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Lyn : Bringing sexy back

Published Wed May 25, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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With a series of articles, W3arena will try to make you feel the atmosphere of the Golden Championship Series S2 and help you get to know the Asian players better.

He was gone for 2 years, he comes back and wins the most important event of the year in Korea, the WCA APAC Qualifiers! 

Interview Conditions :

When ? On day 1 of Group D, before his match against Foggy, then on day 2 of Group D, before his game vs 120..

How ? I talked to him twice, Chatwin once too!

Where? In the practice room

I was very comfortable talking to Lyn. Despite having just arrived from Beijing after a bad night of sleep he is always available, smiling and willing to talk to me. A true Champion and the picture of the year for me! (Izzard keep that picture, I love it plz! ^^)

Congratulations on your WCA APAC Qualifiers win! How did you manage to pull this off? 

I just came back to the competition so it was mostly just luck (humble!)

A word about Lawliet?

It was actually the first time that we met in person. He is way stronger than before.

Why did you decide to come back to WC3?

I played SC2 during my military service. Then I see Focus, Moon (...) they are playing again! There are many tournaments and it seems to be a lot of fun. WC3 is just more fun than SC2. I came back in February.

How so ?

At the beginning of a SC2 game you play "like a machine" assembling 3 groups of units as fast as possible. In WC3 you have heroes, items, more strategy...

Aren't you tired of your Beijing trip? (Lyn played on the 20th in Beijing - game was delayed 7h - then had to be in Shanghai for his game against Foggy the 22nd)

I did not sleep well, mostly due to Lucifer's snoring /laughs/. He is a good friend of mine, we share the same room at the hotel.

What is your strongest matchup ?

It used to be vs UD. Now it is vs NE (he had a record of 12-4 vs all the Korean NE during WCA APAC). UD is getting stronger.

Did you study the way Foggy plays ?

I saw his stream but I did not really have the time to study his play.

Your opinion on your group?

There is no favorite, anyone can win it. Still, 120 is the most talented player at the moment : he is young, he is brilliant and his micro is very good?

Oh by the way, would you agree to make the classic "You are watching B2W" video?

Oh no, sorry... I saw those, they are weird...

I met him the second day, before his match against 120. Now I want to give a big props to Yeonhwa (Moon's translator during his casts, Korean team manager during live events). She proposed to bring Foggy to the studio in a car she booked while she was not even accompanying Lyn at that time! After we arrived, she ordered food and drinks for us, and told me that I could interview Lyn again without me even asking... God I love the Korean WC3 Team!

Lyn finally arrived but I had to wait since he was to be interviewed by a real Chinese network, I felt a bit ridiculous with my little camera...

Hey Lyn, could you go through the 3 games yesterday (he won 2-1) and tell us about your thinking about those?

Oh man, I do not know... /pause/ No I do not know what to say... Foggy is much better than what Asian players think. When he plays on Netease from Ukraine, he has a high ping. In an offline match his control is amazing and his strategy is good.

What about Game 3 ?

Normally one does not get to cancel my buildings. I understood that he made only one moon-well so I made two burrows and put pressure.

Your game to come vs 120? Did you play before?

I do not feel much pressure but the Chinese scene is very interested in that game. We played only once online, he was winning but disced.

Foggy said he wanted a rematch against you.

120 best matchup is vs NE so he better play against me again!

Thank you Lyn!

Of course you are aware that Lyn lost vs 120, then got eliminated by Foggy in the LB Final. From what I saw, Lyn arrived exhausted and had been so focused on WCA APAC that he did not seem to be able to do his best in GCS. He was certainly confronted to the new scene for the first time since his return at that level. I think his losses might prove beneficial and help him get prepared for WCA Finals. He has time to study them all and give them a nice surprise in December! 

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Comment #1Wed May 25, 2016 21:12 pm
Thanks for all the content, really great to hear cool insights :) Keep the good work
Comment #2Wed May 25, 2016 22:13 pm
Great article again ! When will be played the Playoffs games ?
Comment #3Wed May 25, 2016 22:38 pm
Think 30th May starting
Comment #4Thu May 26, 2016 00:49 am
"Oh no, sorry... I saw those, they are weird..." haha :D
Comment #5Thu May 26, 2016 03:53 am
^Neo must of read that with a sigh *FeelsBadMan*
Comment #6Thu May 26, 2016 09:34 am
damn sad he could not do it :(
Comment #7Thu May 26, 2016 11:18 am
SK.Lyn vs SK.Hooooooooooot :D Nice interview and great work, Ugri
Comment #8Thu May 26, 2016 13:16 pm
Hi ibrahimovic
Comment #9Thu May 26, 2016 13:30 pm
Shame no B2W video :(
Comment #10Sat May 28, 2016 14:05 pm
Cannot agree more, thank you for the great work Ugrilainen! Lyn seems quite a nice guy, was it easy to talk in English to him?
Comment #11Sat May 28, 2016 18:04 pm
Yes he speaks english as well, or as bad, as me! ^^
Comment #12Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:09 pm
I heard him speaking english on his streams and he does farily well
Comment #13Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:11 pm
lyn looking sharp, so great to meet the orc god himself
Comment #14Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:12 pm
btw big thx ugri, great articles and interviews, great work!

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