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What's up this Week? [2015.08.03-09]

Published Mon Aug 03, 2015 by B2W.Neo
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Day   Time   Tournament   Prize   Link    Cast Replay Winner
Tuesday 18:00 CEST W3Arena Auto Tour  

Wednesday 11:00 CEST WCA EU Finals
WarchiefRich vs. HLA
8,500 EUR WarchiefRich
13:30 CEST WCA EU Finals
WarchiefRich vs. Rudan
8,500 EUR

16:00 CEST WCA EU Finals
HLA vs. Rudan
8,500 EUR

Thursday 11:15 CEST
WCA EU Finals
yAwS* vs. WarchiefRich
8,500 EUR WarchiefRich
Friday 12:30 CEST WCA EU Finals
yAwS* vs. Rudan
8,500 EUR

13:30 CEST WCA EU Finals
yAwS* vs. HLA
8,500 EUR


18:00 CEST W3Arena Auto Tour 25 USD
Saturday 09:30 CEST WCA EU Finals
Upperbracket Final
8,500 EUR

10:45 CEST WCA EU Finals
Lowerbracket Final
8,500 EUR

14:30 CEST WCA EU Finals
Consolation Final
8,500 EUR

Sunday 14:00 CEST
GERA Cup #23
100 USD

14:00 CEST WCA EU Finals
Grand Final
8,500 EUR


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*Foggy's visa application was denied. On short notice, yAwS has been chosen to fulfil the vacant slot on Gamescom. Official Announcement


  The annual global Warcraft 3 highlight is coming up. World Cyber Arena, whose finals are taking place in China, finish their EU Pro Qualifier this week. WarchiefRich, Rudan, yAwS and HLA fight over 8,500 Euros and Back2Warcraft is in Cologne to cast the games live on stage.


Comment #1Tue Aug 04, 2015 19:08 pm
Is it bo3 or bo5 ?
Comment #2Tue Aug 04, 2015 19:15 pm
its finals so i guess bo5
Comment #3Wed Aug 05, 2015 08:15 am
Kind of sad for Foggy, but at the same time it's good that the race ratio would be at least a little bit diversified.
Comment #4Wed Aug 05, 2015 09:45 am
f***ing Night elves
Comment #5Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:10 am
I guess congratulations to WarchiefRich are due. However, I certainly don't think he is the kind of player that could challenge the Chinese at highest level. I'd say HLA (if he practices) and Rudan (again, if he practices) are much more likely to be able to take some significant advantage over the Chinese. Additionally, Cash who lost to Foggy, and Foggy himself might have produced much more entertaining AND challenging games both in this tournament, and at the WCA finals as compared to Warchief. The only things the games of Warchief proved is that in approximately even-skilled standard-strategy bouts, where both players don't make major mistakes, elf would generally be the stronger race. And yes, that includes the final game on TM where he played (wait for it!!!) Warden (!!!!!!) vs yaws. The most telling case were the two Turtle Rock games of Yaws vs Warchief. Absolutely identical positions, pretty much identical strategies. And the only difference? The second time they met on TR Warchief didn't lose all his archers in the beginning at the back of his base :)
Comment #6Tue Aug 11, 2015 13:53 pm
Go rich go. Time to redeem yourself

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