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Warcraft 3 Spring Series

Published Sat Mar 08, 2014 by CUBORG
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Warcraft 3 Spring series

Hello to every single Warcraft fan in this universe! With the winter running off the air we are glad to announce the Warcraft 3 Spring Series - a brand new tournament organized by an international group of WC3 proud fans, with PwNu.FataL coming up with the whole idea of the event and heading the crew!

The upcoming event will start taking place at 9th of March. With 32 well-known european players invited, there will be a group stage where players are divided into eight equal groups, with every playday lasting a week of real life and two gamers reaching first two ranks in every group qualifying into play-offs.

There is the play-off matchup system :

A1 - E2 / B1 - F2 / C1 - G2 / D1 - H2 / A2 - E1 / B2 - F1 / C2 - G1  / D2 - H1

Here is the amount of points players will gain for their groupstage games :

2:0 = 3 points

2:1 = 2 points

1:2 = 1 points

0:2 = 0 points.

With such a system, we've got less chance for tiebreaks and it seems cool!

Now, I'd like to introduce the groups with players! Pretty sure you loyal Warcraft fans know them all.

Bracket link HERE!

Prize fund :
Play-off winner gets 70$.

Main platform
The main platform for this event ofcourse will be!

Good luck!


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