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Lucifer is the Replayers Epic Cup #2 champion!

Published Thu Dec 01, 2011 by CUBORG
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Following our comback back in February, we hosted Replayers Epic Cup, which was met with positive feedback from the fans.

To show our gratitude for our community's constant support, we now announce Replayers Epic Cup #2.

We have decided to implement a new format for the competition, to provide you with higher quality entertainment. Unlike our first cup, which was a single-elimination one-day run, we will use a groupstage to double-elimination playoffs system, this time around.

We have gathered sixteen of the best currently active Warcraft 3 players from Europe, China and Korea. These players will be divided into four groups and the top two players of each group will advance to the double-elimination playoffs. In the end, the winner will receive the $100 prize money.

List of participants:
















Further details, including groups and match dates will be announced shortly.

UPDATE: You can see groups and upcoming matches now. Match dates coming up soon.

Unfortunately, we were just informed that the German Orc player, Heinrich "S.o.K.o.L" Rennert, will not be able to partake in Replayers Epic Cup, despite agreeing to play earlier.

Since the groups are already drawn, replacing him with another player will not be possible. As a result, all his matches in Group B will be considered 2-0 losses.

As we announced earlier, the German player, S.o.K.oL, has decided to forfeit his matches in Replayers Epic Cup.

Initially, we decided to declare all his matches lost with a 2-0 score, to avoid further complications.

That decision was met with criticism from our community so, we're changing it. Today, we're pleased to introduce the Ukranian Nightelf powerhouse, Sonik, as the replacement. He will be placed in Group B with FoCuS, Rain and LawLiet.

As you have noticed, Epic Cup matches have been on hold for over two weeks now, during which we tried to schedule the last remaining groupstage match, between Nicker and Yumiko. Unfortunately, Nicker seems unavailable and at this point, we have no option but to replace him with another player. Thus, Rudan, who had placed 3rd in Group D will take Nicker's spot in playoffs. Joining him will be four Chinese players and three Koreans: JN, Fly100%, Yumiko, Una, Lucifer, LawLiet and FoCuS. You can see the playoff brackets and first round matches at our tournament page. Match dates will be announced shortly.

The returning Undead star, Noh "Lucifer" JaeWook does the impossible and overcomes one of the best Orc players in Warcraft 3 history, Fly100%, in Replayers Epic Cup #2 finals.

Beside Fly100%, the Undead prodigy took out the likes of ReMinD, JN, Yumiko and LawLiet to become the second Korean Undead player to win Replayers Epic Cup. He will be rewarded $100 for his efforts.

Whether there will be a third season of Replayers Epic Cup or not is still unclear at this point. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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