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WC3F Release With Tournaments This Week!

Published Sat Feb 13, 2016 by Yosh
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feRfe's custom patch project for Warcraft III is finally ready for release along with accompanying tournaments throughout the week!

Hey everyone,

feRfe, a long time Warcraft III human player and WCG Grand Finals Competitor, has been working on a new project called WC3F which is a custom patch that changes many things in Warcraft III to make it more dynamic and interesting! He will be hosting a multi-day WC3F tournament series over the next week on W3Arena. Make sure to test it out yourself with friends! You can find links to a video introduction (although this will contain some outdated patch information; most notably, vetoes have been removed) and the up-to-date patch notes below.

Video Introduction:

Patch Notes:

Official Streams:


  • 1.WC3F Winterspring Valley (New map)
  • 2.WC3F SV (Altered)
  • 3.WC3F TM (Altered)



Format: Single elimination, Bo1 until semifinals; semifinals & finals bo3

All rounds before the semifinals play Winterspring Valley. Semifinals and finals follow the map order above.

Sign ups: You must sign up with the same account name as the w3a account you will use to play the tournament.

Check in: Check-in begins 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

Replays: Winners must upload their replays after each round to to advance. Do it before you report your result, as an admin will check to make sure that it is up before he advances you.

AFK: AFKing for more than 15 minutes after a match without notifying an admin first will result in a forfeit. You must provide a reason and an ETA as to when you will be back.

Disconnects: Re-game if neither player has been scouted yet; otherwise, post the replay for an admin to review in case of disagreement.


In the first couple rounds, games hosted will not be match specific; the pair of opponents who joins and is ready first will be allowed to play.

For any match, refusing to play on the bot chosen by the admin will result in a forfeit.

An admin may make one of the players in a match the game owner so he can start his own game. In that case, these are the commands you can use.

In-game bot commands: to start the game, type !start; to ping, type !ping. make sure to "spoof check" (whisper the bot with "sc") or else you will not be able to use commands after joining the game.

Here is the schedule:

Admins: feRfe (a.cute.girl@w3arena)

Channel: FFArena

Bots: IHArena_SEA1 (USWest), IHArena_USe1 (USEast), IHArena_FRA1 (Europe)

