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Ladder Reset and New Features on W3Arena

Published Sun Aug 09, 2015 by HighTac
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Big news from your favorite gaming platform. The W3Arena developers locked themselves in a tiny room with no daylight and created an epochal masterpiece. Become a witness on Friday 14th ( 19:00 CEST).

Ladder Reset

New Mappool

Several Bugs Fixed

Observer Board

Ladder Reset

On Friday, 14th August 2015, the W3Arena server will be down for one hour between 18:00 and  19:00 CEST. When the server is back online, the ladder will be resetted and therefore all accounts back on level one. Accounts which have been inactive for a long period of time will be deleted.

Accounts with

  • Less than 20 games and which have not been logged in for 1 month;
  • Less than 100 and not logged for 3 months ;
  • Less than 300 games and not logged 6 months;
  • Any amount of games which have not logged in for 12 months will be deleted.


  • With less than 3 members will be deleted.


  • FFArena ladder / stats will be reset.


  • CGArena ladder / stats will be reset.


New Mappool

1vs1 Mappool 2vs2 Mappool
  • Amazonia
  • Ancient Isles
  • Crystal Kingdom
  • Deserted Isles
  • Echo Isles
  • Great Wall
  • Last Refuge
  • Melting Valley
  • Nomad Isles
  • Secret Valley
  • Terenas Stand
  • Turtle Rock
  • Twisted Meadows
  • Avalanche
  • Basalt Basin
  • Death Trap
  • Gnoll Wood
  • Lost Temple Prime
  • Maelstrom
  • Phantom Grove
  • Turtle Rock
  • Twisted Meadows

Several Bugs Fixed

Not only general bugs were fixed, like the "game doesn't end if enemy doesn't leave bug", but also some maps were improved. There will be no more close spawn position on Turtle Rock and Gnoll Wood was fixed, so that it will now be available in the mappool (and not automatically replaced by Turtle Rock).

Observer Board

All W3Arena maps (in the respective map folder) will have an observer board available. So whenever one of the maps is hosted in a custom game or in one of the tournaments (as soon as the bots are updated as well), all observers can access this awesome tool (see screenshot below).Shout outs to Frotty for the development!

Specific map-changes

Lost Temple PRIME
- Changed the item drops at the natural creep camps from level 2 charged items to level 2 permanent items

Basalt Basin
- Removed a few trees at the bottom goblin laboratory so the shredder and sappers don't get stucked.
- Redesigned the middle, there is now only one tavern.

Centaur Grove
- Moved the orange troll creep camps in the middle a bit closer into the woods so that nearby passing units don't get attacked by accident.

- Changed the item drops at the natural creep camps from level 2 charged items to level 2 permanent items.

- Replaced the Taverns with Goblin Merchants and added a new tavern in the middle

Bridge Too Near
- Eliminated book of dead as possible item drop from the blue lvl 5 ogre

Nomad Isle
- Moved the green creep camps closer into the woods so that nearby passing units don't get attacked by accident

