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Weekend Recap [2015.04.25/26]

Published Sun Apr 26, 2015 by HighTac
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Weekend Awards

Zodiac 2on2 Cup Winners: CoopeR / CaSpEND (200$)

GERA Cup Winner: WarchiefRich (100$ richer. hrhr)

Fair Play Medal: Foggy (for granting CoopeR a rematch)

Trophy for Strategical Exceptionality: Foggy (and a small one for XeLSinG)


Another Warcraft weekend is lying behind us and again the European elite didn't disappoint their fanbase.

Zodiac 2on2 Cup - The Finals

CoopeR(OR)/CaSpEND(HU) vs. Foggy(NE)/Orcworker(OR)

It started off so well for Foggy and Orcworker, winning the first game of the Bo5 on Gnoll Wood. Finally a team seemed good enough to beat CoopeR and CaSpEND , who were rushing through the tournament undefeatedly until that point. But after the first match, in which the huntress, dryad, grunt, raider, spiritwalker strategy worked out pretty fine, this wasn't the case in all three subsequent games. The agressive rifle, caster, raider style of CoopeR and CaSpEND was simply too strong. Although both teams felt equally strong in the first fights on tier two, only the human orc combination able to contiue the pressure, winning the series 3:1.

Back2Warcraft Cast Record

Replay Pack

GERA Cup #9 - The Finals

Foggy(NE) vs. WarchiefRich(NE)

Although, WarchiefRich justified his role as the favorite, winning the finals three to one, it was one of the most exciting nightelf mirrors we have seen in a long time. When there was one win for each player on the scoreboard, Foggy seemed to doubt his win chances with the usual archer, talon or bear strategies against his incredibly steady opponent.

This is where Foggy revealed his first unusual strategy on Secret Valley. Starting with a Priestess of the Moon and an early hidden tree of life at his enemy's natural expansion, he was soon able to put pressure on his opponent with mass dryads and a Naga second. WarchiefRich, sticking to his one and only Demon Hunter, had serious issues to keep his bears alive against the kiting superiority of riding javelin throwers. But little by little, the Brit slaughtered dryad after dryad and therewith getting his Demon Hunter closer to his furious ultimate. After destroying Foggy's expansion and igniting Metamorphosis for the first time, it was clear who the winner would be.

Being in the tight spot on Last Refuge, Foggy still didn't give up. This time, both players started with Demon Hunters, but cheered by casters and observers, Foggy started to build mountain giants after reaching tier two to counter Warchief's talons. Together with his Keeper of the Grove, he seemed on a good way to his second win, at the latest when his expansion was running. Unfortunately, he did not manage to put enough pressure on his opponent, before the latter transitioned into a massive army of bears, easily melting the army of giants and dryads. Nonetheless, these four matches were extremely entertaining, not least due to the huge variety of tactics.

Back2Warcraft Cast Record

Replay Pack

Most Memorable Match of the Weekend

Foggy(NE) vs. XeLSinG(OR) - GERA Cup quarter-final on Terenas Stand

Definitely one of the funniest matches on Sunday was the one between Foggy and Xelsing, both known for their unusual play styles. In this first quarter-final, Foggy decided to go the usual talon strategy, whereas Xelsing teched directly to T3 in order to take his natural expension with a Tiny Great Hall as fast as he possibly can. Surprisingly the orc player was able to defend the towers under construction with just his Blade Master, Shadow Hunter and a few grunts. From there on Foggy became a bit helpless, besieging the expansion with his talons instead of heading for the main base with just one tower in it.

Despite the standstill, the match became quite interesting at this point, illustrating the paper, scissor, rock principle perfectly. Foggy built chiems to counter Xelsing's demolishers with their burning oil upgrade. Then Xelsing transitioned from grunts, demolishers, spiritwalkers and a kodo beast to bat riders, whereupon Foggy switched to bears and dryads. Meanwhile, the latter had his third expansion going, which caused a pretty hopeless position for Xelsing. His subsequent transition to raiders, to counter the bears, might be the biggest mistake of the game. With 53 supply and no more main base against Foggy's 90 supply and two expansions the game seemed over already, when the Blade Master reached level six and rebelled in the final clash, killing the Tinker and quite some units with his blade storm. But in the end, this was not enough and Xelsing was defeated.


Comment #1Tue Apr 28, 2015 13:34 pm
very nice articel! i love you guys and i love the fact w3 is still alive. i would say its more alive than 2-3 years ago :)
Comment #2Tue Apr 28, 2015 15:14 pm
Warchief the best
Comment #3Tue Apr 28, 2015 19:16 pm
2 ex hackers winning 200$ is quite sad...
Comment #4Tue Apr 28, 2015 19:19 pm
Awesome write up, thank you!
Comment #5Tue Apr 28, 2015 22:39 pm
when will crrpt steam again and wish enemys mothers cancer?
Comment #6Tue Apr 28, 2015 23:27 pm
nice article and it is ver cool that you uploaded the replay packs :)
Comment #7Wed Apr 29, 2015 08:05 am
active weekend for foggy it seems :)

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