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Yo yo yiggity yo : l'm gonna just forfeit that game

Published Fri Aug 19, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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No subject got me to scratch my head so much on how to handle it. Should I treat the forfeits that occured during WCA Europe in an article? Yes definetly, this was a major element of the tournament. But how?

I came to this conclusion : if I treat the subject in the tournament coverage, it will overshadow the rest of it. 3 more articles will be posted during the weekend to talk about the exploits of Foggy, Orcworker, Sonik, Wan and others!

I do not intend to offend any of the forfeiters fanbase here. I will try to be humorous! But facts are facts, the first one being :

25% dropping rate :

Well done Europe! From a starting rooster of 16 players, we counted 4 forfeits. Except in Sheik's case, those got me worried. What happened? There are a few valid reasons to drop this way from the major event of the year : family drama, car accident or being eaten alive by a giant worm are the only one I can think of.


I've read some offended comments about WCA 2015, when called our 5 representants "tourists". This was not written in a harsh way I think but still, Europe is full of amateurs players (meaning not living profesionnally from esport) and China overlooked them, especially Warchief and obviously Yaws. 

To be considered by professionals, you need to behave as one. How many Chinese players dropped from S1 and S2 qualifiers? How many Koreans? None. Europe should reach this level of dedication when involved in international events. I hope we will get there, with the likes of Foggy, Orcworker, Hawk and many others, we certainly will.

Now I'd like to throw a few puns. I hope we can laugh about it.

Cashing out :

I was thinking right after Yaws left us hanging : what if Gamescom took place a few days before? We could have had Arabrams in the last 8! He lost during the last round of the open qualifiers to Cash. I did not quite follow Cash's excuse to drop out, maybe something serious happened? Just like that Cash was out..why did you try to qualify then? We were excited to see Cash vs Foggy.

Sheik, Sheik... Shake it up!

After heavily losing to Foggy and Yaws, Sheik and Arabrams were to meet in Group D loser's bracket. But Sheik just gave up, thinking that whatever happened in that game, the winner would lose to Yaws in the next round. That is probably true : who cares??

What did Sheik tried to qualify for? Yes WCA 2016. And there are the best European players there. You have been invited at their table, just enjoy the moment! Look at Shadai, taking two maps out of Hawk : that is awesome Warcraft. Nobody would blame you for losing, but not even trying? 

This way, Arabrams played Yaws in Group D loser's bracket final. And If Yaws had forfeited then, what the hell would have happened next? Maybe Arabrams is a sorcerer of dark magic, forcing his opponents into resignation? Anyway Arabrams, much respect to you for stepping up.

Because I'm Happy :

Happy was THE sensation of the 8 invitations announcement. We could guess the other 7 but seeing Happy there man, it was just so exciting. My Chinese Wc3 friend group was all hyped about seeing Happy compete again. I was very curious too : was Happy finally decided to get back into full competition mode? He has been streaming a lot "Grubby's style" (large audience, many ladder games) but also played in the weekly Gera Cups. So this was a defining moment.

When I heard he renounced I thought "well, maybe he did not feel completely ready". Then I read that it was because he could not use his own stream during the competition and I just facepalmed myself.

Just allowing official streams during competitions at high level is normal. Sponsors are there and the organizers want to control the quality of the broadcast. It's not because you're Happy that they are going to change the rules. Infi and friends follow the same rules. But because you are Happy, you should have just entertained your very large audience of Wc3 nostalgics and aficionados.

That was disappointing but at least it did not disturb the whole grid since Happy did not play a single game. Cechi stepped in and played well, end of story. I still believe that your audience would have loved to watch you on Havoline or B2W channels. And your successes would have made your own channel grow as a consequences. 

Cinderella goes AWOL :

Yaws sudden withdrawal from LB round 2 is more serious and controversial on all levels. When he made his run during WCA 2015 up to the grand finals no less, I was on my 1 year Warcraft break. So I did not follow it live.  But I was in Shanghai when Foggy was beating  Lyn in May, listening to Neo simultaneously. The passion was so high that I nearly cried, so did Neo. And Neo said the only time he felt so much emotion casting was during Yaws' run at WCA that he called "the Cinderella Story" with reasons.

I emphasize this so you guys understand the emotion that this game can create, just like in any other sport. And the disappointment when you feel let down.

Since WCA 2015 Yaws went to explore others games and opportunities, and that is just fair. His return to WCA was also very anticipated even if he was not considered a favorite. He played very well, then just left due to contractual obligations to another game that he did not disclose prior to enlisting into WCA Europe. I do not know what was the plan behind his decision to commit to two simultaneous events. He will probably explain himself after Gamescom.

This decision was a big blow into the organization, to the fans, the casters and to a tournament that helped him shine to international recognition. Basically it was just sad and must have been frustrating for WarchiefRich who got sent to the Lower Bracket in a very close serie, by somebody who just dropped the next round.