Turtle Rock
- Eliminated the possibility of close spawns


Comment #1Sun Aug 09, 2015 22:59 pm
good job
Comment #2Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:07 pm
Awesome guys ! I love you :D
Comment #3Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:15 pm
What about banned people? Will they get unbanned?
Comment #4Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:16 pm
Where is the logic in getting unbanned because of a ladder reset? No.
Comment #5Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:24 pm
finaly some maps wil chancge ;) nice work
Comment #6Sun Aug 09, 2015 23:24 pm
razzorman - lol, made my day
Comment #7Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:01 am
Turtle Rock - Eliminated the possibility of close spawns.. that's such a stupid change.. like elf doesn't have enough advantages
Comment #8Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:09 am
i like it how elf can build war on the head of creeps so good right xD
Comment #9Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:11 am
why eliminated the close position on TR.The map is so old and this makes the map special... .
Comment #10Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:13 am
they should make so elfs cant build war so near creeps at least
Comment #11Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:15 am
genial :D
Comment #12Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:16 am
Finally some nice changes! Sad about TR close spawn being removed though... Was an interesting aspect of the map.
Comment #13Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:25 am
huge respects to pad/karsten < 3
Comment #14Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:33 am
Thank you juliette, but there are alot of other persons involved in the progress at w3arena, who deserve at least the same amount of respect: aYosh, Cuborg, HighTac, IISM, Jehu, Neo and last but not least yue (alphabetical ordered)
Comment #15Mon Aug 10, 2015 00:39 am
best games always tr close possi... you only changed it cause of milita abuse? also i dont like that you removed even more consumables to BM items... makes the game a lot lamer without item surprises
Comment #16Mon Aug 10, 2015 01:23 am
kodo mountain lives on
Comment #17Mon Aug 10, 2015 02:49 am
the tr change is so stupid imo, we should at least have a poll about it...
Comment #18Mon Aug 10, 2015 02:55 am
Bridge Too Near - Eliminated book of dead as possible item drop from the blue lvl 5 ogre Turtle Rock - Eliminated the possibility of close spawns so you remove the possibility of luck on the game a lot, i think these are terrible changes which will influense the game in a bad way because luck was always a big component of the game and without it would not be as exiting as it is. and i am not a Human player : P
Comment #19Mon Aug 10, 2015 02:59 am
#sign above, without luck it will get boring and i had some of the best and funniest games at tr close spawn. give at least a poll about it
Comment #20Mon Aug 10, 2015 03:29 am
Good changes, good stuff w3a team. would have liked to seen different maps though
Comment #21Mon Aug 10, 2015 03:30 am
and perhaps 2v2 tournaments
Comment #22Mon Aug 10, 2015 04:03 am
tr should just be removed all together its a shit map and everyone is tired of playing it.
Comment #23Mon Aug 10, 2015 04:43 am
dont change Turtle Rock lol just why?
Comment #24Mon Aug 10, 2015 06:37 am
Turtle rock 2nd best map
Comment #25Mon Aug 10, 2015 08:13 am
#3 & #4 LMAO
Comment #26Mon Aug 10, 2015 08:19 am
As a nightelf, i guess i hate close spawn on TR but come on guys, it has been part of TR for so long, this should not be sucbject to change in my opinion ...
Comment #27Mon Aug 10, 2015 08:44 am
Some of the most interesting matches are a result of the close posi on TR. Please donīt change that and give the elves more strength :/
Comment #28Mon Aug 10, 2015 08:55 am
i agree with comments, shouldn't change TR close spawn. and i question avalanche added and centaur grove taken out especially when there has been changes made to the creeps.
Comment #29Mon Aug 10, 2015 08:57 am
Would be nice to see 3vs3...
Comment #30Mon Aug 10, 2015 09:17 am
Can we play GW now or is this map just in the Pool? Furthermore I am wondering why you announce changes of a map and you took them out of the mappool or is there any mistake? Thx.
Comment #31Mon Aug 10, 2015 09:47 am
29# Say thank you w3arena for providing such a great server for me to play without hackers or delay.
Comment #32Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:17 am
Removing TR close spawn is a huge mistake!!! The games there are usually very different and funny and there are several ways to get along with it in any matchup. I can't understand why it should be prevented. Any player who doesn't want to play this map for any reason has the possibility to veto it. I like the other changes.
