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What's up this Week? [2015.07.20-26]

Published Sun Jul 19, 2015 by HighTac
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Day   Time   Tournament   Prize   Link    Cast Replay Winner
Tuesday 18:00 CET W3Arena Auto Tour  
19:30 CET MWCS ESL Arena - Replay Cast 8,800 EUR TH000
Thursday 16:00 CET WCA EU Qualifier - Group A 8,500 EUR WarchiefRich
& Rudan
Friday 16:00 CET
WCA EU Qualifier - Group B 8,500 EUR Foggy & HLA

18:00 CET W3Arena Auto Tour 25 USD
Saturday 13:00 CET Brain's WC3 Cup - Finals 800 USD Rudan
Sunday 14:00 CET GERA Cup #22 100 USD WarchiefRich

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  The annual global Warcraft 3 highlight is coming up. World Cyber Arena, whose finals are taking place in China, starts with the EU Pro Qualifier this week. Four of the 16 European participants will proceed to the next qualifier round. 


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