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WCA Grand Final Player evaluation by

Published Mon Nov 23, 2015 by B2W.Neo
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Our chinese friends of took a look at all 16 WCA Grand Final participants.
Here is what the juggernaut of modern Warcraft things about his own players and their opinions on the foreigners from South Korea and Europe.

Championship material


Keyword: Stable

Infi is the most stable Warcraft III player in the world right now. Even if his micro-control and surroundings are not the best, his map awareness and vision for the big picture is frightening. In addition, his mental strength helped him win two World Championships last year. We believe that Infi will defend the crown this year, but it's not gonna be easy.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Champion & WCA CN Pro Qualifier Champion
Winning Index: 5*


Keyword: Unusual
There are always these special shiny points in TH000's game. You can always find innovations here and there, so Warcraft fans are really looking forward to watch him playing Moon in a WCG 2013 rematch as the Grand Final. 
However, TH000 joint a Heroes of the Storm team recently, so his fans worry about his lack of practise and the shaky performances.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Rank 4 & WCA CN Pro Qualifier Rank 3
Winning Index: 4,5*


Keyword: Grab bag
It's impossible to count the amount of times that Fly let his Blademaster die in an unnecessary situation, but this year he stepped up his game and did a great job protecting his first hero. His fans always say: "If he doesn't lose his hero, he's the best".

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Rank 3 & WCA CN Pro Qualifier Rank 2
Winning Index: 4,5*


Keyword: Passion
Yumiko never knew what a championship feels like until NESO 2014. He's a really hard working player and people love him for that. He's always put together for comparison with Infi, Fly and TH000 as the current world elite. However, this year Yumiko did not do as well as the other three players. But regardless of the former results, we believe that his heart and passion can carry him to greatness this year.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Rank 2 & WCA CN Open Qualifier Champion
Winning Index: 4*

Up for a surprise:


Keyword: Return
Can you remember when Moon entered a competition and was not one of the favorites?
His downside is, that he leaves the army only one week before the finals, so most people are worried about his shape. In his current state, it's definitely not enough to beat the big four. but that's ok. It's already a miracle that he's playing again.

WCA Performance: Direct Invitation
Surprise index: 4,5*


Keyword: Acrobat
The Chinese Warcraft scene is saying it for a long time: "Xixi will be champion one day".
As one of the best elf players in the world, there's no doubt about his strength, but he often does questionable micro moves that lose him the game.He's the one player closest to the three humans and "if he stops doing his acrobatics, he may be the second TH000"

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 5-6th & WCA CN Pro Qualifier 4th
Surprise Index: 5*


Keyword: Young

After wfz got married (to a Chinese-German girl), 120 quickly became the most powerful undead player in China. Even if he's less experienced in compition and very young, he's a lot better than last year and only the big four or his race can stop him. Let's see the rise of a new undead star in the WCA 2015 Grand Final.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Groupstage, WCA CN Open Qualifier 3rd
Surprise Index: 4,5*


Keyword: Bloodmage
He is the best human player in South Korea, with extraordinary timings and attacks beeing his biggest advantages. Can he show another side of the human race to succeed?

WCA Performance: WCA SEA Pro Qualifier Champion
Surprise Index: 4.5*


Keyword: Controversy

After IET 2014, LawLiet is always the topic of conversation (The text doesn't say why). Is he stable enough?
We're looking forward to hear his answers to these questions.

WCA Performance: WCA SEA Pro Qualifier 2nd
Surprise Index: 4*


Keyword: First

He is not only the European Champion but has also achieved many Gera Cup wins throughout this year. 
His strong self confidence might close the skill gap and lead him to an upset.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Groupstage & WCA EU Pro Qualifier Champion
Surprise Index:


Keyword: Surprise

Last year, we were really impressed by his rifle-caster pushes, but since the meta-game has changed more and more towards expansions, Hawk is directly affected by it. He created big surprises by eliminating TH000 at WEC 2014 and WCG 2011, so the question is if he can repeat that.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 7-8th, WCA EU Open Qualifier Champion
Surprise Index:



He is a strong orc player and his wyvern and shaman play is really good , but he often loses his games due to unconventional tactics like Fireloard towerrush or Archmage Blizzard harass,. so are pretty worried about his performance, especially against Korean and European players

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Groupstage & WCA CN Open Qualifier 2nd
Tourist Index:


After a two year duty at the army, FoCuS is back, following Reprisal and LawLiet to the Grand Final.
That's a good start for him, but his results are not to impressive. In this state, it's gonna be hard to escape the groupstage.
It's good to see him back though.

WCA Performance: WCA SEA Pro Qualifier 3rd
Tourist Index:


If there's a European tournament of any size, you will see one name: Sonik.
He has a good potential, but he's just not good enough, especially with his tendency to lose his mind ingame.
He needs to be more stable.

WCA Performance: WCA 2014 Groupstage & WCA EU Open Qualifier 2nd
Tourist Index:


YAWS took the chance that Foggy's denied visa opened for him. He did beat Sky and Infi on stage in big tournaments,
so this human shall never be underestimated. But realistically speaking, it'll be very hard for him this year.