Comment #33Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:21 am
Good stuff !! BtN is not in the mapppool 2v2 why updating it though lol?
Comment #34Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:22 am
^ Same as Centaur Grove
Comment #35Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:33 am
how many maps can you veto in 1vs1?
Comment #36Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:08 am
Good!BTW! - These guys are trying to make support widescreen monitors HD WC3, and they need programmers!
Comment #37Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:09 pm
Turtle Rock- Eliminated the possibility of close spawns Thats just racist!!
Comment #38Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:16 pm
Overall i am very glad about the upcoming changes in w3arena.. but even as a nightelf who does rather suffer than profit from close position on TR I don't like removing the possibilty of close spawn.. it creates alot of mindgames on your vetoes, are you willing to take the risk of a close spawn, can you handle it... and creates some very unique games. I also suggest to do a strawpool or so about this specific change. But aside from that very nice news :) keep it up
Comment #39Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:27 pm
^ , can vote here
Comment #40Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:31 pm
Great work! Unlike others, i like removing close spawns from TR very much. I believe modifying current maps is the right direction in improving balance of this game. I hope more changes like this are incoming (for example adding more creeps to gold mines on maps like EI, LR, CK, NI might be a good idea).
Comment #41Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:32 pm
Sweet, u need 3rd item: " I dont care because i play RT"
Comment #42Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:48 pm
we need the close pos on tr ! :) If not i dont have chances on this map :( :D
Comment #43Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:55 pm
What? You seriously took close spawns in tr out of the game? Did you watch wca on gamescom? The greatest matches between yaws and rich for example were enabled cause of close spawns! Why even scout then? Big mistake and not even arguable
Comment #44Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:58 pm
To #40: no, in case of tr it actually does the exact opposite
Comment #45Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:59 pm
LOL @ #41
Comment #46Mon Aug 10, 2015 13:19 pm
thx for good news
Comment #47Mon Aug 10, 2015 13:28 pm
great !
Comment #48Mon Aug 10, 2015 13:32 pm
nice work - what about a 2on2 tour? Guess there will be enough players for that :)
Comment #49Mon Aug 10, 2015 14:13 pm
let everything the same ...dont change turtle rock, i like action packed games with close posi! imagine there will be another WCA and people want to train on normal maps like TR, LT and stuff... If you want to create a new map, do it.BUT dont edit blizzard maps
Comment #50Mon Aug 10, 2015 14:47 pm
Don't change turtle rock... worst thing u can do!!!!
Comment #51Mon Aug 10, 2015 14:51 pm
Not sure if the TR thing is retarded or ultra retarded? What's the point of removing it since TR is in tournaments mappools and even @WCA and those who go to china ll possibly play TR close spawn since it wont be played on w3arena? Also i am still not sure if its retarded or ultra retarded. There are way worse things than TR close spawn such as item luck dropping on NI CK and so on but u simply cant change it since it would have to be some global patch or whatsoever. Just can't believe u just take TR close spawn out :D What about demon hunters mana burn cost too much mana why dont we change that EleGiggle
Comment #52Mon Aug 10, 2015 14:57 pm
agree with #49 blizz maps shouldnt be changed as they are not changed when playing any non-w3arena-tournament but nice to see you guys really care about the game and your service. Thanks alot and keep going :)
Comment #53Mon Aug 10, 2015 15:01 pm
Nice to see a ladder reset, will be really cool to see some new playrs reaching for the top spot. generally seems like some really nice changes / features being added to w3arena. Thx for all the work u put into the w3arena project guys! I must say tho, and i cannot stress this problem enough, that its a gamble trying to change maps that has been reconized by several tournaments and organisations over a lot of years. Who exactly had the idea of removing TR close position? and what is the incentive? Juding from the outside this seems like a decision taken by a few players, based on request of friends etc. Honestly u need a large comite to even discuss map changes, and in this comite u need atleast a respected/known pro player of each race. I highly doubt this has happen. This is obviously a "minor" change to the gameplay as a whole, but in the future i would really like to see a bit more thorough investigation of the changes that may come. This is, as i said, assuming that this havent just been hidden in the explanation of the changes. If u are intrerested i have the setup from the chinese map makers/testers(That has made maps like Great wall, bright and dark and many others), this could give an indication of how much work and thought there actually is in changing a map. Once again, thx for the work on w3a, and the changes looks really cool overall!