I guess overall my message with this article would be this one : be reliable and responsible when you commit to an event, especially in an International one. In Asia you rarely get to not respect an engagement, this is too embarassing. During GCS Fall prequalifiers, 16 players qualified, including 2 Europeans Foggy and Anima. But Anima dropped out instantly, because he was not available to play during the group stages the following days. He knew it before registering and was the only one to drop out : you see my point?

I will now move onto more exciting subjects, ie the coverage of the full grid.

With Much Love,



Comment #1Fri Aug 19, 2016 20:30 pm
Comment #2Fri Aug 19, 2016 20:32 pm
Happy should stick to sc2 and yaws acted like a biggest fag in the universe!
Comment #3Fri Aug 19, 2016 20:44 pm
#2 and future posters : this article is not made for flaming, please refrain from doing that (if you want to, go on reddit). This article is not about one player in particular, it is a general attitude. I will try not to answer to all and any comments here but please, discuss like grown ups.
Comment #4Fri Aug 19, 2016 20:59 pm
As I wrote on Reddit, the exact same players (Cash and Yaws, together with Ciara) disappeared in the middle of the Race Wars tournament. Additionally, Happy refused to participate for extremely ambiguous reasons, stating that the tournament schedule might interfere with his streaming schedule, although he was given full freedom to stream all of his games. Hence, I had mixed feelings about what happened at the WCA qualis. From one side, it is extremely disappointing that players would act like this, but from the other side I was kind of oddly satisfied that everyone was able to see that Race Wars's not-too-great end result was not a matter of bad organization or lack of trying, but simply because there are people that do not keep their word. I can write a whole book about my experience organizing Race Wars, but I guess at this point I would just like to thank all the players that really took part in the event seriously and were doing their best to cooperate in its smooth running. I believe same respect is due for the players that did the same at WCA (in fact, most of the players in the two events were the same).
Comment #5Fri Aug 19, 2016 21:35 pm
This game is old, be happy that some guys are still playing it seriously on high level, cause they earn nearly nothing by doing it. We as some casual gamers and some fckg tryhards have the opportunity to watch them playing such a great game like wc3, be glad for it. 3 of the TOP Player who played 24/7 the last months were in top 3, sonik, foggy and worker and they were the only one i was interested to watch them play. who cares about some ex-pros who are not earning enough to care about this game like yaws etc and to be honst who cares about seeing some fcking tryhards like sheik etc who are playing 24/7 but without any talent in wc3. no hate for them, just fact
Comment #6Fri Aug 19, 2016 22:47 pm
Well written article that touches upon the important themes I think, and makes the most important distinction. We can be dissapointed in Yaws' decision to play WCA with no intention of seeing it through to the end without saying he's a terrible human being or getting up in arms about it. I truly do believe he did not treat this appropriately, if he already knew he had a commitment and didn't intend to continue playing WCA he shouldn't have entered it at all. However, he's done so much for the WC3 EU scene as a whole, and one poor choice doesn't undo that.
Comment #7Sat Aug 20, 2016 00:18 am
agree with #2, yaws acted like a spoiled brat, never liked him anyways, his attitude, his behavior...typical spoiled brat
Comment #8Sat Aug 20, 2016 07:35 am
but the organizers still - most of the times - lick the asses of the unreliable primadonnas... i wanna see if these guys - especially mr.yaws - will be able to participate next time or will get invited - even directly - to brackets of big tours. just look at team orc of race war - i am not saying i should have been included - shame. then qualification to wca, i played agasint cash, than cash played aganst arabrams... if there is no cash mb i won arabrams... but in a way it is a fucked up community, the "big pros" are favoured every time... even tho they dont give a flying fuck about the community. these are the results WP.
Comment #9Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:09 am
Well interesting article, you kind of have a point and in general I'd say I agree with you... Still one or the other thought that occured to me in favor of them: They are the best players. For these big tournaments you want to see the best players compete. Now if things come up that they consider to be more important, are they not allowed to do it, because the fact that they are the best warcraft 3 players in Europe forces them to play, altough maybe for them warcraft 3 has not that much importance at the moment? For Cash I think his behaviour was completely fair... he didn't compete at all and that's definetely fine in my opinion. Happy's decision is harder to understand for me, and you explained very good why... Now Sheik's decision... Yeah it is a bit sad, but the same as he has the right to decide wether or not compete in a tournament he also has the right to decide when he will finish playing it... after all: These tournaments are a big time investment for the players and altough we the fans might absolutely enjoy watching warcraft for hours, there also people that don't like to "waste" 4-5 hours per day in order to play maybe 1 hour and a half actively and the rest of the time waiting around. That's actually quite an important thing because we should not forget: We call them Pro-gamers but European warcraft players are far from being professionals like the chinese or korean players that you mentioned. Nobody can seriously tell me that any European player be it Yaws (yeah yeah he got WCA prize money... but apart from that...),WarschiefRich, Foggy or even Hawk can make a living out of playing Warcraft nowadays. 