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Upcoming Event: W3Arena solo tournament

Format:1on1 Tournament
Live Countdown


Published Sat Feb 08, 2014 by CUBORG
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The Zotac Cup has ended not long ago for everyone's disappointment. Luckily, a lot of new tournaments have started from various sources, so we don't need to be sad at all!

One of these new tournaments is the war3tv OPEN Cup. In an attempt to fill the void left by Zotac's closing, OPEN Cup is going to be an open-to-everyone tournament that occurs on a regular basis. While Zotac was every week, OPEN Cup will occur every 2 weeks with the first OPEN Cup taking place on February 16th.

One thing that is going to be different with OPEN Cups is that it will take place on w3arena with private war3tv host bots. There are 5 host bots (Los Angeles, New York, Germany, Moscow, and Hong Kong) which matches will be hosted on so everyone should have fair, low latency games during the event regardless of where they are from.

All you need to have is a valid version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne , an account on w3arena, and to register/sign up on war3tv. For more info how to register, click HERE.

The prize pool, which is largely based on community-driven support, is already at $200.

For more information about the event and the official announcement, visit THIS page.

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