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This week : WCA S2 - Ting Warcraft Invitational - Win an AT with Tod or Remind!

Published Sun Sep 04, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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WCA S2 - Infi vs Romantic

It took three long months before we could know the name of the Second Chinese player qualified for WCA. After an epic BO5 of Human mirror that went up to the very last game,  Infi overcame  Romantic 3-2.

The VOD can be found here : from the comments I've seen on twitter, especially game 2 and 4 are golden Warcraft level : do not miss those!

Romantic is really reaching stellar levels : young and talented, kinda like Life at the moment, he failed close to his greatest achievement to date. He will compete in the last Chinese Qualifier. This line up will be the final one, no more chance to qualify afterwards! Means that Fly100% or TH000 could fall short, unless they get the wildcard. Others players for the last Qualifiers should be Romantic, Yumiko, WFZ, Life, Colorful,  WFZ and XiaoKK if I am not mistaken. 


Warcraft Ting Invitational - Sept 30th / Oct 22nd

Tod is returning to Warcraft, and he is not just streaming! Few weeks ago, he announced the upcoming Ting Warcraft Invitational tournament with an exciting line up, that could grow with a larger crowfunded prize pool :

Ting Invitational

We might not reach the 6,000 $ necessary to get Moon and others on board but do not worry, many great players are in line to replace those. I've brought my piece and now we get very close to have  Lyn... Come on guys, just give a little more, Lyn is the greatest at the moment!


Win two AT with Remind or Tod

I thought that better to just offer money, it was better to make presents. So I purchased 2 AT with Tod and Remind. You can win those during one of the next Back2Warcraft shoutcast. Which one? I have no idea, just be there, and get lucky!


Comment #1Sun Sep 04, 2016 19:10 pm
Is there any information about NA WCA qualifier????
Comment #2Sun Sep 04, 2016 21:14 pm
Fly or Th000 Romantic, Yumiko, WFZ, Life, Zhou Xixi, Colorfu This guys and one place?!?! omg this will be hearth breaking.The world champion -fly , the best hum iun china - th00+the new star romantic with life , yumiko na wfz . yeyeyeyeyeyeyey.How many wildcards are allowed?
Comment #3Sun Sep 04, 2016 23:06 pm
I need to win these 2 ATS with ToD.
Comment #4Mon Sep 05, 2016 00:50 am
quick edit on the participants: TH000, Yumiko, Romantic Fly100%, XiaoKK WFZ Colorful, Life
Comment #5Mon Sep 05, 2016 02:11 am
@Neo : ty! forgot about Xiaokk... Xixi lost to WFZ in the decisive last matchup for a spot. Note that SirKato offered 2 AT with Yaws, those will be raffled on B2W as well!
Comment #6Mon Sep 05, 2016 21:10 pm
Tell Remind and ToD if they are polite I would also play 2 AT's with them.
Comment #7Mon Sep 05, 2016 23:08 pm
Comment #8Tue Sep 06, 2016 14:57 pm
as always great job ugri, but tell me is it possible to donate for AT with Lyn? I will certainly do it if its possible
Comment #9Wed Sep 07, 2016 02:45 am
thks, you can donate to make him participate, not to at with him... unless i suppose you give a lot I dont know :p
Comment #10Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:58 pm
Why not promote this tournament on netease and chinese websites and get some chinese people to donate, at least to get to 5000$ for Fly, TH and Infi
Comment #11Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:11 am
We.Ted Net ease , season 4 , 2vs 2 98.72% winning rate 77 wins and 1 loose !!!!!! and who said that wc3 is all about micro :D
Comment #12Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:17 am
Comment #10 because you dont want to mess with the chinese governement and it's strict policy about advertising; gambling and so on :)
Comment #13Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:43 am
FIrst on northrend 1200 wins 1 lost 99.8% - hmmm , ok bro :D :D

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