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What's up this Week? [2015.07.06-12]

Published Sun Jul 05, 2015 by HighTac
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Day   Time   Tournament   Prize   Link    Cast Replay Winner
Tuesday 18:00 CEST W3Arena Auto Tour  
Wednesday 19:00 CEST ZODIAC Dream League
1,800 USD SoniK & Cash
Friday 04:00 CEST ESCC Day 1 16,000 USD

18:00 CEST W3Arena Auto Tour 25 USD
Saturday 04.00 CEST ESCC Day 2 16,000 USD
Sunday 04.00 CEST ESCC Grand Final 16,000 USD
14:00 CEST GERA Cup #20 100 USD Foggy
20:00 CEST ZODIAC Dream League
Grand final
1,800 USD SoniK

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  Today is the final day of  ZODIAC Dream League. The best of five between Cash and SoniK will be casted tonight. Who will take home another 250 EUR extra (winner gets 500 EUR and runner-up 250 EUR)?


Comment #1Tue Jul 07, 2015 14:27 pm
has anyone an idea on how to handle this error:
Comment #2Tue Jul 07, 2015 21:13 pm
I'm having the same error, just downloaded W3A and can't do anything because of it.
Comment #3Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:11 am
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