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WCA 2016 EU Qualifier | Final Day 3/3

Published Mon Aug 22, 2016 by Mrwhite
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Who is Europe going to send to the WCA 2016? Find out here

Before the announcement, we continue with the 3 last series which include the Winner's Finale, the Loser's Finale and the Grand Finale.

Tension in Winner bracket finals:

 OrcWorker and  Sonik were the two final players in the winner-brackets and they had to decide who would go to China. There was a lot on the line for the both parties and before this game, both players looked strong and in shape.  

After a standard mass talon strategy in game 1 and 2 which tied the score for each player, the Ukrainian Night Elf pulled out a Keeper of the Groove first on Terenas Stand in the final game, Game 3.

With an aggressive Ancient of War in the Orcish base, a lot of pressure was put on the Belarusian, whom handled the situation well. During the midgame, OrcWorker managed to gain sufficient levels on both the Blademaster and the Tauren Chieftain, that would help him in the last fight. The Orcish army handled the Druids of the Talon, Keeper of the Groove, Beastmaster and the level 1 Demon Hunter. Sadly for  Sonik, the strategy did not work out as intended and he had to concede. The win made  OrcWorker the first player qualified for WCA 2016.

Sonik had a second chance to qualify, if he would beat  Foggy in the loser bracket. 

Night-elf mirror speciality:

After a standard bear-mirror in game 1, Sonik decided to continue the great mix up with a Hippogryph Rider strategy. 

Foggy opened with Priestess of the Moon + Huntress, while Sonik went for a solo Demon Hunter. With a well-timed expansion,  Foggy was in favourable position and his army composition was enough to withstand the harassment from Sonik. After desperate attempts to shut down the expansion, the late bears did not come out in time for Sonik, when Foggy marched towards his base. The dream was crushed for  Sonik after great performances in the winner-bracket games.

The grand finale (bo5):

After a whole month of qualifiers and playoffs, we are proud to announce that  Foggy and  OrcWorker are the two European representatives for the WCA 2016.

Both players managed to escape the group stage without losing a single map, but in the playoffs tougher competition was ahead for the two.  OrcWorker took the road through the winner-brackets, where he only managed to loss a single map, namely Echo Isles against  Sonik.

The performance and results that OrcWorker achieved is highly impressive and after the victory against Sonik, we discovered the first player to go to Yinchuan, China. The Belarusian would be the only  Orc player in the entire qualifier since Cash did not participate. 

The loser-bracket monster, Foggy

 OrcWorker would meet the resilent  Foggy, who managed to build an impressive run through the loser-bracket after losing against Hawk in the quarterfinals. After winning Cechi and gaining a def-win from yAwS, the three opponents were: Hawk, Sonik and OrcWorker.

 Foggy was although not to be stopped. Without dropping a single map throughout the entire lower-bracket, the real challenge would be in the grand finale after both players secured a spot in WCA 2016. It was certain that Foggy had build a lot of momentum going into the grand finale.

Talons is not working on Twisted Meadows? 

In the grand finale, Foggy and OrcWorker were competing for the top spot and $7,615 price pool. After the realization that both players were going to China, the eyes were on the top spot and the statement being the strongest player in EU.

Both players won their maps, which were these:

The grand finale format was a best-of-5 and the series ended up going all the way. Both players showed strong play, but it was all to be decided on Twisted Meadows cross-position.  Foggy went for a huntress opening into dryads/talons, where OrcWorker played it standard with evasion creeping the elf. After Foggy stole the last hit from the Gnoll Overseer, a rare glimpse into the emotions of OrcWorker came into play.

After the a poor early game for the Orc,  Foggy capitalised on his advantage and went for a expansion to force the Orc to answer. With a smaller army  OrcWorker did not manage to turn the tides into his favour. The last battle went down close to  Foggys expansion and here the elves were too strong for the green-skinned. OrcWorker typed "gg"

Congratulations to Foggy winning the WCA 2016 EU Qualifier. 

Check out Ugri covering the games before the grand finale!


Brackets & VoDs:




Comment #1Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:27 am
This is an imba screenshot: . But in any case, great article and summary!
Comment #2Thu Aug 25, 2016 21:13 pm
great job for the article and congrats to foggy and orcworker, shoutoit to sonik for all his innovative plays
Comment #3Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:39 pm
Good job Foggy.Im so happy for you :))0 p.s How is the feeling when your biggest money achivement in w3 were the 100 bucks in gera cup.How is this compare with 7,5k dollars :D
Comment #4Fri Aug 26, 2016 15:27 pm
I would say top 3 was expected but I would actually rank sonik #2 and foggy obious #1
Comment #5Fri Aug 26, 2016 15:29 pm
*obvious..not to mention yaws knew he woudlnt stand a chance vs foggy so he fordeited that cuz foggy would rape him
Comment #6Sat Aug 27, 2016 22:46 pm
@rbr.Shorty Kappa

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