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Format:1on1 Tournament
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World Cyber Arena 2015 | Recap

Published Mon Dec 21, 2015 by HighTac
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Final Ranking

  1.   Fly100%  ($54,000)
  2.   yAwS  ($31,000)
  3.   LawLiet  ($15,500)
  4.   TH000  ($8,000)
  5.   Yumiko
  6.   Tara521
  7.   Infi      WarchiefRich

What an amazing Warcraft 3 weekend that was. Maybe one of the best ones we have ever witnessed. Let's recap the event.

Group Stage

The broadcast on Thursday started with technical difficulties and many of us were afraid that there would be the same continuous struggle as in 2014. Luckily this time Remo and Neo got the stream running on Azubu.TV.

Looking at the final standings of the group stage, there were absolutely no surprises apart from yAwS defeating FoCuS in group D. As expected, the two Chinese human players Infi and Yumiko stepped out of group A, don't giving ReprisaL or SoniK a chance. In group B, Fly100% crushed his opponents and secured his seat in the winners bracket. Many hoped that HawK might be able to follow right behind Fly, but Tara521, the strong Chinese undead player played too well to let this happen. Group C was full of nightelf power, including the legendary Moon who just returned from army service and WarchiefRich, our European pride. The latter really impressed with solid and confident play style, especially against Moon, who was defeated by him 2:0 without a chance. LawLiet was the big disappointment on day one and it seemed as if there'd be no amazing Warden only play against humans on WCA 2015. Luckily he stepped up his game on day two and advanced to the playoff rounds due to a razor-thin map lead. Regarding the subsequent tournament results, this was a real blessing for the whole audience. In group D, TH000 advanced undefeated, followed by yAwS. FoCuS, who was widely expected to be one of the surprises on WCA 2015, couldn't convince and dropped out.


This is where fun began and coins were slowly flipped, at least from round two on. In the first round Yumiko, Fly100% and TH000 all defeated their enemies 2:0 and sent Tara521, Infi and LawLiet to the losers bracket. Surprisingly, yAwS was really on top of his game and left WarchiefRich no chance. The latter then also lost against Tara521 in the losers bracket and dropped out of the tournament. Losers bracket turned out to be "LawLiet's house", slaying Infi, Yumiko and TH000 in stunning performances. It felt a bit like piece work. Fly% and yAwS passing through all the big names to the losers bracket where they would then be disassembled nice and neatly by the Korean night elf player. You may wonder if this yAwS is the same German human player, that you know from W3Arena. The one who recently stated he just cannot win against HawK on ladder, the one who is famous for his lack of surrounding skills and the one who wasn't able to win at least one of the 41 Gera Cups. Yep, that's the player we're talking about. I mean we knew that he strongly favors offline tournaments, but still, every non-fanboy was pretty sure that he'd drop out in the group stage already. He wasn't even supposed to be participating, replacing Foggy in the European qualifier on short notice, just because he was on-site for casting anyways. Neo couldn't stop to call it the "Cinderella story" of 2015. After defeating Warchief, nobody really thought that he would advance from the match against Yumiko, but he did. Not only, because Yumiko really struggled against the European "less-tower, non-fast-expo play style", but also because yAwS made all the right decisions. One reason sure was his superb advisory board, consisting of HawK and HLA. His performance against the human star was even topped by the matches against Fly100%. Admittedly, there was a bit last hit luck involved on Turtle Rock, but still a 2:0 against the Chinese orc force? What the fuck? These two flawless matches really left us all behind totally amazed and it seemed as if nobody could stop the German from winning the tournament,...

Grand Final

...apart from a night in between playoffs and grand final. Fly100% had won convincingly 2:0 against LawLiet in the consolation final, so the grand final was a second clash (this time best of five) against yAwS. Although the latter started with a 1:0 lead, by advancing from the winners bracket and even winning the first match as well, he then fell apart. As often (but mostly not for the human), the misery began with close spawn position on Turtle Rock. yAwS' tower rush failed, as so many tower rushes before did against Fly. This was the one turning point for the German, losing the two subsequent matches as well. He reached the sky, but still, the disappointment of his finals loss was scrawled across all (non-Chinese)-faces afterwards. At least Fly100% is absolutely worthy the winning title and him hugging yAwS in the end engaged a lot of sympathies. We hope to see Warcraft 3 again on WCA 2016.


