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Yumiko and WFZ : Heal the World!

Published Sat May 28, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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With a series of articles, W3arena will try to make you feel the atmosphere of the Golden Championship Series S2 and help you get to know the Asian players better.

"They all said that HU/UD could not work in 2v2. We showed them better after we beat Infi/Th000 and qualified for GCS." 

After their qualifications for the Final (2-1 victory over ZhouXixi and Fly100%) I went to congratulate them. Yumiko just winked and smiled, saying "HU/UD not that bad right?"

Conditions of the interview(s)

Note : we met many times and shared many meals.

When : the most structured interview was on Group B day 2, after their fratricidal game (Yumiko went on to the playoffs by eliminating WFZ). It was broadcasted live to 5,300 viewers!

Where : my hotel room

How : Chatwin is my friend, and he is Yumiko's friend. Easy right? He translated everything in Mandarin.

Wow already 1k viewers? Does it works with girls as well, you snap your fingers and 1k are coming?

Unfortunately, only men are coming /laughs/. Shall we go?

Yeah yeah, trying to organize things a bit... Let's go!

After winning NWL last week (NWL link) do you feel more confident to perform well in big events?

/Laughs/ No, not at all!. There are too many factors to be considered during an offline tournament, luck is one of them. Anything can happen really... 

Having the most confidence does not win tournaments. At the end of the day, the one winning a tournament probably did not expect to win at all!

How are you so good vs UD? You seem always in control and even vs WFZ after a bad start in Game 1 you managed to get back into the game and win?

WFZ is sitting close to me so I apologize to him for the question and he smiles

It is normal in the HU/UD matchup to be in a defensive position at the start of the game. You have to protect your expansion. But you will get the advantage late game.

In the old days HU would go MK first and go fast T3. It would appear like you had an advantage early game but you lost this advantage late game. 

Tell us about your friendship. You seem very close?

In 2013 WC3 was at the bottom : players retired, no more tournaments..  WFZ wanted to give up but I encouraged him to keep playing, with the help of Qiaolin (ED a WC3 streamer). That is the origin of our friendship.

What is the difference between the scene now and before?

WFZ : Now there are less talented players to focus on, so you can study them better to counter them better.

Yumiko : Now players really behave like professional sport players. They bring more entertainment to the fans with the streaming. It is more interactive, like we are doing today. (ie streaming brings income to the players as well as provide nice entertainment. Players are professional 24/7).

What do you know about the European Wc3 scene?

WFZ : I do not know much about it...

Yumiko : (knows more about it thanks to some tournaments he played versus Europeans) . It is impressive to see the passion in Europe, there are many small tournaments being organized for a nice amount of money (ie Gera Cups...). Unfortunately, the best European players do not have many opportunities to play in the biggest WC3 tournaments like there are in Asia.

The lack of a very competitive environment is the problem for Europeans to become even stronger.

Who do you think is the best European player at the moment?

Both hesitating and laughing : The best would be Grubby?

I meant now !

Both : Hawk

Why, because he plays human ^^?

Yumiko : Hawk. It is very hard for a European player to deliver these very good performance on a regular basis. Even without a competitive environment in Europe. And he has a very positive attitude.


How do you prepare for your solo competition?

WFZ : I practiced on the ladder. Now it is hard to find a specific player of a specific race to train with since there are less players and I would not want to disclose too many information about my play.

Yumiko : I have been training but if I practice too much, my opponents will know too much about my play. I prefer to practice less, just need to find a balance between practicing without giving too much information and staying in shape. I think a lot about the game, about new strategies and then try to implement them. (Note : he told me before that studying and thinking about the game were more important than practicing).

Neo @B2W want to know why you did not make Gryphons against Fly100% on MV ?

This strategy does not work anymore, Orcs know how to counter it now very easily. Orcs win 95% of the time. After a patch that changed the armor of (the gryphon??), it cannot work anymore.

How do you think the game should be balanced?

-> We talked about it at dinner so we skipped that question. He did not fill the form Blizzard sent. Mostly, he thinks that each player filling it will be biased to promote his own race and not really try to balance the game, creating more imbalance.

Best would be to add new elements to the game (heroes, items, units...), basically making an extension to the Frozen Throne! His article : Yumiko article : views on patching

Can you tell us about your 2v2 tournament? 

Before we trained our HU/UD team, everybody thought that it was not a good combination so nobody ever did train this combo. We had nobody to learn from so we just came up with new strategies.

We train on the ladder and there are some small tournaments in China for 100 or 200 RMB. In Europe you play those for 100 or 200 Euros! /laughs/

Yes in Europe, many WC3 fans donate to organize tournaments for such amounts. I wish Chinese players could join those tournaments!

