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One week on planet Warcraft : Mo Cup concludes, Lawliet on fire!

Published Sat Aug 27, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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Lawliet on fire - Yaws answers - Mo Cup results analysis - Europe performs at Ifeng - Infi vs Romantic WCA 2016 - GCS International announced

Yaws answers :

Back from Gamescom, he gave his point of view about his forfeit at WCA Europe and WCA in general on his stream (20' and ongoing). 

He then did a deep run to Gera Cup #75, reaching the semi finals after beating  Remind and  Agatha no less. Unfortunately he could not play the semi final against  Lawliet and had to forfeit...

Lawliet wins Twitch Warcraft Champions League #3 :

Lawliet won the major offline Korean tournament of the season ( Moon and  Lyn did not participate), beating  Focus 3-1 in Finals. First prize was about 2,200$. It is his second victory in this event. Last season,he lost in final against... Focus!

Gera Cup #75 :

 Lawliet went on to win the next Gera Cup, beating Imperius, Sonik, Yaws (forfeit) and then Lucifer, conceding only one map to Sonik.

Mo Cup :

Those last two wins made up for  Lawliet disappointing performance in Mo Cup, being eliminated in the group stage after 3 draws to  Romantic,  Th000 and  Lucifer. Th000 still in shape earnt 1500$ for his final victory 4-1 over  Life. Life is confirming his rise to greatness, undefeated in the group stage (2-0 vs  Remind,  Yumiko and  ZDR) then beating  Moon,  Lyn,  Romantic and  Infi.

Mo Cup saw the renaissance of Chinese Humans, having 4 in the last 6.  Yumiko got back into shape a little bit after many early eliminations (Robam, GCS...). The Koreans did not seem very involved and lost early, but I do not believe that  Lyn for instance, really tried his best.

Ifeng Cup #120 : No way!

Since Ifeng decided to cut off 50% of the total prizes, competition is less fierce. In the last 4, we meet  Foggy again as well as 3 newcomers. One of them is the Russian  Sheik. We could have had the 1st ever European final in Ifeng but both of them lost in semi final. 

Hitten by a bamboo stick, Foggy got eliminated and earnt 3rd place. Tournament was won by an unknown Chinese orc whose name means "No Way". No way!

Inkeop Cup #44

To be noticed a small Korean Cup won by  Focus against a new unknown n90, that took out  Lucifer,  Agatha and  Believe!

WCA Qualifiers China S2 : Saturday 9:30 CET

Infi and Romantic will battle Saturday for a spot at WCA! Infi won 2-1 their last face off this weekend during Mo Cup. May the Best Human wins!

GCS International Qualifiers announced!

Save the dates! September 17th and 18th will be held the International Qualifiers for GCS. I hope many will participate (if they are free to go to the playoffs and to go to China in December of course!)   ->  :)


Comment #1Mon Aug 29, 2016 15:18 pm
Comment #2Mon Aug 29, 2016 19:05 pm
so are you going to pick on Yaws for the rest of the year? this is getting kinda old and unprofessional tbh, wipe your tears away and move the fuck on mate.
Comment #3Mon Aug 29, 2016 20:39 pm
im unprofessional????
Comment #4Tue Aug 30, 2016 01:27 am
if the comment #2 is for me, ive been blamed for not asking his opinion so as he commented heavily on the subject, it was only fair that I post his point of view in a visible way.
Comment #5Tue Aug 30, 2016 08:04 am
Lawliet on fire man.He destroyed even Foggy in Gera Cup (200+ ping) 3:0... :)
Comment #6Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:20 am
And what about YAWs man.I kill for wc3 but even I realize that there is more important thing in life.....Yaws was on barbeque party in Sunday.He cannot defeat Lawliet, so why is he supposed to waste time????
Comment #7Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:09 am
Hey, I did not make any comment about that Gera Cup forfeit! :D
Comment #8Tue Aug 30, 2016 17:50 pm
I like Yaws but i think that his behaviour in WCA Qualifications is totally unproffesional and unacceptable,he could say that he cant play and some other player could jump in to fill his place instead of him. There are a lot of guys who wanted to play qualifications and guys which deserved to be invited. If i am admin i would ban players who canceled/couldn't finnish tournaments they started already,first i will issue a warning and after that they will be banned after second time. I think that Yaws is a cool guy tbh but we cant accept and tolerate this kind of things .
Comment #9Tue Aug 30, 2016 18:18 pm
Great updates Ugrilainen! keep em coming!
Comment #10Wed Aug 31, 2016 05:15 am
Please bring up 2on2 Tournaments to W3arena!
Comment #11Wed Aug 31, 2016 07:48 am
TeDWE - net ease ladder - 2vs2 - season 4: Wins:57 Losses:0 !! ;)
Comment #12Tue Sep 06, 2016 15:07 pm
yaws behaviour is totally unacceptable but nothing new, that is to be expected from him
Comment #13Mon Sep 12, 2016 14:43 pm
Nice i really liked it.Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us.

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