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Lyn wins WCG 2011

Published Fri Dec 09, 2011 by CUBORG
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In a not so close BO3, June "Lyn" Park defeats the Chinese legend Sky, winning his first WCG title and keeping Sky from taking his third.

With its weird BO1 format, the groupstage had no shortage of surprises, where the likes of Moon and TH000 didn't even advance. Two Orcs and two Humans made it to the sem-finals. Sky had no trouble against HawK and Lyn managed to edge past Fly100% to meet Sky in the grand finals.

Lyn made a couple of minor mistakes on AI; and with some luck on his side, Sky managed to take the first map. On TM, on the other hand, Lyn got the spot he was hoping for and killed four peasants early in the game. He kept on pushing Sky's expansion and eventually took it down, getting the second map. On EI, Sky went for MK first and expansion but Lyn's push with Panda was too much to handle.

Lyn is the second Korean to win WCG after ReMinD did it last year, putting an end to the Chinese reign

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