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playFFA Cup - In Search for Freedom III

Published Mon Jan 13, 2014 by CUBORG
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playFFA Cup - In Search for Freedom III

Almost 6 months ago the FFA world was revolutionized when the second FFA cup was held. With a huge overhaul to the original cup including more manpower, a better system for hosting the game, and more live streaming the In Search for Freedom FML Cup was a smashing success to it's predecessor. Well, the third iteration is here and like they say, good things come in threes! PlayFFA and Makemehost are proud to present, the PlayFFA Cup - In Search for Freedom III!

Despite the fact that it has only been 6 months since the last cup was held, the FFA world has experienced a massive shakeup. The FFA bots were just getting their start back in those days, now however the PlayFFA ladder host 300 games every day, has about 700 players playing on it every day, and has had about 50000 individual players on it since the start. It's safe to say that playFFA has not only revolutionized the FFA scene, but brought a spark of life back into the entire WC3 world!

So, make sure that you save the date on January 26th for what is going to be the biggest FFA tournament to ever grace WC3. Registration will be opened on January 16th.

The prize pool for this tournament is currently at $500 and growing! This is thanks to, and our wonderful sponsors, Searcher_FF and Krematoril. Other sponsors wished to remain anonymous, they are not forgotten.

In addition to the sponsors, there is also the possibility of the prize pool increasing from optional registration fees. The way that this would work is because of the uneven amount of players some players will have to play 4 rounds while other players will play 3 rounds. For the minor amount of $5 USD though players will be allowed to automatically be placed in the round of 64. The $5 fee will then go towards the total prize pool, allowing for the tournament to become even bigger than it already is!

To this point the prize distribution will be 300$ for the winner, 65$ for the finalists.

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