Wednesday-Friday: $5 tourneys @ 18:30 CET check in, 19:00 CET start

Saturday: $50 tourney @ 18:30 CET check in, 19:00 CET start


Link to signup/checkin/bracket






Comment #1Mon Feb 15, 2016 00:21 am
Hahahaha nice troll, please tell me you are joking?
Comment #2Mon Feb 15, 2016 00:28 am
Ferfe = human player right ? we understand the changes... xD
Comment #3Mon Feb 15, 2016 01:13 am
lol these changes.. tell me where you buy your weed pls
Comment #4Mon Feb 15, 2016 08:35 am
Nice changes,i think iq this human removed from ~110 to 50
Comment #5Mon Feb 15, 2016 09:44 am
after reading these changed i just want to die seriously u were on some cocaine or something u want to make the game even MORE imbalanced
Comment #6Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:44 am
terrible changes. where is the balance or fairness with those changes? "Spirit Walker Disenchant cooldown from 0 to 6"
Comment #7Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:00 am
This is bull***t lol
Comment #8Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:05 am
I think these changes are nice but just if we wanna see 100% human mirrors in Future.... rofl.. troLololOl what a crap !!
Comment #9Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:43 am
"Entangled Gold Mine health from 800 to 267." i know what i'm doing every game vs elf ^^. ez abuse
Comment #10Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:52 am
thse changes are really funny. and what is even funnier that u thought it for real :D
Comment #11Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:26 pm
I think this is a very courageous attempt. Many of the changes seem like good ones to me. Others rather questionable. But one cannot really speak to the quality of the changes until one has experienced them for himself. I hope this leads somewhere ;)
Comment #12Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:31 pm
 > Goblin Sappers no longer blow each other up. > Blighted Gold mine HP from 800 to 480. > We all know 1 sapper > 2 zigs > Now goldmine has less hp than zigs, so obviously 1 sapper > Destroys UD goldmine Orc's Plan: > Buys 2 sappers > Uses speedscroll on them > Blows up the 2 zigs protecting the goldmine with the first sapper > Destroys goldmine with the second one. > GG
Comment #13Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:38 pm
remodemo ;)
Comment #14Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:48 pm
Blink daggeR? Is this DOTA 2? I mean no one will play this if its not official patch. You could tweak more units to make then usable like trolls etc. New items are just imbalance
Comment #15Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:55 pm
feRfe has put a lot of effort into this as it seems. Thanks for that. Nonetheless, I'm always worried that these kind of unofficial changes and versions might cluster our small community even more. Sorry to say, but I also feel that human would get even stronger due to these balance changes. Orc becomes pretty helpless against HU/NE when their Spirit Walkers are that weak and I wonder how often a NE mine would be destroyed if it has only 267 hp. 10 hits from a lvl 1 BM and down it goes :D
Comment #16Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:56 pm
You should go slower with changes. Try to balance some things and make some units usable by buffing them. Then later try to add new items or heroes.
Comment #17Mon Feb 15, 2016 13:31 pm
Anti-Magic potions for if Pala and MK weren't unkillable enough for UD? :D :P
Comment #18Mon Feb 15, 2016 13:41 pm
Please tell me, this is ONLY for FFA.
Comment #19Mon Feb 15, 2016 14:50 pm
To the curious wc3 fans willing to give it a try, thanks. Keep in mind some changes are more experimental than others. They may very well be changed in future versions of WC3F, so just keep that in mind; unfortunately I don't have a Westfall test server that I can easily test things on before releasing. One thing that's nice though is I'll be more accessible than Blizzard ever was probably, so if you think you really have a good idea you can always give me feedback through various channels I'll set up if the project does well. Well thought out feedback that describes the change you would like AND why are likely to get responses, but of course I can't guarantee I'll implement everything! For now, I hope you guys will show up on Wednesday to show some support so the project can start off strong! <3 Lastly, even though there is a lot of cancer here, cancer barks the loudest. You can stay where you are cause I don't want you in my project. I know you're all 12 or might just as well be, but the lack of respect for someone putting in tons of his time in a project and putting in his own money for some tournaments is disgusting, and you only embarrass yourselves with your posts for all to see.
Comment #20Mon Feb 15, 2016 15:12 pm
Do you want Human-mirrors? Because thats how you get Human-mirrors.
Comment #21Mon Feb 15, 2016 15:13 pm
some of the changes are actually quite good though ferfe, the human orb seems cool and some unit buff/nerfs. other things seems extreme but atleast its something different
Comment #22Mon Feb 15, 2016 15:18 pm
