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Moon and Lyn to WCG 2011

Published Wed Aug 17, 2011 by CUBORG
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Earlier today, the last two matches of the Korean WCG qualifiers were played where Moon and Lyn made it to the grand finals, after defeating FoCuS and ReMinD respectively.

Despite switching to Starcraft 2, almost a year ago, the dou had no trouble defeating two of the best players of the current Warcraft 3 scene, both winning their series with a 2-0 score.

Will Moon fulfill his dream of winning WCG at last?

Although, a stream was promised for the games, nothing showed up on the official WCG Korea website. There was an Ongamenet stream, which was available to Korea residents only. Whether there will be replays later or not, is still unclear.

Failing to stream these games, despite prior promises, raises questions about Korea's ability to deliver as the host country of WCG 2011 grand finals.

Earlier this month, WCG China was wrapped up with Fly100%, TH000 and Sky finishing first to third. Those three will represent China in the grand finals. With players of such caliber aboard, WCG 2011 already seems like a promising event for Warcraft 3 fans.

UPDATE: You can watch the VODs now:

Lyn vs. ReMinD: Game 1 - Game 2

Moon vs. FoCuS: Game 1 - Game 2

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