WCA Performance: WCA EU Pro Qualifier 2nd
Tourist index:


We haven't seen much from Hate-Love-Anger during the recent years, but he beat some good players like Rudan and Sonik. 
But just like YAWS, there seems to be nothing for him here.

WCA Performance: WCA EU Pro Qualifier 3rd
Tourist Index:

Translation by Ice-D-Silence & Google Translate


Comment #1Mon Nov 23, 2015 13:27 pm
:D "Tourists" :D
Comment #2Mon Nov 23, 2015 14:06 pm
Focus is a tourist? what.... Anyways i agree on most...but id say Focus is pretty strong!
Comment #3Mon Nov 23, 2015 14:09 pm
lol poor europeans.
Comment #4Mon Nov 23, 2015 15:35 pm
I would love to see LawLiet ruling all the humans Warden only. Incredibly entertaining
Comment #5Mon Nov 23, 2015 16:11 pm
Where is Lilian? LILIAN#1
Comment #6Mon Nov 23, 2015 16:12 pm
Well, this is pretty much exactly the same as my assessment ( and The only thing I would disagree with is that Focus is a tourist. I would exchange him with 120 (Tara) probably. However, the article is written by a Chinese, so they might have a better look at the Chinese scene than to the overall Warcraft 3 scene. 2 months ago I would have said that Focus has little chances of achieving anything significant, but recently he has been performing in a much more convincing manner. 5 Chinese + 3 Koreans at the 1/4 finals is my prediction.
Comment #7Mon Nov 23, 2015 16:29 pm
I actually think tara is very promising as undead player, if he is that guy with insane stats on the chinese ladder. Otherwise I think infi if being hyped up too much as being the one who will retain the crown... I think an Orc or Elf will win WCA and give us an upset. Also I think focus >>>> hawk, he should be higher than him atleast. As for MR YAWS... well I was going to be expecting some upsets from him, but now I don't have hopes for him as he deleted me as a friend on the chinese client. no Kappa pls
Comment #8Mon Nov 23, 2015 17:21 pm
no Europe has its chance in tournament as every year besides this tournament in particular lol has
Comment #9Mon Nov 23, 2015 17:41 pm
"WCG 2014 rematch as the Grand Final" Maybe WCG 2013?
Comment #10Mon Nov 23, 2015 17:45 pm
"WCG 2014 rematch as the Grand Final" Maybe WCG 2013? fixed
Comment #11Mon Nov 23, 2015 18:01 pm
Gogo fly
Comment #12Mon Nov 23, 2015 18:18 pm
HLA should be into "Up for a surprise" imho.
Comment #13Mon Nov 23, 2015 23:48 pm
Goodluck to Hawk and Sonik!!!! HAWK YOU ARE A BEAST !!!
Comment #14Tue Nov 24, 2015 04:03 am
as much as i want HLA to do well im not sure but im glad to see 120 in this he is truely the undead hope for WCA
Comment #15Tue Nov 24, 2015 07:22 am
This lack of respect is too high. Seriously, i'd love to see rich owning everyone..
Comment #16Tue Nov 24, 2015 08:50 am
I would also love to see HLA owning everyone, because I think he is a nice guy, but the reality is that it would be highly unlikely for such a thing to happen. This article, while slightly biased, is based on relatively objective observations and I doubt the Chinese guys meant to disrespect anyone with it.
Comment #17Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:49 pm
@AgressivChancre: I would like to see Rich owning as well. But I think we might be a bit biased since we see his strong NE mirror matchup pretty often in Europe. I'm afraid he will struggle against the strong orc and human players in Asia. The strong HU matchup of LawLiet is the major reason why I think his chances are more decent. If Sonik is in his best shape, I think even he would be able to win some matches especially against human.
Comment #18Tue Nov 24, 2015 18:28 pm
I believe WCA finals will be really entertaining. Thanks for the admins efforts & neo who keep up with the news/updates.
Comment #19Tue Nov 24, 2015 23:27 pm
kodo#1 too bad wca didn t make an American qualifiers, best players in tha world are there
Comment #20Wed Nov 25, 2015 01:10 am
warchiefrich will chop your heads off
Comment #21Thu Nov 26, 2015 23:08 pm
no kodo no imperius? wtf is that shit
Comment #22Tue Dec 01, 2015 00:57 am
Somebody please post a zdr game where he goes wyvern shaman.. I have yet to see that
Comment #23Thu Dec 03, 2015 07:36 am
Championship Material: human Suprise: Nightelf Tourist: Orc, Undead
Comment #24Fri Dec 04, 2015 17:08 pm
groups are already on A: Infi, Yumiko, Sonik, Reprisal B: Fly, 120, ZDR, Hawk C: Moon, Lawliet, WarchiefRich, Zhouxixi D: TH000, yAwS, Focus, HLA
Comment #25Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:50 am
sad groups .. 3 human together , 3 ne together.. nc

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