Comment #54Mon Aug 10, 2015 15:06 pm
Reading all these comments, one could think, that removing TR close spawn positions is a violation of human rights. :D I'm always happy to see TR close spawn matches between pro players and I feel, the imbalance comes more into play on rather average skill levels. Anyways, let's see if the decision will be revised in the next couple of days.
Comment #55Mon Aug 10, 2015 15:26 pm
I've seen this idea about deleting CP on TR somewhere already. About 2 or 3 month ago or something. No-one batted an eye about it. I think it was even on a news so.... Why everyone is complaining now? Also, it's not as much as a big decision, it's true that on average level there is abuse, games are going to be more entertaining like this. Like people keep whining when they lose CP on TR and say that it's broken and when you want to take it off then everyone is like "It's going to be less entertaining.."
Comment #56Mon Aug 10, 2015 15:54 pm
#55 I'm whining that mk lvl 5 350 dmg + banish 66% combo is too OP also and noone can do anything about it and? :D
Comment #57Mon Aug 10, 2015 15:58 pm
@Cechi: make sure you log in to W3A with all your 50:0 accounts, so that they're not going to be deleted :)
Comment #58Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:02 pm
If you decided to change maps, then why not fix obvious imba item? May be just remove tome of exp on ladder maps? Thanks for your effort!
Comment #59Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:04 pm
Also a little bit agree on TR change because fast 3 militia without any scouting (just as the game begins) feels like imba for non-humans.
Comment #60Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:07 pm
delete mk so cechi happy ;)
Comment #61Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:11 pm
Also: why you added "Deserted Isles". Does anybody like it? It is pretty bad old map.
Comment #62Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:13 pm
maybe for you y xD
Comment #63Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:36 pm
Hi. One of the bugs you are still not repaired. Let me explain. It's about the fact that when one player wins and almost destroyed all the buildings of the enemy, his opponent builds any building in a few miliseconds after he has destroyed all, and it turns out that he doesn't have a single unit and a single building on the map, but he's in the game and the game can continue indefinitely until one of the players will exit the game. After that, both players are awarded a loss, regardless of who first came out of the game.
Comment #64Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:39 pm
#63: Are you sure it's not the "game doesn't end if enemy doesn't leave bug" (which will be fixed)
Comment #65Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:40 pm
stop editing blizzard maps & just make something useful like adding 2v2 tournaments not only 1v1. Thanks!
Comment #66Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:42 pm
#64: Yes, i'm sure it is checked a couple of hours ago.
Comment #67Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:45 pm
#64: Sorry, it is not understood correctly. Himself bug has been fixed: the loser left without units and buildings on the map through some time drop out of the game. But both players awarded defeat....
Comment #68Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:48 pm
fix wisp so they cant hide in the trees and become like invincible for malee xD i always thought that was a bug or is it ;)
Comment #69Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:50 pm
#68: No bug, it's magic
Comment #70Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:51 pm
^ especially on amazonia in the bottom spawn were they can hide on the lower left of the map behind trees
Comment #71Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:54 pm
what about xp gaining? did you fix that too or is it still that horrible
Comment #72Mon Aug 10, 2015 16:54 pm
if you do this and your not lazy you get rid of the only weaknes elf has wisp
Comment #73Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:01 pm
Good Job, but if its still possible to do: dont change anything @ blizzard maps :/
Comment #74Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:07 pm