@a.cute.girl Well said! Really awesome that you have put time and effort into this project and it looks very interesting. I find some changes really cool and welcomed, some on the other hand are a bit questionable. However i since ive seen no gameplay and of course haven't played it yet i'll just wait and the either praise or critize these changes. P.S. With such a small community it would be nice if everybody could be more supportive towards those who put enourmous amounts of time and effort into this game we all love and enjoy. And if you don't like or find some ideas as bad then either give constructive critizism or just be quiet.
Comment #23Mon Feb 15, 2016 15:53 pm
The changes are a total disaster gl tho .
Comment #24Mon Feb 15, 2016 16:25 pm
@a.cute.girl : You cannot say that all those who criticize your modifications are kids. Some things are interesting but you abused on others (especially for humans!). So you can believe that we are all kids or admit that you made mistakes. It is incredible that nothing is done about the tanks when we see all the tops world win all their games in this way, without even fighting, with just expand and lame. But it was surely more important to reduce the life of the UD goldmine, probably for lame more ? ;)
Comment #25Mon Feb 15, 2016 17:17 pm
I play Human and want to win by hitting the keyboard with my face: The patch. Pretty much unlimited new ways to lame as human and UD gold mine 480 HP. Good thing no one will play this trash.
Comment #26Mon Feb 15, 2016 17:54 pm
what a crap i hope w3arena won't adopt this
Comment #27Mon Feb 15, 2016 18:38 pm
Comment #28Mon Feb 15, 2016 19:04 pm
Can we delete this news and pretend it never happened?
Comment #29Mon Feb 15, 2016 19:06 pm
Just because you have put a lot of work and money into it doesn't mean it means success , Im fine with your project as long as it stays away from W3arena ladder , you can make your own league or people can host it whenever they wanna play this way , but forcing it into ladder that will make so much people go away from W3arena. There was this ROFL Cup before which was fun and cool every race could make heroes from other races and was fun but is it good idea to put it in ladder nope.
Comment #30Mon Feb 15, 2016 19:23 pm
Some changes seem to be over the top but that has to be tested. Also there has to be a lot of work behind it, impressive.
Comment #31Mon Feb 15, 2016 19:43 pm
I'm not a fan of the changes yet, but better try than whine I assume.
Comment #32Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:02 pm
nobody will play this fucking imbalance shit..
Comment #33Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:07 pm
Human: Town Hall build time from 180 seconds to 140. HP from 1500 to 1167. Ivory Tower from 40 gold to 30 gold. Knights, Dragonhawks and Gryphons have more HP. Even as a joke it's not funny.
Comment #34Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:49 pm
must be early april fools ha this patch is insane i dont even see the balance im pretty sure every race got weaker and human got way buffed like crazy and that makes no sense seeing as hu just towers n lames with tanks now they can expo and lame easyer while its easyer for them to kill off nes and uds gold mines useing zep abuse lol this is jokes wow
Comment #35Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:51 pm
So, a necropolis' HP gets reduced with 40 %, and a haunted goldmine's HP reduced with almost 50 %(!) Undead expansion goes from difficult to impossible. Also an entangled goldmine's hp change is just utter shit. Sapper harass much ~~ Why should undead main get so much more reduced than orc and HU (Human main only 22%)? there is absolutely NO logic behind that change. If some; it should be the other way around.
Comment #36Mon Feb 15, 2016 20:59 pm
I'm a NE player. Some good ideas but it's too much without tries. For example the heath points of the entangled gold mine... My good! And orc will be so weak vs ne if the orc player do not focus the gold mine with the mana of spirit walker. NE vs ORC will become "The Game were the main target is the elf goldmine". In fact Human will become too much powerful.
Comment #37Mon Feb 15, 2016 21:23 pm
Why so much complaining ? Maybe its not said clearly on the news but these changes will only applies on custom maps and only few tournaments will be hosted on these. No one will be forced to play with these updates on the w3a server.
Comment #38Mon Feb 15, 2016 21:56 pm
These changes are brutal xD Let's try it, but it sounds quite unbalanced imo
Comment #39Mon Feb 15, 2016 22:32 pm
Wait, so now if HU ever decides tower rushing NE, NE pretty much can't counter? NElf goldmine dying in a few seconds to militias... sounds beautiful. Towers costing less? Even more beautiful. I see human mirrors in the near future :D
Comment #40Mon Feb 15, 2016 22:44 pm
Watched twitch of him playing his map: Watch from 28:26 till the end of that game. Footies + AM can now solo a gold mine and 2 ziggs. Not sure how that's considered balanced when even 5-6 acolytes repairing all doesn't do anything..... But then, ferfe is a much better player (though I feel like these balances are HU favored)
Comment #41Mon Feb 15, 2016 23:08 pm
he created this to play and as a human rule them all lol
Comment #42Mon Feb 15, 2016 23:11 pm
@AccCreate: That looks kinda scary indeed. I just wonder why so much effort for so many changes at one time, instead of fewer ones which reach a broader consensus. Like HU: weaken tanks and towers / NE: make AOW creeping more difficult and nerve Warden / Orc: Nerve BM slightly / UD: Nerve Wyrms slightly. And then improve all these heroes nobody really likes to play anymore (at least not 1st), like FL, Alchi, FS, CL, Tinker
Comment #43Mon Feb 15, 2016 23:13 pm
