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Oldschool Undead heroes fight again!

Published Mon Feb 28, 2011 by CUBORG
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It has been a long time since we heard from Lucifer, he went to the army although he popped up sometime last year when he had some time off. But all of a sudden last week posted a replay pack of Lucifer. Apparently he had been practising on the Chiniese Garena equivalent, VSClient. Not long after that, posted that pack he acknowledged it was him by one small but quite big post on the the forum of, it just said: 

"sup :)

1 reps for you guys

xiexie _ _ ;"

To put action behind his words he actually played in last weekends Zotac where he got knocked out by Nicker.

And just after Lucifer's replay pack was released Tatazu released a replay pack with games from Sweet. He apparently has been practising on the VSClient, as well.

You can find Lucifers replay pack here.
The replay he mentioned in his forum post here (definitely check that one out).
His zotac games from last weekend here.
And Sweets replay pack can be found here.

Please note that all those games, besides the zotac ones, were played on the VSClient which apparently only works with patch 1.24b. So you will need something like the warcraft version switcher to watch those replays.

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