Why loads of Banned people are commenting on that? Are they not supposed to be perma banned? Or they paid admin/paid a new computer / paid anything to keep playing on the server?
Comment #75Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:08 pm
I think it's important to distinguish between game fixes (which can't be done by W3A) and map fixes (which can be done to a certain degree). I'm personally not sure yet what to think about the TR fix, but I do understand both standpoints and I'm sure they were carefully taken into consideration. There are only very few "map imbalances" which inevitably lead to immediate win/loss on certain skill levels. One is TR close spawn and one are early bod/lightning shield drops.
Comment #76Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:15 pm
Everything seems legit ( except maybe the TR close spawn jazz) maybe ill start playing again =] atleast a lil bit anyhow.
Comment #77Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:18 pm
y the tr is kinda a win lose think bad for hum then and good for elf
Comment #78Mon Aug 10, 2015 17:25 pm
Comment #79Mon Aug 10, 2015 20:00 pm
there needs to be a special kodo mountain map in the new map pool thank you
Comment #80Mon Aug 10, 2015 20:06 pm
Thanks a lot for the reset, observer board and, if Im on it, years of dedication! However, don't change Turtle Rock! Today's WC3 doesn't have too many variations in strategy anyways, and TR close gives a great chance to do something different. It would be boring not to have this great variation and the high paced games! One of the best games I know (Focus vs Moon was TR close posi!
Comment #81Mon Aug 10, 2015 20:12 pm
Ye, changed TR its mistake... Need to back
Comment #82Mon Aug 10, 2015 21:10 pm
<3 thank you soooo much for update and the hard work!!!! I like most of the changes...but the TR change is huge...I dont think it is a good desicion to change Turtle Rock. BUT OVERALL NICE WORK!! I hope we will see more changes in the next year to keep the game progressing at least a bit. I am open for everything.
Comment #83Mon Aug 10, 2015 22:19 pm
When I will get unbanned?!
Comment #84Mon Aug 10, 2015 23:34 pm
1. We must make a separate ladder for banned people. 2. Now you look like an idiot when scouting TR close position. 3. @ 51 Heroes which scale ridiculously with dmg/attack speed items are BM, POTM, NAGA and DR. Naga stacked with items and with lvl3 arrows kills DH 1v1. Still, sometimes DH makes UD heroes useless, but UD vs NE is one of the most balanced matchups in the game. 3. @ #55 anti magic shell. A proper number of fiends, abos, destros, banshees and statues beats any human army of the same size, but HU economy > UD economy.
Comment #85Tue Aug 11, 2015 02:20 am
imba nice
Comment #86Tue Aug 11, 2015 02:30 am
Hopefully they unban us I can't wait for reset:))
Comment #87Tue Aug 11, 2015 06:24 am
Listen, kids... If Kodos says we're done with Turd Rock then we're done with it! End of story!!!
Comment #88Tue Aug 11, 2015 07:41 am
>We must make a separate ladder for banned people.
Comment #89Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:40 am
Plz add Dire Brook to the map pool!
Comment #90Tue Aug 11, 2015 13:46 pm I hope admins recognize the will of the people?
Comment #91Tue Aug 11, 2015 14:04 pm
Well I am afraid that it's just to late now. The discussion about the new mappool and the specific map changes was open for more than a year ( Now the version 3 of the w3arena maps are already out as you can see in your w3arena map folder, there is simply no way we can change it back for this version. There sure are pros and cons of removing close spawn on TR and if it turns out that the cons outweigh the pros we sure will probably change it back in version 4 of the w3arena maps, but that is a long road ahead.
Comment #92Tue Aug 11, 2015 14:27 pm
3 people in that thread actually disagreed with it
Comment #93Tue Aug 11, 2015 14:32 pm
I knew I've seen it somewhere! Thanks Jehu
Comment #94Tue Aug 11, 2015 16:37 pm
fixing close spawns - is really bad idea. when will FFA section appear on arena?)
Comment #95Tue Aug 11, 2015 17:10 pm
I think the next reset, or whenever possible we need more 2v2 maps, custom made and balance tested would be good to bring more fun
Comment #96Tue Aug 11, 2015 19:15 pm
DON'T FORGET to fix the 2v2 map rotation, we can't veto TR and 90% of the games are being played on that map, also Gnoll Wood is in the map pool but we NEVER get it
Comment #97Tue Aug 11, 2015 19:17 pm
"so that it will now be available in the mappool (and not automatically replaced by Turtle Rock" oh alright didnt read that part NVM
Comment #98Wed Aug 12, 2015 15:40 pm
