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A day of WCA with B2W : when Lyn made history

Published Sun Aug 14, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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We all know how lucky we are to have Neo and Remo around, preserving and promoting the European Warcraft scene since 2014, with only their passion as a weapon. They pulled out quite the performance to give us the best WCA coverage possible, on both China vs Korea clan war and WCA Europe Qualifiers.

I was talking with Neo just when he learnt that they would not go to Russia. His mood was down for an evening or so, and the next day he was full of motivation again, looking for a studio in Germany. "We do not want to shoutcast from our living-rooms" as he said.

In a couple of days, they came out with to the awesome result we all witnessed, with a perfect timing with the history of the game as  Lyn just had the gaming day of his life, a performance to be remembered for years.

Lyn 6-0 China

Let's start with China vs Korea. Remo and Neo needed to start streaming at 8 AM sharp, so they get up early to reach Hambourg in due time. Screenshooting them for the first time of the day, they looked not quite awake yet. Thanksfully, Lyn would wake them up!

Day 6 of China vs Korea CW consisted in a King of the Hill mode, the winning team getting 10 points by beating the 5 opponents + 1 revival of their choice.

During the 1st game, TH000 made a quick work of Remind. TH000 was a huge favorite and used a tinker / tower rush strategy on Echo Isles to deny any leveling of the warden. In the end, this game did not really matter because Team Korea was throwing their ace card  Lyn into the arena.

It is interesting to notice that Lyn was used only in the 2v2 games during days 1-5 , winning all encounters with his mate Check. Lyn ended the whole event undefeated (he may play during day 7 and lose but we would not take that into account will we?). Day 7 will be played for fun only as China cannot catch up with Korea anymore.

  • Lyn vs Th000

So for his first solo, Lyn chose Ancient Isles to face  TH000. TH000 chose to go on a one base strategy and was overwhelmed by the orcish forces. China had lost what could have been their best asset.

  • Lyn vs Life

China then decided to send the rookie Life into the battle. From now on, all of  Lyn opponents would have map choice : Life picked Last Refuge. Life had some decent results against orcs, beating Lyn 2-0 in June (Robam Boss of Warcraft). He had beaten Focus in an earlier stage of the event 2-1. But this was Lyn's day and the Orc ended with an expo running while taking out Life's ToL.

  • Lyn vs Infi

Not easy now for China to decide who to send next. Captain Infi decided to take the matter in his own hands on Terenas Stand. Like Th000 earlier, he chose not to expand and went on a mass casters strategy instead. He seemed confused on what to do, feeling like trying to tower rush Lyn on T2, then retracted seeing how prepared was the orc. Lyn had a watch tower ready (but Infi had a ward in his main so he should not have been surprised...), he also made a single wyvern that harassed Infi in his base. He battled the caster army a long draining fights from his base to the middle of the map. About to run out of mana and potions, he built a shop right there, mid map, while fighting. Lyn had the perfect answers to everything. Infi tried to be innovative too with a Bloodmage second, to no avail.

  • Lyn vs 120

Situation gets tricky for China with only  120 and  Fly100% standing. Last time they met, 120 won 2-0 in May at GCS while Fly lost all his last encounters (1-2 at ROBAM, 1-2 at GCS Fall qualifiers, 0-2 at PGL). 120 steps in but game pauses after a few minutes due to some hotkeys issues on the Chinese player's end. Lyn was to use a Far Seer  / fast tech strategy. Not troubled by the rehosting of the game, he just changed his plans totally and picked the remaining 3 others heroes (BM SH TC) and won quite easily honestly. Nothing can break his concentration, just take a look at this illusion / fiend block.

  • Lyn vs Fly100% 1 & 2

China's situation gets really dramatic now. Only  Fly is left. He was really underused in solo, played once and won against  Lawliet. They chose to use him in 2v2  but got beaten thrice against  Lyn and  Check, only winning once against Focus and Remind. Probably a waste of ressources right there, and a mismanagement.

As stated earlier, Fly is not the favorite here when we consider their previous encounters and also the current shape of Lyn that is just crushing through all the opposition, against all odds. But Fly is the World Champion, the last step is not a meaningless one.

