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Replay Of The Year 2013

Published Mon Dec 16, 2013 by CUBORG
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2013 is coming to its end, a year with a lot of great tournaments and replays. Now it is time for a little retrospection.
The list below contains 10 potential ROTY candidates. Another poll will be up in a couple of days, in which everyone will be able to vote for his favourite one. If you would like to vote for a game that is not mentioned here, do not hesitate to write a comment, maybe I missed it.
May the best replay win!

2013-01-05 Fs.Passion(UD) vs HPE.Th000(HMN)

2013-01-06 Th000(HMN)+Yumiko(HMN) vs EnTeee(UD)+WaN(UD) 9.95 in 20 votes

2013-03-16 HPE.Yumiko(HMN) vs HLAoo(NE) 9.71 in 62 votes

2013-03-22 WE_Pepsi_kai_(UD) vs RN_MoonStar(NE) 9.55 in 22 votes

2013-04-14 DkH.Sniq(UD) vs 9.67 in 21 votes

2013-04-21 A.1st_LawLiet(NE) vs JaeHoJang(NE) 9.79 in 19 votes

2013-06-24 Animaa(HMN) vs HuntsRevolution(NE) 9.94 in 47 votes

2013-08-15 thankful_wisp(NE) vs Yumiko0414(HMN) 9.90 in 30 votes

2013-09-14 TH000(HMN) vs Zhou_xixi(NE) 9.78 in 18 votes

2013-10-22 A.1st_LawLiet(NE) vs Rstarts.Th000(HMN) 9.63 in 8 votes

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