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What's up on W3Arena? #1

Published Mon Apr 13, 2015 by HighTac
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Retrospective of Zodiac Cup #12 and Gera Cup #7, results of all other tournaments and news about new functionalities in W3Arena

Weekends like the previous one feel a little bit like being back in 2008, with so much Warcraft 3 going on. By jumping from stream to stream, it was easily possible to fill all day with exciting Warcraft action. Apparently Zodiac Cup #12 - April Masters on Saturday and the Gera Cup #7 on Sunday were the highlights.

Zodiac Cup #12 [2015.04.11] - $400

1. Reprisal - 200$

2. Rudan / Lucifer / Hawk 

On Saturday, 65 players participated in the cup with the currently biggest prize pool in Europe and fought epic clashes in overall 73 matches. The bracket was highly promising right from the beginning.

Apart from WarchiefRich(NE), who needed to cancel his participation on short notice, all other favorites fulfilled expectations and reached the round of 16. At the same time, this was the last round for SoniK(NE), Foggy(NE) and Yaws(HU), not able to get any further. Right at his comeback to the European scene, ReprisaL(HU) turned out to be very good in shape, beating Starshaped(NE), Cechi(UD) and Rudan(NE) and therewith reaching the final.

On the other side of the bracket, HawK(HU) was facing Lucifer(UD) in the second semi-final, which was definitely one of the highlights on Saturday. Not only, that all four races were represented in semi-finals, but also the clash Europe vs. Korea remind of days long bygone. People were joyful anticipating the best of three, but the search for a host became a real struggle, since alternately Lucifer(UD) or HawK(HU) had a ping which they were not willing to play with. This resulted in a huge beef, which made that semi-final even more interesting, when it finally started with a two hour delay. After two great games on Echo Isles and Secret Valley the score was tied and both players joined the third and deciding game on Turtle Rock, which became a really close call. Although Lucifer(UD) chose a really agressive creep route, taking two of the red camps pretty early, he was not able to defend his base against the rifle priest tower push on tier two. At first, the game seemed over already, but then Lucifer suddenly managed to kill the Arch Mage and protect the few remaining buildings with meat wagons. For some time it looked as if it could become an epic comeback, when Lucifer(UD) expanded and killed the peasents of his opponent's second mine, but in the end he wasn't able to do so against the superior army.

Although HawK(HU) continued his dominant and very precise play style in the final against ReprisaL(HU) and defeating him in both matches, he and Lucfier(UD) were disqualified for delaying the tournament by two hours. According to the admins, ReprisaL(HU) was irreversibly declared as the winner, after Lucifer(UD) and HawK(HU) refused all available host bots. This decision could not be revoked, when both players decided to play anyways two hours later.

Back2Warcraft Cast Recording

Gera Cup #7 [2015.04.12] - $100

1. Cash - 100$

2. Ente

3. / 4. xelsing / foggy

Another Gera Cup took place on Sunday. Surprisingly, no human player made it to the semi-final, but two orcs, one nightelf and one undead. Although the German player EnTe(UD) performed pretty well in all rounds, defeating Xelsing(OR) souvereignly in the semi-final, he was not able to stand a chance against Cash(OR) in the final. Cash made almost no mistakes and played impressingly well, strengthening his reputation to be the currently best European orc player.

Back2Warcraft Cast Recording

Replay Pack

Green Cup - Random Race [2015.04.08] - $25

1. Foggy

2. Spiral

3. Sonik / Starshaped

W3Arena Tuesday Tour [2015.04.07]

1. AJK

2. PraDo

3. FanShaper

W3Arena Friday Tour [2015.04.10] - $25

1. Hawk

2. WarchiefRich

3. Rudan & AJK

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New Functionalities on W3Arena

Our technical team is working hard to improve your gaming experience in Warcraft itself, but also the functionalities on this website.

  • Laddergame-History - In each ladder profile you can now find a list of the previous ten matches at the very bottom
  • Community Chat - The new chat window within the Community tab is a new feature to enhance communication within our community


Comment #1Mon Apr 13, 2015 14:23 pm
great news!
Comment #2Mon Apr 13, 2015 15:07 pm
Great job guys. Is it possible to allow ppl to download replays of last games of each player? that would be sick
Comment #3Mon Apr 13, 2015 15:33 pm
Awesome guys! Cash played so amazingly well! :) I hope he will continue his play and will become the new orc power-house to rule them all!
Comment #4Mon Apr 13, 2015 16:15 pm
Speaking of European orcs where is FS.Still? (funnman) he was the only other orc in europe that could hold a candle to cash, i'd say he's second or third best orc in the world right now, great play by him in gera cup
Comment #5Mon Apr 13, 2015 16:23 pm
news #1 is no zodiac replay pack :(
Comment #6Mon Apr 13, 2015 16:28 pm
Replay Pack for Zodiac will follow
Comment #7Mon Apr 13, 2015 17:05 pm zodiac replays from HawK's
Comment #8Mon Apr 13, 2015 17:31 pm
@HighTac good news
Comment #9Tue Apr 14, 2015 00:15 am
+1 thx :)
Comment #10Tue Apr 14, 2015 14:45 pm
Comment #11Wed Apr 15, 2015 07:24 am
yeah zodiac replay pack will be cool...btw Reprisal vs Rudan game #1 was awesome!

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