Comment #1Mon Dec 21, 2015 13:33 pm
In my opinion Yaws is the best player in the world, regarding this unfair classification system. Yaws powned Fly 2-0 and fly had a 2nd chance to come up again and Yaws couldn't. Even if Yaws couldn't had this 2nd chance the results shows a 3-3 maps to each one. So there aren't proves to say the contrary. PD: CONGRATZ TO YAWS, THE BEST PLAYER!!! (who in my opininon was taken with a pinch of salt)
Comment #2Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:07 pm
#1 : It's true. The fact that yaws didnt get a chance to re-play after his lose is completely unfair. Overall its 4-3 for yaws..
Comment #3Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:25 pm
It's not unfair, there was a losers bracket - which gives everyone a 2nd chance for those that drop out early. Yaws even got the 1-0 map lead. He did great as it is, getting 2nd place and pocketing 30k. Everyone should be happy for his performance, as i guarantee no one thought he would make it this far. Yaws' mindset, and his confidence in himself was on display through out WCA
Comment #4Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:29 pm
@Sweet: What do you mean with your very last sentence? His statement on Foggy? :)
Comment #5Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:31 pm
YAWS ,He is the most creative player . the best human :)
Comment #6Mon Dec 21, 2015 14:39 pm
@Hightac: Haha, well what I actually meant was his belief and 100% confidence that he could beat every other player at the tournament. He said it during and before the tournament, and look how far it took him. I truly believe his mindset was the one thing that gave him a distinct advantage over the other (perhaps more skilled) players in the tourney. For him to 2-0 rich, yumiko, and fly consecutively is very unexpected and a huge feat for a guy who pretty much never made into the finals of a european cup. although his statement on foggy was probably a good indication on how he was feeling at the time - very high on himself.. lol
Comment #7Mon Dec 21, 2015 15:01 pm
@Sweet it was 2 - 1 versus Yumiko, but hell yeah, what a great performance from Yaws overall !
Comment #8Mon Dec 21, 2015 15:46 pm
Congratulations to all! Players,organizers,streamers etc!!
Comment #9Mon Dec 21, 2015 16:37 pm
yaws is 3-3 vs fly, not 4-3 2-0 and 1-3 he started with 1-0 advantage in grandfilans rly great and enjoyable top3 im my opinion gratz yaws tho he shouldnt have mocked foggy, rly badmanner
Comment #10Mon Dec 21, 2015 17:43 pm
BTW, what did Yaws say about Foggy? Could someone recap it pls? Missed that moment on stream :(
Comment #11Mon Dec 21, 2015 20:34 pm
@AgressivChancre win is win ,lose is lose that's it.there is no such thing as completely fair
Comment #12Mon Dec 21, 2015 20:53 pm
some imba games gratz to all
Comment #13Mon Dec 21, 2015 21:05 pm
yaws is a good player, but he happened to fly100%, who is the best and strongest orcer in the world currently. So yews lost. Actually, fly played better than yaws, I have to approve.
Comment #14Mon Dec 21, 2015 22:33 pm
I mean guys.. Fly lost a bo3 against yaws. And then yaws lost 3-1, but didnt get the chance to get a re-match. I mean he didnt lost a bo3, only lost 1 time in grand final, and Fly, win the grand final but lost a bo3. That is unfair. They should have done a bo3 in grand final, if fly won, redo a final bo3, that would have been fair. That is all i want to share :D
Comment #15Tue Dec 22, 2015 00:03 am
Thanks to Neo and Remo for streaming us the games, congratulations to Yaws for his excellent performance
Comment #16Tue Dec 22, 2015 06:20 am
Greate play Yaws! Thanks for stream for Neo and HLA! Hope in 2016 will be again greate WCA.
Comment #17Wed Dec 23, 2015 14:32 pm
Comment #18Wed Dec 23, 2015 16:33 pm
Some replays are out @
Comment #19Wed Dec 23, 2015 18:49 pm
Congratulations YawS !! I'm happy to see the German flag in a 2nd place surrouned by Asian flags. You made a great year for Wc3@Europe. Thank you to all W3Arena and Wc3@Europe supporters, admins, casters and players.
Comment #20Thu Dec 24, 2015 06:40 am
human is the race more imba. 1 human, 2.- elf, 3.- orc 4 undead. Yaws>yaws this final. he failed. No kill bm,etc.
Comment #21Thu Dec 24, 2015 06:42 am
watch replays the player sky(the best human in wc3 1.26) sky>fly 20-0
Comment #22Thu Dec 24, 2015 16:53 pm
Only 2 Elfs in top 7. Finals Orc vs Hu. Where are the elf haters now?
Comment #23Fri Dec 25, 2015 07:21 am
Maybe because they put all the elves in 1 group... Hu and elf are better races than orc
Comment #24Fri Dec 25, 2015 09:26 am
Good tournament. Nice upsets and amazing casting by Neo and remo
Comment #25Fri Dec 25, 2015 13:57 pm
Simply amaziiiiing!
Comment #26Fri Dec 25, 2015 21:17 pm
Is there any page where i can get replays and Information?
Comment #27Sun Dec 27, 2015 13:15 pm
Holy shit yaws. Going to watch some replays tonight.
Comment #28Sun Dec 27, 2015 23:16 pm
To the #1 and #2 commenters: Are you guys for real? I mean, yaws was given a 1-0 lead before the grand final even began, still Fly was able to win fair and square. You simply are saying yaws deserves victory because he won the first round they met? That's one bit of a crappy argument, that's basically how double elimination works. Look at the win rate of the players; FLY had 15-4 overall which is FAR BETTER win ratio than every other competetor and pretty sick considering he crushed the likes of TH000 2-0, Infi 2-0, LawLiet 2-0, Tara 2-0 and yaws 3-1 in the final (which is of course more important than preliminary rounds). So FLY dominated EVERYBODY, not just some players (Yaws was crushed by TH000) Even TH00 had better win rate than yaws (11-5 vs 11-6), but didnt get paid out even close to the german even though he crushed yaws when they met (did you think about that? exactly!), so I think you should be pretty happy about the outcome instead of crying about yaws being "robbed" because 2nd place was really the best he could get out of that tournament, and if we should consider your argument, then it's also unfair that yaws finished on top of TH000, dumbass.
Comment #29Wed Dec 30, 2015 16:06 pm
^ this
Comment #30Thu Jan 07, 2016 01:10 am
top player and legenda wc3 is Grubby, next players only players
Comment #31Thu Jan 07, 2016 01:11 am
Comment #32Thu Jan 07, 2016 01:11 am

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