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Eternal League & RCB just a big fraud?

Published Sun May 24, 2015 by B2W.Neo
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Observing Warcraft fans might have noticed that there has been no update or coverage from the highly anticipated Eternal League nor the clan league RCB anymore. During this week, we heard more and more rumors about the organizers being broke and the abandonment of both leagues.

When we announced the first Korean Warcraft league in April, which was slated to be the biggest Korean event since the XP-League days, organizers, casters and fans cheered joyfully about the comeback of one of Warcraft's biggest names in history. South Korea, often called motherland of Warcraft, which brought us legends like Moon and Lyn and has been pushing the scene along since day one, is back where it belongs: Fighting with Europe and China for the golden crown of competitive Warcraft.

Sponsored by a wig-producer, Eternal League promised not only the participation of WEC's runner up Reprisal but also the comeback of Check and MinHyuk and  the first five weeks of the league went flawlessly. Now, eight weeks after the initial announcement, they're three weeks behind their schedule and admins and organizers are gone as if the earth has swallowed them.

The final games of the group stage should have been played on May 9th and the quarterfinals should have been in full effect by now. The organizers stated to Back2Warcraft (official english broadcast partner), that their tv studio is broken and they postpone the games for one or two weeks. 

At the same time, the same organizers planned Return of Clan Battle, a clan league that should bring content to the Warcraft scene after Eternal League has ended. Once again big promises were made, e.g. the return of FoCuS, GoStop and viOlet. With Team Ez Katka (a european allstar team) and Clan OwNu, we had two western based teams in the race as well. 

After the first week of RCB, which went through without any complication, no admin was contactable anymore. asked some Koreans about the situation and that's were the rumors of the broke organizers came around. "The admin is a swindler", "league is fake" and "all content is broken" are some direct quotes we got. 

We're asking the admin team for a statement, but none of our requests has been answered. For now, the end of Eternal League and RCB is still a rumor, but the overly anticipated return of Korea into the circle of Warcraft's big boys is ill-fated.


Comment #1Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:46 am
Try to contact with Chinese counterparts. they are resourceful and eager willing. Since the China internet situation improved a lot, a really global club league is touchable, just have a try.
Comment #2Tue Jun 02, 2015 22:56 pm
Chinese organizers only want chinese teams, it wouldn't really do much lol.
Comment #3Tue Jun 02, 2015 23:52 pm
Ya me parecia extraño q jugadores como gostop, sweet o moon despues de tanto años de inactividad volvieran a jugar de un dia para otro.

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