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ESL Cup #2 on Saturday

Published Thu Dec 11, 2014 by B2W.Neo
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We were all as surprised as you were when the ESL put a Warcraft 3 cup out of it's hat last Sunday. Five days later, we're happy to announce that they'll put up a second one this Saturday on W3Arena!

We didn't see much activity on the War3 section of Europe's biggest eSports tournament organizer after the shutdown of EMS but with your help and activity we can change that. The first edition on December 6th was a nice success with a full grid containing 16 players of whom FenixL stood tall at the end of the day.

This Saturday, it's your chance to grab for the throne and become ESL's Warcraft Champion of the week. All information below:

Sign up until: 16.00 CET
Check in starts: 15.30 CET
Start: 16.00 CET
Size: 32 Players
Mode: Single Elemination, Best of 1
Mappool: AI, AZ, EI, LR, SV, TR, TM 
Plattform: W3Arena, Channel: ESL Cup 


Comment from Techpriest (Head Admin):
Feel free to call your friends because our goal here is to keep warcraft 3 alive and active and to give players opportunity to compete and to try (in future) to bring some sponsorship, and for that, as you might know, we need activity of players.
Thank you again and good luck. 

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