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IEF 2011

Published Mon Sep 19, 2011 by CUBORG
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Last weekend a Korean qualifier was held to determine who would fill the last four spots for the 2011 International E-sport/Entertainment Festival.
The qualifier saw many familiar faces like old schoolers Soju and Sweet, zotac veterans Focus, Lawliet and Reprisal and many more.
But in the end it was Lyn who won his first event under the flag of Panda by beating Lucifer while EHome.Remind managed to grab the 3rd spot after dispatching Moon. (more details about the Korean qualifiers can be found here)

Which Chinese players would be sent to the final was decided in the Chinese qualifier that was held a few weeks ago. EHOME.Fly100% won that qualifier by beating the IEF 2010 champion Tyloo.Infi. (more details about the Chinese qualifiers can be found here)

And two invitees completes the list of players that will go to the 2011 IEF final:

EHOME.Fly100% (China qualifier champion)
TyLoo.Infi (China qualifier 2nd place)
TyLoo. TH000 (China qualifier 3rd place
WE.GIGABYTE.JN (China qualifier 4th place)
PanDa.Lyn (Korea qualifier champion)
TheLegend.Lucifer (Korea qualifier 2nd place)
EHOME.ReMinD (Korea qualifier 3rd place)
Moon (Korea qualifier 4th place)
AgFox.Roccat_Nicker (invited)
Stud (invited)

These 10 participants will meet each other from the 7th until the 9th of October for the 2011 IEF final where they will battle for total prizepool of 17000 USD*:
#1: 10000 USD
#2: 5000 USD
#3: 2000 USD

*if google translate isn't fooling me

Source: Tatazu

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