Chatwin : We should ask about their qualifications to the 2v2 tournament really. They faced Infi and Th000 and apparently they would have said on their stream "WFZ Yumiko? How could we lose against such a team really?". /Big laugh from everybody/

Was it a joke?

Chatwin : 60% a joke maybe...

Yumiko : HU/UD was never used and we wanted to bring something new. Create new strategies. Infi/Th000 did not believe they could lose against such a combination.

In WC3 you need to be dedicated. Never give up. Try to bring something new and make the impossible happen.

Me to Chatwin : Yes I felt as such all day long talking to them, they always try to improve and bring new content to the game. They just don't sit and do the same thing all the time.

Chatwin : Yes they try to make the world a better place! (starts to sing Michael Jackson, Heal the World...). Then he says nice things about me and W3Arena. I repeat the fan I am of WFZ. 

Yumiko says goodbye the 5.3k viewers watching. Check the video below to see how it went!

How did we come up to do this interview?

After having dinner twice that night (9:30 pm then again 11:30 pm because they were still hungry!) we were returning to the hotel. Yumiko suggests to do an interview in my room. I thought "why not, cool!". But then he explains that we would stream it live to his audience, as it is 1AM there should be only about 5k viewers...

Those who know me know I have not followed the solo scene for a long time. I am the FFA guy. Sure, I worked my knowledge of what is happening now, but I do not know much about the history of the solo scene.

I am walking towards the hotel anxiously sending SOS to W3arena news group (Neo, IISM, MrWhite, Hightac, Shad...). Damn, I am live in 10 minutes to 5k viewers, help me!!

Within a few minutes, I get a nice series of insights and questions. Yumiko has set up his computer and the stream has started. Already 1k viewers are waiting.

WFZ has fans?:

Yumiko has just eliminated WFZ (Group B LB final 2-0). We join them on stage, they are discussing their games. Nothing can break their friendship, certainly not one eliminating the other.

We reach the car to go back to the hotel. I want to tell to WFZ how much I am a fan of the way he plays. He was one of the rare solo players I knew since I saw him once on B2W stream last year (which event, I do not know!). I knew WFZ but not Yumiko then. WFZ is embarrassed, "really, me??". Yumiko laughs. WFZ does not seem to believe that somebody would be a fan of him!  

Some pictures of Yumiko : 

Making of the B2W Commercial Break video :

I promised I would bring many B2W videos to Neo but it was harder than I thought... Some did not want (like Lyn), and I did not have much time! After the interview I totally forgot about it! The next day, they agreed to come back to the room to do it and take some pictures. I have some bloopers as well. We had a great time!

I really grew very fond of them. You cannot help but root for them! Them winning their 2v2 2-1 just after Foggy won 2-1 against Lyn on my last day at GCS got me quite emotional! It felt like the FIFA World Cup victory to me. It was so perfect that I did not want to leave... but it was time to go...

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that maybe you became their supporter too or even more so! They deserve it!

Yumiko stream channel :

WFZ stream channel : quanmintv/v/wfz

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Comment #1Sat May 28, 2016 05:25 am
I would appreciate a following on my own twitter channel as well : Thank you!
Comment #2Sat May 28, 2016 17:02 pm
yumiko such a nice and cool guy. great job ugri, if I had a twitter acc I sure would be following you
Comment #3Sat May 28, 2016 18:30 pm
Amazing interview, very insightful. Good job Ugri!
Comment #4Sat May 28, 2016 23:08 pm
Greetings from Satiini
Comment #5Sat May 28, 2016 23:17 pm
As Lyn said , b2w videos are very weird indeed :D shame Lyn didnt do it Btw I wanted to say- SK players dont know about EU players at all, almost. I mean yeah, they are not that good as SK and Chine ones but cmon do you have internet??? You are not North Korea ffs you can watch the tournaments every weekend plus there are SK players every time in them? Kinda annoying I must admit to dont know such a things.... I know every god damn average Korean and Chinese player from 2004. and they dont know guys from EU right now..
Comment #6Sun May 29, 2016 01:57 am
They cant watch twitch and join w3a due to chinese Firewall so how can they Follow european Scene, its Not that easy
Comment #7Sun May 29, 2016 02:54 am
Is there a way to get these replays by chance? My best friend and I play UD/Hu !
Comment #8Sun May 29, 2016 19:15 pm
Yumiko and WFZ are really nice! And they did the commercial break video!!
Comment #9Sun May 29, 2016 19:19 pm
no, but neo @ B2W casted them

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