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Moon wins IEF 2011

Published Sun Oct 09, 2011 by CUBORG
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Earlier this week, IEF 2011 Global finals kicked off in Korea, where some of the world's best known Warcraft 3 players got together to fight for a total prize money of $17,000. Also among the attendess were some lesser known players from Pakistan, India, Hong Kong and Bangladesh who were given the chance to compete at an international event at the highest level.

Groupstage matches were finished with no surprises, beside Fly100% losing to one of the best European Nightelf players these days, Sonik.

Sonik didn't make it far in the tournament though, as he fell to Infi's might in the first round of playoffs. In the other match, Lyn didn't have any problems against ReMinD and went on to the next round easily, where he met the in-shape Lucifer, who had earlier edged past TH000. Infi on the other hand, lined up against Moon who had defeated JN in the preceding round.

Despite his efforts, Lucifer was no match for Lyn and was knocked out by the Orc player. The 5th race eased past Infi too and went on to meet Lyn in the finals, evoking memories of the classic encounters these two have had throughout the years.

Once again, Moon showed why he's considered the best Warcraft 3 player and defeated the Orc master in two straight matches on Terenas Stand and Echo Isles, winning the IEF 2011 champion title and $10,000 in cash.

Moon, after his victory at IEF 2011

Unfortunately, no stream was provided by the Korean officials and if past experiences are anything to go by, there will be no replays either.

Final Standings:

1st: Moon - $10,000
2nd: Lyn - $5,000
3rd: Infi - $2,000

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