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King of the Hill #6: KurCo vs. Padash

Published Tue Apr 12, 2011 by CUBORG
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Before the site went down, back in February, we held five King of the Hill series. MaCk was dominating for quite some time, but he was eventually stopped by his countryman, VortiX, who then went ahead and defeated ThomasG comfortably, as well.

Previous King of the Hill results:

KotH #1: MaCk > MaGGo

KotH #2: MaCk > Huang_Feng

KotH #3: MaCk > Rosenkill

KotH #4: MaCk < VortiX

KotH #5: VortiX > ThomasG

VortiX is an all-SC2 player now though, and he won't partake in the King of the Hill matches anymore. MaCk, as the former King, can't play either, due to personal reasons.

To continue the series, we now introduce two new players. KurCo and Padash have both shown they are in great shapes lately, which promises high level and entertaining matches for the observers.

Matches will be played Sunday, March 17th at 17 CET. Games will be live on WTV and replays will be uploaded immediately after each map.

Map pool:

Twisted Meadows (starting map)

Terenas Stand

Ancient Isles

Echo Isles

Turtle Rock


Secret Valley

Final result:

Padash 3-0 KurCo 

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