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What's up this Week? [2015.10.26-11.01]

Published Mon Oct 26, 2015 by HighTac
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Day   Time   Tournament   Prize   Link    Cast Winner
Monday 19:00 CET
WCA EU Open Qualifier
5,800 USD
2 CN Invites
Tuesday 18:00 CET W3Arena Auto Tour  
19:00 CET
WCA EU Open Qualifier
Semi-finals / Grand final 
5,800 USD
2 CN Invites
Friday 12:00 CET
NGTV Cup #2
2,300 EUR LawLiet

18:00 CET W3Arena Auto Tour 25 USD
Saturday 11.00 CET Golden Cup #10 100 USD

Sunday 14:00 CET GERA Cup #35 100 USD


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  WarchiefRich, yAwS and HLA already qualified for WCA 2015 in December in China. The  Open Qualifier started with its first round and 179 players last Friday. After five rounds, the best eight players are going to meet in the quarter-finals on Monday. The tension is rising.


Comment #1Thu Oct 29, 2015 03:54 am
I definitely do not want this to sound like hate, but rather like constructive feedback, so please read it as such. I believe that the EU players at this point have no chance against the Chinese players. Even vs. the top Koreans, who are certainly weaker than the Chinese, the only guys that have real chance in best of threes are Warchief and Hawk. I would very much like it if I turned out to be a bad prophet, but with the current level of skill the European players will be completely annihilated by the Chinese at WCA. Mass w3arena ladder games just won't cut it. I think a very serious boot camp might be needed for European players to improve their play. I know that the financial (and even visa!!! side, having in mind Foggy's horrible experience) side would be tough to overcome, so I'm guessing that even an online boot camp would be better than nothing. There are currently 5 qualified Euro players - 2 humans (Hawk, yaWs), 2 elves (Warchief, Sonik), 1 undead (HLA). If you invite Foggy + Rudan/Nicker (elves), OrcWorker + Cash + Xelsing + Prado (orcs), Cechi + Rosenkill + Lubber (undeads), and atheistP + Imperius (humans), you could have a very balanced roster of 4 players of each race. Obviously such a boot camp would be much more beneficial to the players that have already qualified for the finals than to the rest, so probably a small monetary compensation would be a good enough stimulus. I understand that the organization of this would be tough, but I do believe that this would be the only way for European players to stand any chance of doing something more than simply trying not to lose every map against everyone.
Comment #2Thu Oct 29, 2015 16:59 pm
1. Although the top 5 Chinese players are really on top of their game, all players below are not really better than the European elite (especially not better than HawK and WCR). 2. It's up to the players how they're going to prepare. Most of the players you mentioned are already playing vs each other day by day. Apart from the fact that such a boot camp seems rather unrealistic, I think it wouldn't really help them to improve. The only way Europeans would be able to do so, would be LAN training with Chinese Humans. That's what they're not used to play against.
Comment #3Thu Oct 29, 2015 17:37 pm
What I'm curious to know is will there be a wca 2016 for wc3 ^^ from what I saw we had more viewers for wc3 then did hearthstone for the quarter finals which were separated apart. I hope it is the case, seeing how much life an offline tournament with such a high prize money brings to the overall activity of the game.
Comment #4Thu Oct 29, 2015 17:38 pm
Separated a day apart *
Comment #5Thu Oct 29, 2015 18:39 pm
interesting topic! i know that yaws, HLA and Rich thought about a bootcamp. but that was right after gamescom pro qualifier so maybe the hype was just too real for them :D
Comment #6Thu Oct 29, 2015 18:47 pm
They certainly need more practice than vsing free wins on ladder :( If only one could create a "pro ladder" but there are not too many of them . Might As well just play cgs
Comment #7Fri Oct 30, 2015 02:53 am
HighTac, I agree with most of what you mentioned. I certainly meant the top Chinese players (the ones that have qualified for the WCA finals, except for ZDR and Tara probably, who are beatable even at the current level of the Euro players that have qualified), and not *all* the Chinese players. However, I don't agree that a targeted boot camp wouldn't help them improve. On the contrary, that's exactly why in every sport (including e-sports) boot camps are constantly being arranged before major tournaments - because it has been proven time and again that this is indeed the best way to boost one's abilities to the max. I agree that the biggest threat at the finals would be the Chinese Human players (+ Reprisal), who are able to play styles that are very rarely seen in the EU scene. Unfortunately, with the rather limited resource of high class Euro players, I'm guessing the only way to properly prepare for such strategies is to either: a) invite the Chinese players for some LAN games, as you mention (highly unlikely that they would agree, having in mind that they are going to be having their own boot camp prior to the WCA finals); b) play in the Chinese server (however, things such as lag and the general downsides of playing ladder games would come in the way); c) get good Euro Human players to try and imitate the game play style of top CN Human players. Option C looks most viable to me, although I know that there is an extremely scarce resource of good Human players in Europe. Imitating opponents' game styles is something that has been employed for decades by Chinese (in particular) in sports such as table tennis and badminton, where perfection of playing against certain game styles is of utmost importance. And overall, yes, of course it is up to the players how they are going to prepare. I am just throwing some ideas, hoping that I could be helpful at least in some way. I certainly would like to see some great games at the WCA finals, and I hope the Euro players could put up a good fight, and not just go to Yinchuan (a great place to visit, by the way!) for tourism purposes :)

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