2016 02:45 am

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