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Race Wars is back!

Published Tue Jun 28, 2016 by Mrwhite
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The classical tournament Race Wars is back to determine which race is the strongest! The winning team will be awarded with a price pool of 200 euros! But which players will determine the strongest race? Update, 5th player for each team has been annouced! hereby present the Clan Wars 2016 organised and sponsored by the Bulgarian clan Run Bi7ch Run (rbr). The Race Wars is a classic tournament concept, where selected players will represent their main race to defeat their rival races and show which one is the strongest. 

But which race is the strongest? This question has always been asked within the community and this tournament will be provide a great response to this. This tournament will only include European players, and the four races will be represented by the best available players. The tournament brings back memories to WCReplays Race Wars and GG-Game Race Wars, that divides the community into cheering on their own main race!

The tournament will take place between 2 July - 23 of July, where all the games will be played on W3Arena!

Tournament structure

Five players will represent their respectable races, where 4 of the players are invited by the organizers and one player is chosen by the community via voting.

The structure of the clanwars will be the NGL-style elimination style, which means that if a player losses a game - he is eliminated and cannot participate in the match anymore. A team wins the match, when all of the enemy players are eliminated (i.e. when they win 5 games). This also means that one player can perform an all-kill - where he eliminates all of the enemy players, for this occasion the organizer will provide a special bonus of 50 euro to players who manage to achieve such a feat.

Only the starting player for each match is pre-determined. The respective teams and players are in full control of the order of players.


  • Amazonia
  • Ancient Isles
  • Echo Isles
  • Last Refuge
  • Nomad Isles
  • Turtle Rock
  • Twisted Meadows

The starting map of the first game will be determined via veto. Each of the two players will veto 3 maps until one map is left. After this game, no vetoes are allowed throughout any subsequent games in the match. This means, that the non-starting players can choose any map from the mappool.

The winning race will be awarded with the pricepool of 200 euros

Teams and the players:

Human (Team Towah Powah)

Night Elf (Team DraydBear)

Orc (Team ChopChop)

Undead (Team CoilNovaGG)

The fifth player

The community can decide which fifth player will represent their main race. The voting can be done with this link below. 

Who should be the fifth player for each race? You decide!

The results are in - the 4 players are: TGW, sh0wtime, Arma and Shadai


Only the following pre-approved casters will be allowed in-game to stream live:

Run Bi7ch Run Caster Team(s):
 Bulgaria Shorty (Nyagoslav Zhekov)
 Bulgaria GodFather (Valentin Atanasov)
 Bulgaria LeX (Hristo Stoev)

Back2Warcraft Caster Team(s):
 Germany Neo (Jannes Tjarks)
Germany remodemo (Remo Rimmel)
Germany yAwS (Marc Forster)

woLv (Andrey Tokmakov)

Other casters may apply before the start of the tournament. All replays will be made available after the end of the tournament.

More information:




Comment #1Tue Jun 28, 2016 19:43 pm
GO Rosenkill!! and I have to say the orc team is amazing!
Comment #2Tue Jun 28, 2016 21:16 pm
To be honest i tend to question your choices for players elfs no sonik undead seems like full clown free win team also maybe consider adding stronger players up there like cechi.
Comment #3Tue Jun 28, 2016 21:52 pm
where is chechi my man?Only ud hope....sonic deserves a place at least in voting.I even dont know some of the ud and elf players in voting but i like clan wars :)))
Comment #4Tue Jun 28, 2016 22:06 pm
sonik should be instead of passion in elf team... and what is this undead team lol they will lose 0:5 vs every race, you should tried to invite Happy at least so ud have a chance
Comment #5Tue Jun 28, 2016 22:22 pm
The organisers can updated in the Reddit thread: "As a number of people asked about players that are not included in the tournament, here is a summary of the reasons: - Sonik - not to participate is entirely his decision as he was an invited player. However, he put the condition that the sponsor of the tournament sends the money to B2W.Neo. The sponsor agreed to do that, but unfortunately, Neo has been unreachable since 17 June. Thus, we have been unable to ask him if he would agree to accept the money and then to distribute them to the winners (which is not a very small thing to ask for). Thus, the condition Sonik set could not be fulfilled. - ThomasG, Saturn, Drakensang, and Xelsing are busy in July. - Grubby, Happy, and Tod declined the offer." This might answer a lot of questions.
Comment #6Tue Jun 28, 2016 22:56 pm
Ente, Wan and havoline are all very good! GO undead and orcs!!
Comment #7Tue Jun 28, 2016 23:24 pm
also i guess a great idea would be for people to offer their own candidate for the vote like the 4th option of writing the players name they would like to see as the 5th player
Comment #8Wed Jun 29, 2016 00:36 am
maybe add paladyn to vote for elf team
Comment #9Wed Jun 29, 2016 07:35 am
add prado and sokol in orc team for vote, i saw they streamed.
Comment #10Wed Jun 29, 2016 08:22 am
ud team so weak! also +1 for candidate and vote
Comment #11Wed Jun 29, 2016 08:58 am
It is not some surprise to see Undeads weakest :)) Im ud and Im bulgarian too.I'm glad to see tournaments sponsored by bulgarians.Gogo LEx
Comment #12Wed Jun 29, 2016 09:02 am
I'm glad to see too, that this is only european tour.If it was not, Lawliet would kill them all :D +50+50+50 euro bonus :) :)
Comment #13Wed Jun 29, 2016 09:22 am
Well... the Undead team is too week for this competition.. I guess that you can invite Happy? He seems to be the strongest Undead player in Europe these days.
Comment #14Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:18 am
sonic is 3rd on net ease omfg
Comment #15Thu Jun 30, 2016 00:18 am
none from the orc team is known, who are they ?
Comment #16Thu Jun 30, 2016 14:25 pm
Worker is the best orc in europe, Cash oldschool player for orcs, Cooper #2 rank in w3arena.
Comment #17Thu Jun 30, 2016 16:11 pm
Strongest to weakeast: Elf - Strong players all round no weak link Orc - Worker, Cash, Cooper can beat everyone but ciara is weak link HUman - Very close behind orc, strong all round .. imperius not as strong tho Ud - Weakest by quite a lot, no cechi or machiavelli
Comment #18Thu Jun 30, 2016 19:56 pm
thats strange where is the king of orcs... crrpt -.-'
Comment #19Fri Jul 01, 2016 19:52 pm
cechi and happy may be busy, but they definitely belong in the ud team. :-)
Comment #20Sat Jul 02, 2016 14:22 pm
Maybe after this they should make 4 Mirror wars tournaments
Comment #21Sat Jul 02, 2016 17:48 pm
what kind of elf team without sonik is this
Comment #22Sat Jul 02, 2016 17:53 pm
besides that, they dont even need him since foggy can easy allkill. Should be easy win for elf or human team this is very obvious unless cash or worker have something against it
Comment #23Tue Jul 05, 2016 13:21 pm
Comment #24Tue Jul 05, 2016 13:47 pm
Elf:Ud 5:1 hahahah
Comment #25Thu Jul 07, 2016 23:33 pm
Go Go Ciara GL HF
Comment #26Sat Jul 09, 2016 19:49 pm
like I said in #22... foggy vs orc team 5-0 lol

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