50 bucks Gera Cup a week will not pay your bills... Chinese and Koreans can live of Warcraft... at least some. So since there is not a real "professionalism" how can we expect a professional discipline? I mean sure some players have it, but I think it's normal that not everybody is so dedicated to Warcraft at the moment (well let's be realistic and the future). So to Yaws' decision: I didn't like it but it's really not that difficult for me to accept it. Sure I would have loved to see him play. Sure I would have loved to see him go to WCA. Sure I was a bit disappointed. But if he hadn't played the community would discuss now why the Finalist of last year did not compete at all at the tournament and did not at least try to go to WCA trough the winners bracket. Which is what he did. And I think it's kind of an okay compromise he made, in terms of trying to invest time into warcraft and at the same time keeping his contractual obligations. (And now I will be hated by all the community-love Idealistics)A contract generally involves money as well (I don't know that for sure of course :-p but let's be realistic...)and you can make the link here with my previous argument... So yeah from the point of view as a fan i think it was a bit of an unfortunate decision but to some extent from a more "realistic" point of view I really get it. Last but not least: Let's not forget that we actually have two worthy WCA contestants! Foggy and Orcworker are in the shape of their lives and I honestly don't think that these players not forfeiting would have changed much. Sure Yaws is always up to surprise but I don't see him beating Foggy in the next round... at least not at the moment, also having in mind that probably Foggy prepared at lot more as well (only speculation I don't know how much anybody of these two prepared...). So since 2 players qualified who really deserved it: does it really matter you forfeited and who not? PS: Still props to Abrams who really showed up!
Comment #10Sat Aug 20, 2016 13:16 pm
good writeup. Bad attitude from some of the players to drop out
Comment #11Sat Aug 20, 2016 13:24 pm
@iRelyOnCrits: note that Race Wars happened *before* WCA Qualis, and not vice versa. The factors that were taken into account when inviting players for Race Wars included (among a myriad of others) - the overall popularity of the player among the community, the overall perception of the community about the player (i.e. it should be positive), skill level based on recent tournament results. Grubby and Happy refused to play. Everybody else who was signed up AGREED to play. Based on the behaviour of the mentioned players, I doubt they will ever get invitations again to tournaments organized by Clan Run Bi7ch Run, which could open space for players like you. Obviously, we wanted to invite as many players as possible for the tournament (a total of 25 players took part in the event!), but it's impossible to include everybody. In any case, Race Wars should have been an important signal to the WCA organizers about things that might happen.
Comment #12Sat Aug 20, 2016 18:48 pm
@kiwisdontfly : nice write up and thank you for commenting. I disagree with the repeated argument "China/Korea are living professionnally out of Wc3, European do not make money out of it so they can throw the event away and do what they want" (I heard that before). 1st, there is money. Some people in China decided it would be good in 2016 to give 15,000 $ to European players so they can Warcraft 3. This should be respected. 2nd, not all of the China/Korea players that played WCA are living professionally out of WC3, that is not true. Only two players have sponsors in China (Infi / Fly), in Korea I am just sure about Moon. The rest of their income is from streaming and prize money. Last Chinese qualifiers there was a player, name Fantafiction, who took beating after beating and ended 0-3 /0-6. He did not forfeit. In Korea, you do not think that guys like Minhyuk or Bany are making fortunes out of WC3. For Cash no excuse sorry, "having no time" is not an excuse after qualifying. It indeed created some trouble because WCA had to find a replacement and decided to go with the one he beat last AKA Arabrams, and many other players complained that there should have been another way to decide (mini tournament between the last 8 eliminated last round). Cash basically did like Anima did in GCS, involving in something while he had no time to play afterwards. Unless he had time but found his group too tough (he dropped not long after the announcement, he was to play Yaws and Foggy). This is just not serious, and I hope it will change. I just think Asians care more about their reputation and image, in Europe we are still at the "no big deal" stage. If we stay at this stage, I am just afraid that no more Asian people will be willing to organize things in Europe, and that European players starts to get barred from playing into online tournaments like GCS.
Comment #13Sun Aug 21, 2016 21:15 pm
They quit because they realized that it is impossible to go to top 3.Maybe it is an ego encounter, but appart from Yaws- others are not intresting.Yaws is not commited to the game.IT is his choice
Comment #14Mon Aug 22, 2016 15:41 pm
passionelf should be invited
Comment #15Mon Aug 22, 2016 15:41 pm
should have been
Comment #16Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:03 am
need invite insup next time

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