@ at Jehu: "Fs.Jehu wrote: We are almost finshed with the maps, only thing missing is that TR spawn thing. Could someone edit the w3arena__turtlerock__v2.w3x so that close spawns are eleminated in 1v1 and upload the map somewhere? All other gamemodes should work as usual." Answer by CreativeName: " How about you annonunce this on the start site or leave the fix out for now? No one will read it here, and if its the only thing thats holding back the reset, it should be more prominent." Thats it in a nutshell.
Comment #99Wed Aug 12, 2015 17:53 pm
Nerf elf / hu. BUFF ORC
Comment #100Wed Aug 12, 2015 18:20 pm
So if server down no tour that day? -.-
Comment #101Wed Aug 12, 2015 18:58 pm
Unbann me! No reason to keep me banned...
Comment #102Wed Aug 12, 2015 21:40 pm
Awww *hug
Comment #103Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:51 am
Comment #104Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:52 am
WHY Razzorman is banned while COOPER can play WCA qualifiers? i dont get it, rly..
Comment #105Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:00 am
COoper is legit and good furthermore
Comment #106Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:25 am
What about sonik
Comment #107Thu Aug 13, 2015 16:38 pm
There will be no tournament this Friday in order to make this reset process go as smooth as possible. It will resume next Friday as normal. Also, Razzorman, Bash and anyone else inquiring about Razzorman's ban... there are plenty of reasons to keep him banned. Do you want to know the key difference between Cooper and Razzorman? Cooper actually stopped when he was told to stop abusing a bug (which he accidentally ran into but took advantage of) while cooperating with the w3arena staff and took his punishment. Razzorman not only chose to flame admins for warning him multiple times about abusing a bug to get high ranked in ladder (he either found out or was told of the conditions since he went out of his way to trigger this bug whenever he was losing a game) but on top of that he continued abusing the bug nonstop. Then to make matters worse, after he earned his permanent ban he was caught map hacking on bnet in order to win tournaments. This definitely shows what type of person he is. He does not care whether he has to abuse bugs or use maphack as long as he wins. This type of person is not wanted in w3arena. W3Arena has nothing but love for the players that play legitimately and have a competitive spirit but what Razzorman did after multiple warnings is flat out disgusting and he can enjoy bnet for the rest of his life. Bash, I know that you have the same type of "win by any means including underhanded methods" attitude as Razzorman but if this is the type of person that you would like to support then be my guest but that won't change anything.
Comment #108Thu Aug 13, 2015 16:56 pm
Yosh i noticed you made a fix for the map Bridge Too near but its no longer in the upcoming map pool. Any reason for this or just a mistake??
Comment #109Thu Aug 13, 2015 17:39 pm
@kodos That wasn't a mistake. We fixed the maps that we could fix regardless of whether or not we would use this in the map rotation. Just because a map was excluded from this rotation doesn't mean that it is impossible for it to return during the next season so there is no value lost. Our goal is to not have such a long time in between ladder seasons but this also depends on how long it takes to complete improvements / changes.
Comment #110Thu Aug 13, 2015 21:13 pm
gotcha, thanks
Comment #111Thu Aug 13, 2015 21:55 pm
Well, the bug is fixed. I won't use it anymore. Why wouldn't you back me in game? I really don't understand you...
Comment #112Thu Aug 13, 2015 22:12 pm
"Well, the bug is fixed. I won't use it anymore." you're joking right? lol
Comment #113Thu Aug 13, 2015 22:15 pm
How can I be joking if there is no bugs anymore... I used it one time and stopped. It's really unreal that you keep me still banned for some weird stuff. I really should be back on ladder playing like all people do. No sense keeping me banned. I'm the legend of Far Seer, I played in national team of Croatia, fighted in first leagues and did good games against top players...
Comment #114Thu Aug 13, 2015 23:50 pm
For further input about the maps: Please share your opinion in this thread
Comment #115Fri Aug 14, 2015 01:07 am
go back to cheating on bnet kid
Comment #116Fri Aug 14, 2015 16:54 pm
Comment #117Fri Aug 14, 2015 18:26 pm
I like the ladder reset but wow the TR close postion change is sooooo stupid, pls undo it somehow. :( And keep all hackers banned! Imo you should add all bnet hackers too to the banned list, like cooper etc. Such a shame they are playing here...
Comment #118Sat Aug 15, 2015 00:35 am
Hello all, warcraft bugs (FATAL ERROR) when I launch the client.. someone can help me ?
Comment #119Tue Aug 18, 2015 09:21 am
Hey everybody, Nice to have some changes and new maps. Thanks. However I think its a bit unfortunate, that everybody is in the same clan now and got almost the same name! Pretty boring. cheers

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