@HighTac hi, how long time you intend to keep me banned KAPPA
Comment #44Tue Feb 16, 2016 00:01 am
@HighTac, just look at the patchnotes, he makes tons of changes because they all benefit human. Even the shops benefit hum because they tend to have the most gold. Then look at the race changes, if you asked every player if they would only take their racial changes and let the rest be normal: Orc: All 4 heroes nerfed, Spirit Walkers now useless vs talons and some tiny buffs on unused stuff -> Would never accept the patch Elf: 267 HP mine -> Would NEVER EVER accept it, only get miniscule buffs as well UD: 480 HP mine -> unplayable, other stuff not 10% the damage the mine does Hum: Buffed several units for no reason, gets other tiny buffs like other races, gets best orb in the game when balance clearly shows that hum doesnt need orb, staff buff, only a small priest nerf. Hum would LOVE these changes. If Ferfe could look me in the eyes and tell me with a straight face that he thinks this is balanced, he would deserve the next 100 male best actor oscars.
Comment #45Tue Feb 16, 2016 00:32 am
I, as a warcraft 3 veteran would like to share my thoughts: i appreciate any effort to keep the community alive, a community patch is a great idea since wc3 as a game became rly dull and lackluster, with all the same meta/strats since '05. in other games, like aoe2 community patches did great work and made their community happy/bigger. i think the communitypatch creator(ferfe?) made some mistakes. since he is a human player, he CANT judge objectively which race what is imba and what not, since he will always look from the perspective as a human player. either he lets it do some random players or he creates a council where a representative of every race is present. moreover he "fixed" the wrong things. he should have made the "weak" heroes more viable like pl, alch etc. furthermore some skills can be removed, e.g. farsight from farseer could be replaced with a passive which makes ur wolves stronger or a aura which lowers the armor of enemy units by 1/2/3 per level. the point is, that you wanna play different strategies/heroes/unitmixes than the 10 years before, so why not balancing it properly so more heroes/units/strategies become a viable choice? WC3F looks tbh like a patch which buffs laming/ratting/baseracing and avoiding fights. have a nice day
Comment #46Tue Feb 16, 2016 01:08 am
bizzare sucks dick
Comment #47Tue Feb 16, 2016 01:11 am
can someone ban player bizzare hes been shit talking around arena for idk years even saying like fuck u 2 yaws its some sick head kid
Comment #48Tue Feb 16, 2016 01:43 am
Pathetic attempt at playing blizzard. Nerfs and fixes @ this stage should be tiny things that are barely noticeable.
Comment #49Tue Feb 16, 2016 02:13 am
Comment #50Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:23 am
2.4 notes and maps are up in their respective links; the tourneys might still run on 2.3 though, depending on whether or not yosh has time to set the new maps up.
Comment #51Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:36 am
Blizzard should make wc3 dota like but .... with units!!!! Kappa And yeah buff useless heroes
Comment #52Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:43 am
Gj ferfe u ROCK! :)
Comment #53Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:45 am
A lot of pointless comments here as usual
Comment #54Tue Feb 16, 2016 17:10 pm
As mentioned earlier, even as a joke this ain't funny. There should be pros and cons with every race, and it's like he won't accept that human could have a tiny sign of weakness in the game at all. Best HP buildings and the only one to powerbuild EXP with militias, best Units (we buff them all for no reason), worst ORB? Fuck it, human shall have best orb, even buffs the Staff of sanctuary, give human new abilities like charge and invisibility from shop to harass UD and NE gold mines even more, and just to be sure; UD and NE gold mines will be nerfed so much that even an Archer has the same amount of HP and to be 100 % sure human really cant lose the game. and btw; i dont care if this mod is just for some tourneys. it's still not fun. why just call it "the human path" and ban all other races first as last. oO
Comment #55Tue Feb 16, 2016 17:30 pm
and to you misterjazavac: you have 3600 games as human, just a couple of games with other races. idiot :/
Comment #56Tue Feb 16, 2016 18:52 pm
I perfectly know other races son,dont be mad coz u gonna be raped by humans for instance
Comment #57Tue Feb 16, 2016 19:37 pm
you just tend to play over 3000 games more with human than other races. yeah, get it
Comment #58Tue Feb 16, 2016 21:42 pm
Adding to #42, it would also needed to nerf dispel in the game, because it hinders creativity of trying new strategies or using more casters, like necromancer or shaman. This could be achieving whether by increasing its overall mana cost, diminish its AOE or/and make it not autocast for dryads. If we agree metagaming is kind of boring, one way to change that is by giving opportunity for not only 50% of the units in the game to be used, but all of them. So, one simple strategy is to slightly nerf all overused units and buff the unused ones.
Comment #59Tue Feb 16, 2016 22:00 pm
