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Coverage update on Eternal League

Published Wed Apr 08, 2015 by B2W.Neo
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Nine days ago, we told you about the new powerhouse of Korean Warcraft 3 competition, Eternal League. A prizepool of over $1500 and returning players like Check and Minhyuk cought our western eyes but noone knew how to watch the games. That's changing this week!

Starting Saturday, April 11th, you will have two options of watching the games, live!
After a very pleasent talk with Logon Media's media representative Damin Kim, our Korean friends decided to not only stream the games on Afreeca, but on Twitch as well. They'll provide high quality and well produced streams with the infamous Korean commentary we all know and love from videos like SK.Lyn sword saint.

The other option is English commentary by Back2Warcraft
This group of Germans brings high quality Warcraft to our screens for years and did call the biggest tournament of all times, WCA 2014.
They made a name for themselves with their continuous english coverage of tournaments like GERA or ZODIAC Cups and will be the broadcast partner for the first edition of Eternal League. With exclusive access to the replay files, you can re-live korea's finest Warcraft games, only seven hours after the games have been played live.

The league has already started, but thanks to Logon Media, we have 1080p HD VoDs on their YouTube Channel and if you want to stay updated about the latest news and VoDs from Korea, you can like their Facebook page


Round 1:

LawLiet vs. So.In
Result: 0:1

Check vs. MinHyuk
Result: 1:0

Reprisal vs. Music
Result: 1:0

Lucifer vs. Bany
Result: 0:1

Round 2: 

piltong vs. Shot

Agatha vs. Ken

YangE vs. Practice

No.90 vs. Uranus

Streams for Playday 2:

6 am CEST / 7 am MSK / 2 pm KST:
Korean Stream by Logon Media 

2 pm CEST / 3 pm MSK / 9 pm KST:
English Stream by Back2Warcraft


Comment #1Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:04 pm
Awesome dope! But do they only bo1?
Comment #2Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:31 pm
for the groupstage, it's only Bo1 Will be Bo3/bo5 in the playoffs though
Comment #3Fri Apr 10, 2015 14:14 pm
Traditional Korean casters... The chick returns !
Comment #4Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:05 pm
Sad news from Korea frown emoticon The replay files for todays games are broken, so we're not able to stream the games today and will start our Eternal League coverage next week.
Comment #5Tue Apr 14, 2015 19:51 pm
T.T too bad.

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