Also note that if Fly would win this game (on the map he chose), he would only have one risky opponent to face ( Lawliet) as Check and Focus are no match for him. Then he would go to play Korea revival, probably Lyn once more. All this to say, China's chances were still alive, but they were all into Fly's hands. And he provided. He always does. He lost both games but OMG they are worth watching. 1st Game on TM was very close, and Lyn may have won thanks to the vamp aura item he got early on. Talking about creeping, check his golem creep on the laboratory, with a clever shop placement.

 Lyn made history yesterday, winning 6 games in a row against the Chinese elite! And what about Korea, that played without Moon? China had some missing top players too, but none of them would have beaten Lyn I fear. In the end, a well deserved victory for Korea that also showed so much team spirit during the whole event. These guys are not only teamates, they are friends! 

Just look how chill Lyn was in between games :

WCA Europe Qualifiers - Group C

The day was not over for our favorite shoutcasters. They went on to shoutcast Group C games of WCA Europe Qualifiers. First game was Cechi against The Mask. A little disappointed by The Mask to be honest. Not because he lost 0-4 overall, not because he sacrificed his DH right away in Cechi's base for his first game. This was his first major event and we understand the pressure that it can cause. I was just disappointed because he decided to not send a picture of himself for the presentation chart, while he could have just sent this one :

Would have been hilarious and would have preserved his identity! 

Anyway, I have to admit I did not see all games. They all ended on a 2-0 score, which is not ideal for suspense.  HLA delivered against  Orcworker with a lot of pressure early on and being innovative : playing ghouls, sending two of them to deny shop, adding a naga... Unfortunately his heroes never had invul potions. And Orcworker micro was on top, he never lost his BM. Reaching mid game, Orcworker was taking the upper hand and qualified for the final.

I did not see the rest of the bracket. Talking to  Cechi, he said that as Undead mirror is his best matchup, he was lucky to have to beat an Undead to reach the top 8. He will have to face Sonik the next round while Orcworker will play against  Wan. Sonik and Orcworker are the huge favorites there but who knows?

After 9 hours of streaming, Neo and Remo were quite exhausted. No time to rest as day 7 of China vs Korea and Group D are to be casted today. Oh well the stream just went on, time to log on and follow Back2Warcraft on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook!

That was my first ever article not being on site. But with Neo and Remo, we always feel like we are there!


Comment #1Sun Aug 14, 2016 09:18 am
u know guys... what about WFZ, ZDR and XiXi? ty
Comment #2Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:17 am
WFZ did not have a win against a world class player for months. Life has beaten WFZ and Xixi regularly, including durin WCA S3 open qualifiers. ZDR is quite irregular.
Comment #3Sun Aug 14, 2016 15:31 pm
Hey Ugri, nice article! keep up the good work.
Comment #4Mon Aug 15, 2016 16:09 pm
hello .. I dont find the game "Lyn vs Fly100%" on the twitch B2W videos .. can someone give me the link please ???
Comment #5Mon Aug 15, 2016 16:58 pm
Balance Lyn plz...
Comment #6Mon Aug 15, 2016 17:02 pm
#4 two last games are vs Fly, starting about 03:23:00 what i can say is that both games were awesome, Neo and Remo + all the staff around, keep the good work going! greets, Show
Comment #7Mon Aug 15, 2016 17:24 pm
Thank you man !
Comment #8Mon Aug 15, 2016 17:25 pm
Thks Pinball, nice to see some FFA love
Comment #9Mon Aug 15, 2016 17:27 pm
#7 your welcome :)
Comment #10Tue Aug 16, 2016 18:23 pm
Great Article Ugri
Comment #11Sun Aug 21, 2016 17:16 pm
ANY suggestion wich hotkeys program i can use|??
Comment #12Fri Aug 26, 2016 15:17 pm
holyyyyyyyyyyyyy shietttt china should have somehow ban lyn from playing 1v1!! like 2v2 where lyn and check were unbeaten isnt enough??? but lyn rekt the entire china by himself what an outstanding performance
Comment #13Fri Aug 26, 2016 15:19 pm
the game on tm vs fly was the best orc mirror Ive seen since the legendary game between grubby and zacard

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