Alright let's see here.. responding to the few posts w/o outright cancer in them. #17 Anti-Magic potions for if Pala and MK weren't unkillable enough for UD? :D :P <--- they can be dispelled, you do know this right? #16 You should go slower with changes. Try to balance some things and make some units usable by buffing them. Then later try to add new items or heroes. I guess so. Looking back, maybe, but I guess I wasn't patient enough. I would just be artificially slowing down the patching I want to do though. Make no mistake, I do want to change the game, a lot. I want it to still be Warcraft but much more than it currently is. #58 Yes I agree; and I did nerf dispel. Did you read the notes fully?
Comment #60Wed Feb 17, 2016 05:48 am
Yeah not bad ideas, for a funmap called "wc3 goes dota/lol" or something like this. there is no need to talk a lot about this funmap, who likes it can play this version of dota/lol or should maybe consider playing the normal dota/lol shit, hf.
Comment #61Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:47 pm
What a joke. I started writing a list of things that were wrong with this but I realized it was just to much and shouldn't bother. Reading the patch notes it actually made me wonder if this is a really early April fools joke? I'm sorry for all the work you put into this but this won't be played as it's just very, very badly done.
Comment #62Wed Feb 17, 2016 14:17 pm
Comment #63Wed Feb 17, 2016 14:18 pm
Comment #64Wed Feb 17, 2016 16:17 pm
I think a lot of the backlash has to do with what people perceive as the intention behind this "patch". It seems to me the intention is to more or less radically change the game towards a certain direction, whereas most people will see it as an attempt to balance the game we already have. Obviously, to change WC3 as it is now without making core changes is a question of minuscule tweaks here and there, and I think ferfe understands this. I for one applaud the efforts made and a lot of the ideas are really interesting, but as far as balance goes, some aspects really do seem ridiculous. I think having a succinct video or article describing the thought process behind the changes and the general ideas you are going for would do a lot of good, because right now we have some patch notes without explanation and an old video that is far too long and cumbersome to get through to be perfectly honest.
Comment #65Wed Feb 17, 2016 16:57 pm
Thank you for the effort Ferfe, but we really need some videos or some explaining around few things. I like some of the new items, i think thats a good way to start. Adding new items makes the game more fun, and fresh. Deleting the cooldown from the boots of speed is good either, i didnt like the ping wars. Reducing the hp of haunted and entagled goldmines... i dont understand that. Why? 6 footy walks in night elf base, kills goldmine, leaves. Night elf doesnt have a chance to creep, he has to stand in his base to avoid this. This means constant harassment. If goldmine falls -> 20 sec to rebuild (if not harassed) that means 400 gold difference... It's even worth to tp out and constantly go back and forth keeping the night elf on 0 gold... I think the building hp changes were uncalled for, i think you wanted to make expanding more favourable for other races? Also siege becomes much easier. I think these radical changes needs further explanation or redesigning.
Comment #66Wed Feb 17, 2016 20:58 pm
Good to keep it alive with updates and patches... But what i read in the description seems like a complete trash, sorry. You should not make "more than Wacraft 3", you should better improve Warcraft 3. What you've done is not an improvement but something which will lead to complete imbalance. gg
Comment #67Thu Feb 18, 2016 21:37 pm
what about official patch 1.27? blizzard is supporting wc3 again.
Comment #68Thu Feb 18, 2016 21:38 pm
Human player patch. GG HUMAN STILL IMBA
Comment #69Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:59 pm
alot of hate around this patch i read the notes myself and it seems really bad sorry. Back2warcraft can cast this tournament im not touching this
Comment #70Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:33 pm
Just wait for Blizzards 1.27... I dont know why this guy invested so much time in shit like this :o sorry.
Comment #71Sat Feb 20, 2016 19:44 pm
rly amusing that not even for 50 bucks people are playing on this version, would have been easy money considering the amount of participants :D
Comment #72Sat Feb 20, 2016 19:59 pm
3 people for 50$ wtf ? lol
Comment #73Sun Feb 21, 2016 13:08 pm
Good job, community.
Comment #74Sun Feb 21, 2016 14:17 pm
new stuff 2 strong for humans also banning units human has way more units and counters than other races 85% of new stuff let human race benefits for example tome of retraining you can make 3 waterelements and go to blizzard and you can even sell it for 150 gold but i think bigger maps is better for orc and ud i havent played it yet but i guess its way too much
Comment #75Wed Feb 24, 2016 08:43 am
UDs raging cause now they can t play vs creeps whole game and then procced to right click the shit out of his oppoents 10/10 to patchnot to see UDs having to antecipate their enemies Fuck elf tree of life, Elfs can close their base, i think entangled mine should be removed and wispis harvesting gold avaible for snipe Suggestions for pathing: -Riflemen movement speed raised by 10 -Riflemen base armor from 0 to 1 -Riflemen collision reduced by 35% -pally Devotion aura also increases hu army movement speed like unholy aura
Comment #76Thu Feb 25, 2016 13:03 pm
these changes seem really stupid, forgive me

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